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Organic Brightening Regimen For Oily and Acne Prone Skin

Organic Brightening Regimen For Oily and Acne Prone Skin

The Anti-Acne Facial Serum is one of the most unique products in this group of brightening home care products from KM Herbals.

If your idea of acne products is one of harsh, acid-filled, caustic, ingredients, we have a surprise for you!  The KM Herbals collection uses the power of pure essential oils and wild-crafted herbal extracts to work at the cellular level to regulate the sebaceous gland’s oil production.

Now treating acne can nourish the skin with pure botanicals while helping to clear the pores and keep the skin surface smooth and even-toned.


Trust This Organi-Clinical Brand

KM Herbals was founded by Kim Manley. Kim is a practicing herbalist, aromatherapist, massage therapist, flower essence practitioner, Reiki practitioner, and celebrated educator who embodies a unique approach to mindfully-crafted aromatherapy and botanical personal care products.

Kim founded KM Herbals in 1992, and for nearly 30 years they’ve formulated some of the purest products for themselves and many other businesses through their wholesale and private label production business.  KM Herbals produces organic, wildcrafted products that can produce incredible results.

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I used this protocol because my mature skin has a very oily T-Zone and I wanted to showcase how it can keep the skin clear while hydrating. My skin looks and feels great!  I highly recommend. 

Barry Eichner

Lipgloss + Aftershave

Chamomile Facial Gel Cleanser

I love this cleanser. It feels like silk and the pure essential oils leave a gorgeous aroma!

The Chamomile Facial Gel Cleanser is a  lightly lathering gel base in Seaweed and Aloe Vera, this cleanser will freshen skin without stripping it of its natural moisture.

gel moisturizer

Illuminating Facial Polish

One of my favorite scrubs out there. It’s a rich cream base with the finest bamboo stem. This is a scrub you can give to the client who is too heavy handed with manual exfoliators. It’s so nourishing and gentle. The essential oils give it a euphoric fragrance.

The Illuminating Facial Polish has extracts of Hops and Lavender paired with the gentle granules of Bamboo stem make this lightweight exfoliating crème.

Rose Geranium Hydrosol & Toner

Don’t think it’s gonna smell like roses.  It’s Rose Geranium, which is a bit more herbal and less of a top note and more of a base note fragrance.

The Rose Geranium Hydrosol and Toner is designed to stimulate both sluggish skin and our senses, this toner has strong balancing properties, ideal for oily complexions.

Anti-Acne Facial Serum

The Anti-Acne Face Serum is power packed with Tea Tree oil to help purify the skin. Tea Tree is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-fungal. This is a great spot treatment for breakouts.  I combined a single pump of the Anti-Acne Facial Serum with the Lemon Lightening Serum and Rosehips Ultra C Moisture Complex.

The Anti-Acne Facial Serum has the aroma of Tea Tree pure essential oil, let clients know that this scent is medicinal and remind them how good it is for healing breakouts and keeping the skin clear.

The Anti-Acne Facial Serum will help to purify and balance troubled skin. It is gentle, smooth, and lightweight, and can be used as a spot treatment or as an all-over preventative facial treatment.

Licorice Lemon Nighttime Serum

This is a delicious serum!  The Licorice Lemon Nighttime Serum is yellow in color and a little more viscous than other serums. It’s almost a lotion, but not greasy or heavy. It’s truly a delight to use.  I combine a pump of the Anti-Acne Facial Serum with 3 pumps of this and a tiny dab of the Rosehips Ultra C Moisture Complex for a delightful experience.

Licorice, Lemon, and Foraha Oil work to balance and brighten the complexion, keeping the tissues toned and protected from further stress.

*This product is a nighttime only treatment and should not be applied directly before sun exposure.

Rosehips Ultra C Moisture Complex

The Rosehips Ultra C Moisture Complex is proof that acne products can be nourishing and corrective. It’s a buttery, rich cream that requires only the smallest amount be applied to the skin.  I mixed 1/4 of a pea sized portion with the two serums for the perfect amount of hydration. Caution clients not to over apply as they will not be able to fully enjoy the immense benefits of the pure essential oils and herbal extracts.  

The Rosehips Ultra C Moisture Complex uses Organic Rosehip CO2, with its abundance of Vitamin C & A, improves the look of discoloration, while Calendula and Seaweed Extracts purify and calm the skin, protecting against free radical damage.

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