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Lightweight Gel Moisturizer Dominates 4 Step Men’s Regimen

This Guy Fell In Love With A Gel Moisturizer

The Gel Moisturizer from dmSkincare won my heart!  I’ve been using dmSkincare for years and was so thrilled to find their Derma Renewal Gel™!

It was love at first site when I pumped the clear gel moisturizer into my hand!

Derma Gel Moisturizer™ Step 3 in Men’s Skin Care Regimen

Cooling gel to renew the skin, increases hydration, and promote cell renewal.

Derma Gel Moisturizer™ is a cooling and refreshing moisture in an oil-free gel which combines the time-tested homeopathic ingredients of arnica, calendula, aloe vera gel, and honey to renew the skin following cosmetic skin treatments, skin irritations and minor sunburns. Ideal for daily use for those with cystic acne, rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions. This lightweight gel increases nourishes your skin by replacing lost moisture while the hydration level and promotes healthy cellular renewal with soothing botanical extracts. A medicine chest must!

gel moisturizer

The shave bar Is Great For Guys

I really enjoy using the shave bar!  Let’s face it – men need to shave and this is a great addition to a morning shaving routine! I wash first with the botana-gel cleanser and then lather up the shave bar and apply it to my beard area!

Gentle cleansing bar for use during shaving to prevent ingrown hairs and reduce irritation.

This natural coconut oil bar provides the perfect lather and slip for wet shaving hair removal. Coconut oil and avena sativa oat protein soothe and condition the skin in addition to providing needed hydration. Sensitive skin types will benefit from shaving with this bar because of its gentle nature and calming ingredients.

SA Great Men’s AM + PM Regimen from dmSkincare 

Step 1

I love this cleanser. Amazing fragrance. Foams up so beautifully! It’s a dmSkincare customer favorite cleanser will leave you clean and smooth without feeling stripped. Mild, gel-based cleanser containing light alpha and beta hydroxy acids for gentle exfoliation. Calming botanicals and aloe balance moisture, while removing oil and make-up. Anti-microbial ingredient, tea tree oil inhibits bacteria formation. A strong combination of vitamins C and E, white tea extract and bilberry fruit extract act as antioxidants. Bilberry is known to strengthen capillaries, an essential component in anti-aging, while cucumber extract offers soothing and softening properties to this gentle cleanser.

Step 2
It’s a pleasure to use this serum. Light, glides on perfectly and sinks right in!

Apple stem cells, resveratrol, and vitamin C in one antioxidant powerhouse!

The essential elements of every skincare program are to support and replace necessary constituents of collagen, elastin and provide vascular protection. High potenC serum™ supports each essential element improving skin tone and appearance, leaving skin illuminated. This botanical powerhouse formula features sodium ascorbyl phosphate, a significantly more stable form of vitamin C, in a polyphenol blend of apple stem cell extract, resveratrol (red wine extract) and grape seed extract. These ingredients work synergistically to slow the aging process by making skin more flexible with fewer visible lines and nourished capillaries.


Step 3
Derma Renewal Gel

Step 4 AM Only
Daily Eclipse Sunscreen
The only proven cosmetic measure against premature aging is the use of SPF. Daily eclipse is an SPF 30 broad spectrum UVA-UVB mineral sunscreen, in a silky smooth formula that helps protect skin from photo aging caused by environmental damage. This unique formulation uses no chemical sunscreen ingredients, but rather features micronized titanium dioxide, zinc and zirconium dioxide in a silky smooth, oil-free formulation. The lotion glides on easily and blends in quickly, without a chalky white or greasy residue. Mild formulation offers non-irritating SPF and free radical protection.


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