L+A Founders’ Collection

Since our inception our commitment to exclusively showcasing products that we love has been unwavering. We’ve reviewed hundreds and hundreds of products, treatments and devices and shared with you why we love them. In doing these reviews we’ve come across a few items that we’re kind of obsessed with, so we created The Founders’ Collection.

The Founders’ Collection
A distinguished collection of retail products, back bar products and devices…

…that we’ve used for 1 year or more. 

…that we get excited about using.

…that we turn to in a time of specific need.

…that we tell all of our friends about.

The L+A Founders’ Collection Criteria

All items are rated on 5 category-specific criteria. If an item isn’t a 5 out of 5, it simply isn’t selected for The L+A Founders’ Collection. 


Effectiveness/Client Feedback

Cosmetic Elegance




Professional Products

Effectiveness/Client Feedback


Easy To Use

Consistent Results 

Brand Education 


Effectiveness/Client Feedback

Easy To Use


Consistent Results 

Manufacturer Support

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