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Live. Love. Launch. Repêchage’s New Vita Cura Gold

In the most elegant and sophisticated manner, Repêchage® launched their new Vita Cura® Gold Collection on May 6th at their 21st Annual International Conference in New York, New York.  

The event was held at The Museum of Art and Design on Columbus Circle, just a few foot steps from Central Park.  It was a truly impressive event.  The day was kicked off by Shiri Sarfati, the newly announced Co-President of Repêchage.  She graciously introducted and honored the company’s international distributors.  She then, through a heart-felt and teary-eyed tribute, introduced her mother and her Co-President, Lydia Sarfati.  

How Repêchage Began

Lydia gave a brief reveiw of her 40 year career, reminessing about her Manhattan based skincare business.  She explained why she created Repêchage.  It was her desire for uniformity and consistency in the treatment room.  She knew that she could perform her facial treatments with concise percsion on a regular basis, but when she became pregnat with Shiri, she became worried about what would happen when she wasn’t in the treatment room.

This fueled her desire to create a the first unidose skincare brand.  This would allow her assistants to offer the same treatment to her clients when she was unable to be in the treatment room.  She introduced the 4 layer facial, a first of its kind in the world, in 1980 and the rest as they say …. is history!

Why Repêchage® Vita Cura® Gold Collection

This premier collection provides a professional, natural, and a non-invasive antiaging program to restore the appearance of youthfulness, tone, and vibrancy to the skin,” says Repêchage® CEO and Founder Lydia Sarfati. “Skin will appear plump with visibly improved texture, diminished visible signs of aging and a restored look of skin firmness for a complexion that glows.”

The collection features the highest concentration of the sustainably-harvested Repêchage® Laminaria Digitata Seaweed Filtrate, naturally-occurring and scientifically proven Niacinamide/Vitamin B3, two forms of Hyaluronic Acid, and a list of powerful age-fighting ingredients, including Peptides, Adenosine, Kappaphycus Alvarezii Extract, Caesalpinia Spinosa Fruit Extract and Chrysin

Repêchage® Vita Cura® B3 Serum Complex

Clinically Proven Results:

In independent laboratory tests, the Repêchage® Vita Cura® Gold B3 Serum Complex has shown a:

  • 58% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles
  • 41% reduction in the appearance of pores

*Study conducted by AMA Laboratories, Inc., NY, Oct., 2017

Repêchage® Vita Cura® B3 Elixir Complex

The hydrating Repêchage® Vita Cura® B3 Elixir Complex is an intense moisturizing complex with our most advanced formulation to target visible signs of aging skin.

Featuring two forms of Hyaluronic Acid and antiaging peptides, the Repêchage® Vita Cura® B3 Elixir Complex restores essential moisture deep within the surface layers of the skin while helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Repêchage® Vita Cura® B3 Lifting Mask

For an on-demand specialized treatment, the Repêchage® Vita Cura® B3 Lifting Mask provides an immediate visible smoothing of facial wrinkles.

It’s a rich, at-home facial sheet mask that features the advanced formulas of the Repêchage® Vita Cura® Gold Collection combined with Kappaphycus Alvarezii Extract & Caesalpinia Spinosa Fruit Extract to create an invisible film on the skin’s surface for an immediate lifted and contoured appearance.

Barry Does Repêchage For #15DaysInMay

Barry was so blown away by the before and after images that Lydia showed during the presentation on the Vita Cura Gold Colletion.  They showed some great results on fine lines in just 14 days, so he’s decided to do give the collection a try for #15DaysInMay!  From May 15th – May 30th, he’s going to use the Vita Cura B3 Serum Complex and the Vita Cura B3 Elixir Complex daily and then use the Vita Cura B3 Lifting Mask weekly!

He will report back on this article with a weekly diary of how the #15DaysInMay is going!

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