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“Botani-clinical + Organi-clinical” Brands Are Winning

Botani-Clinical + Organi-Clinical Skincare

Brands Use Botanical + Organic Ingredients To Achieve Clinical-like Results


How It All Started

In the late 90’s when I started my skincare life, the industry was embracing science in a big way!  It was all about anti-aging and resurfacing!  The boomers were getting older and they weren’t having it!  Microdermabrasion made its way to market.  Chemical peels were becoming more and more prevalent.

We witnessed the birth of the high-performance, anti-aging serum.  Every brand had to have a new serum that offered results.  Results, that always needed to be backed up by science so they had evidence to support their claims that would allow them market their anti-aging serum to the masses!

Sometimes Science Missed The Mark

Some of the products were so strong that they ended up with end user issues. I remember one brand in the early 2000’s that had some issues with one of its key serums.  This serum was so active, the brand had a tough time stabilizing it for retail use.  It would also cause serious irritation for many consumers.

The East Coast – West Coast OG’s of “Botani-Clinical + Organi-Clinical” Skincare

The East Coast OG of  “Botani-Clinical” has been Repêchage

Just like the notorious B.I.G. who was rooted in the New York rap scene.  Repêchage, founder, Lydia Sarfati is the OG of “botani-clinical” skincare in New York!  She brought this concept to market with her seaweed based line before consumers were even aware of botanical skincare, let alone knew it could show skin improvements in scientific studies.  

Heinz built an empire off of the tomato and Lydia built an empire off of seaweed.  Back in 1980, while on a trip she discovered the potent power of nutrient-rich seaweed and knew she was on to something.  She told me in an interview once, “People thought I was crazy.”  Yet, here we are 40 years later.

Repêchage continues to innovate and lead the way in product development.  Last year they launched a collection, Vita Cura® Gold – an incredibly effective trio of products that has shown dramatic results in dermatologist tests.  Lydia has maintained her original vision that Laminaria Digitata, can provide immense skin benefits as Repêchage celebrates 40 years this year with the launch of their  Hydra Dew™  collection.  The newest collection features a new all-natural ingredient known as Mastic Oil.  


cThe West Coast OG of  “Organi-Clinical” has been KM Herbals

Well, Tupac hailed from the L.A. rap scene, but if you look up to the Bay Area in CA, you’ll find  Kim Manley of KM Herbals.  Kim is a practicing herbalist, aromatherapist, massage therapist, flower essence practitioner, Reiki practitioner, and celebrated educator who embodies a unique approach to mindfully-crafted aromatherapy and botanical personal care products. 

KM Herbals was founded in 1992 and for nearly 30 years they’ve formulated some of the purest products for themselves and many other businesses through their wholesale and private label production business.  KM Herbals produces organic, wildcrafted products that can produce incredible results. Their Advanced Alpha Hydroxy Gel Mask, featured in our Summer Skin Care Guide is a perfect example!

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More Brands From This Growing Segement Of The Industry 

We’ve made a list of some of brands that we think are killing it at the “botnai-clinical + organic clinical” marriage.

Nature Pure Pure Clinical Skincare

This whole line has botanicals and organics mixed into every single product.  But we found their Soy Beauty ‘Collection to be particularly interesting.

Treatment For Menopausal Skin

 Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skin Care

Dawn Lorraine has an entire collection of Organic Peels that are spectacular.  Dawn’s been an esthetician for many years and has developed a cult-following with her award-winning indie brand.  She’s become know for teaching estheticians how to treat acne, Rosacea, hyperpigmentation and be able to offer anti-aging peels from totally organic, sustainable, conscious acid peels.

Exfoliating Skin Care

 Sorella Apothecary  

This brand is newer to the market and combines natural, old-world philosophies with a dose of modern day science to create products that will bring balance back to the skin while also building it up and providing nourishment. Sorella Apothecary believes that perfectly balanced skin is glowing, healthy skin.

Skin Script

Skin Script incorporates fruits, vegetables and foods into their marketing. They say their line is for use in your facials, microdermabrasions and chemical peels, these specialty products are designed to complement Skin Script’s clinical home products. The natural fruit enzymes and peels are formulated with higher levels of the natural lighteners, kojic and arbutin.

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