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Extend Skincare Treatments with Advanced Mineral Makeup + 4 Other Flawless Finishers

Extend Skincare Treatments with Makeup

Brush on Advanced Mineral Makeup Loose Mineral Powder Foundation or Pressed Powder to extend your skin care treatment!  You don’t need to be a makeup artist to understand how to help your clients feel more “put together” after a facial.  Yes, as skincare pros it’s great that you love a fresh clean face. It’s truly a sign of a job well done in a skincare treatment. However, leaving a face totally bare of any signs of makeup is leaving your client unfinished.

Advanced Mineral Makeup Mineral Foundations Finish The Facial Perfectly

After a treatment you need an SPF – we suggest Dawn Lorraine’s Dawn To Dusk mineral, tinted SPF.  This will give your client an even-toned base that will protect their skin.  Then brush on a layer of Advanced Mineral Makeup Loose Mineral Powder Foundation or the Advanced Mineral Makeup Pressed Powder, these minerals WILL NOT CLOG THE PORES!

Also – the ideas that pores “NEED TO BREATHE” IS A MYTH!  Pores don’t breathe – your cells don’t breathe.  Yes, your cells have a process called CELLULAR RESPIRATION, want to know more about that, tune into DMK’s Webisode on Skin Hydration and Cellular Respiration.

Back to Advanced Mineral Makeup feeding the skin.  The minerals in Advanced Mineral Makeup will be healing and nurturing to the skin.  After a facial, a chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, radio frequency, oxygen therapy and even laser skin tightening – you can apply the mineral foundation to the skin.

The minerals will naturally help to: 

1. Calm the skin.

2. Fortify the skin, encouraging healing and renewal!     


5 Tips For A Flawless Finish After A Facial
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Achieve A Flawless Finish After Advanced Skincare Treatments

Tinted SPF with some Advanced Mineral Makeup Mineral Foundation is the start to a flawless finish – we have 5 things that as a skincare professional – that you can do to let your client get off of the table looking totally finished!

We understand that you want to show off your work! Many skin care pros hand their client a mirror after a treatment and say – “Take a look at how gorgeous your skin looks!”  Then the client agrees and everyone feels good and sings Kumbaya.  However, a LARGE majority of women use some type of lash, brow and lip product on a regular basis when then want to “go do something.”  Very few girls will go to a girls night without at least mascara and lipgloss!

Sending her out without a few finishing touches is like leaving after a haircut without a blow out!  Just imagine your stylist – cutting and coloring your hair – then doing a final shampoo and conditioning treatment.  They turn you into the mirror and show you your wet hair and say – see how healthy and beautiful your hair is?   Ok, now let your hair breathe for a few hours and then send you home.  You’d be like – “OH HELL NO!”

Show your client how great their skin looks.  Get them to agree, then add the tinted SPF, the Advanced Mineral Makeup pressed mineral foundation, a quick brow accent, a touch of lash color, a dab of lipgloss and THEN SHOW HER THE FLAWLESS FINISH!  If she thought she looked good before – you just wait til she posts the selfie from the car and tags you!  

5 Tips For A Flawless Finish After A Facial

#1 Dawn To Dusk Tinted SPF

Dawn To Dusk Tinted SPF by Dawn Lorraine Skincare



A creamy daytime spf moisturizer with superior sun protection and sheer mineral tint coverage. Contains only non-micronized non-nano Zinc Oxide.

ACTIVE  INGREDIENTS  Zinc Oxide 25% (non-micronized)

INGREDIENTS Spring Water, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Shea Butter, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, Vitamin E, Organic Mineral Pigment.

# 2 Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation

Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation – Advanced Mineral Makeup

Award Winning Pressed Powder Compact functions as a foundation, powder, concealer and SPF all in one. 100% VEGAN,gluten,fragrance,dye,talc and paraben free.The makeup equivalent of soft-focus lighting, this comfy, cozy medium-to-full coverage formula has a hidden agenda: It hides what you want to hide in a decidedly you-but-better way. Buildable, blendable, versatile, and weightless on your skin – it can easily double as a foundation/setting powder.

  • Advanced Mineral Makeup Ideal for skin with acne, hyperpigmentation and rosacea acts as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Semi-matte can be used on all skin types
  • Advanced Mineral Pressed Powder Compact Contains no Parabens, talc, fillers or perfumes
  • Provides natural sunscreen with titanium dioxide
  • Light diffusing properties make skin appear flawless and youthful
  • Very water resistant
  • Award Winning Pressed Powder Compact will not settle in fine lines or looky heavy
  • Availble in beautifull shades Taylor,Angelina,Eve and Halle
  • 100% pigment for long lasting ability

#3 PRO Lux Lash

PRO Lux Lash – Lira Clinical

PRO Lux Lash   will enhance lashes and encourage lash growth for stronger, fuller looking luxury lashes. This lash serum is non-prostaglandin and paraben free. Utilizes Organic Botanicals, Argan and Swiss Apple Plant Stem Cells and has no risk of pigmentation. 

#4 HowNowBrowMD

HowNowBrowMD – California Skincare Supply

HowNowBrowMD   a conditioning Tinted Liquid Eyebrow Pen, formulated to help bring you the thicker, fuller eyebrows you have always wanted.

Long-lasting HowNowBrowMDs easy-to-use, ultra-smooth 4-point tip delivers meticulously natural-looking brows while clinically proven ingredients including peptides, vitamins, amino acids and botanicals help strengthen and grow your brows.
HowNowBrowMD delivers smooth, silky formula for fuller, flawless brows!

Three shades of smudge-proof, buildable colors:
– Achieve the perfect shade
– Create brow trends including Ombre and Bold Look
– Provides color that does not fade or transfer

Professional Grade Tinted Liquid Eyebrow Enhancer Available without a Prescription.

– Promotes longer, thicker browsc – Encourages healthy brows by fortifying and strengthening hair
– Helps restore dry, weak brows
– Creates the appearance of thicker, fuller brows

– Easy-to-use, 4-point tip easily replicates natural hair-like strokes and fills in gaps
– Paraben & Hormone Free
– Non-irritating
– Cruelty-free (no animal testing)

#5 Tinted Lip Hydrator

Tinted Lip Hydrator – Sorella Apothecary

The Winnie Tinted Lip Hydrator offers an airy pink with a hint of shimmer.  Your new daily “go-to” lip color. Add to a lip liner or lipstick to add drama.

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