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There is nothing more important than skin care education for licensed professionals. We have created a directory of the industry’s best and most popular education.

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Intimate Brightening + Hydrodermabrasion with DermaJEM & Prana SpaCeuticals

Join California Skincare Supply & DermaJem for a morning of training! New scientific breakthrough ingredients are now available in Prana SpaCeuticals intimate wellness and brightening products. These new products combined with DermaJem Hydrodermabrasion & Mederi Exfoliating Serums will take your Intimate Brightening Services to the next level.
This training includes Product Knowledge for all professional and retail Prana SpaCeuticals intimate wellness products, step by step protocols for the Intimate Brightening Service with Hydrodermabrasion, and a demo of the Intimate Brightening + Hydrodermabrasion Treatment.
Discover DermaJem’s three unique Hydrodermabrasion Machines- Anima Element, Anima Ares and Neptune 2.0 and learn how and why hydrodermabrasion will increase profits on all your services and take your results up another level with Intimate Brightening!
Discover all the NEW Prana SpaCeuticals intimate products and learn how to take your business to the next level by carving in intimate wellness into your business model. Modern men and women are wanting to take care of the WHOLE body and for many at the forefront are issues with deodorant, hormones and hyperfriction.
Get certified (you must be present during the training to receive Intimate Brightening certification)  get all your questions answered and receive special discounts on both brands!
Class Cost: $20
Nutrition Certified Esthetician Program

Launching February 2023! Become a Nutrition Certified Esthetician!

Healthy skin and nutrition and diet are more deeply connected than previously thought. Research is revealing the need for an understanding of the most common nutrients that affect the skin as well as how the role of diet affects the skin. You need this info to create a successful treatment plan for your clients’ skin health. Spend 3 days in Portland, Oregon becoming a Nutrition Certified Esthetician with nutrition guru, Rachel Miller. Gain new knowledge, inspiration, and connect with like-minded skincare professionals.

 Discounted rates are available at the Fairfield Marriott, 1/2 mile away.

  • To provide information to the licensed esthetician on the role of nutrition in skin health.
  • To understand the role of diet in maintaining normal skin anatomy and physiology.
  • To appreciate how genes and epigenetics can inform personalized nutrition strategies.
  • To compare the roles of macro and micronutrients, their functions, and common food sources.
NewMark Beauty

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Get the top 5 favorite celebrity skin treatments from Hollywood beauty guru Robyn Newmark

This New Year Upgrade your treatment room to include the top 5 celebrity skin treatments. All brought to you by Hollywood Beauty Guru Robyn Newmark. Learn how to make 6 figures with these services and retail products.

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5 Steps To  Beautiful Skin This Winter

Probiotics – Antioxidants – Nano Technology – Growth Factors – Primer

This is a webisode of L+A Now that you will not want to miss! We’ve enlisted 5 experts to join us to discuss a 5 Step Plan to ensure your clients will have beautiful skin this winter and beyond!

Learn how probiotics supplements can help the body function better, allowing the skin to glow. Then we’ll show you how organic antioxidants that are Rezenerated into the skin work to improve the skin’s luminosity. We’ll give you a tutorial on the optimal home care that’s infused with growth factors that can give skin a post – treatment boost!  The session is concluded with a presentation on how high quality ingredients in primers and foundations can nourish skin and give a flawless finish – that every woman wants! 

Step 1 – Probiotics For Great Skin! Serene Skin is a probiotic supplement

Step 2 – Fortify Skin With Organic Antioxidants – ilike Organics Quad Defense

Step 3 – The Rezenerate Delivery System to boost the antioxidant absorption

Step 4 – Post Treatment Care with FACTORFIVE

Step 5 – The Perfect Finish – Luka Cosmetic 3 Step Organic Foundation Kit


Join us Monday, December 5, 2022 at 2 PM EST for this 90 minute webinar!

Elleebana Master Lamination

How to  Master the Art of Lamination

Otto Mitter Managing Director, Elleebana, and Kilegh Johnson Master Trainer from Elleebana USA dive deep into the world of lash and brow lamination. Performing these services is not as easy as it looks and there can be many challenges in achieving optimal results. In this webisode we unlock the secrets to achieving flawless results and taking your lash and brow business to new heights with these services. 

Join us for this 1-hour webisode on Monday, December 12th at 2 pm EST 


Brazilians Brows

LIVE FROM PARIS! – The Art of MAD Mapping™of The Face 

Join Barry + Jenni and the M.A.D Skincare Team LIVE from Paris!

The M.A.D Skincare team will be showcasing the art of face mapping with M.A.D Mapping™ and how it can dramatically improve your treatment options and results. 

M.A.D’s innovative approach to treatments is where the future of skincare is headed. M.A.D Mapping™ is a “paint by numbers” approach that enables you to customize a treatment exactly to your client’s needs and guides you to think outside the box!

Don’t miss this innovative class LIVE FROM PARIS! 

Join us at 9 am EST on Sunday, January 29, 2023. 

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