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2020 L+A Spa Holiday Gift Guide

L + A 2020 Spa Holiday Gift  Guide

Spa Holiday Gifts?  Ba-HUMBUG

Spa Holiday Gifts?  Holiday – schmaladays!  Ba-HUMBUG – we get it – 2020 has straight up sucked! But we gotta make the most of it!  We think the 2020 Holidays are what’s going to shed a little light into 2020! Let’s face it – we need something to bring us out of the funk and there’s nothing like A Spa-liday to do that for us!

The 2020 Spa Holiday Gift Guide Has Something For Everyone!

We always have so much fun putting this guide together. Working with all of the brands to come up with spa holiday gifts that everyone will love.  This year’s guide has something for LITERALLY everyone! The Girly Girl The Manly Man Teachers Skin Care Junkies Other Esti’s On Your List Guys + Girls Who Work Out Hard and since it’s 2020 there’s a Hand Wash – That’s Great For EVA-REH-ONE!

Rock Your Spa-Liday Retail!

We learned in 2020 that selling retail is the best way to earn income. We all learned how to use Facebook, Instagram, Texts, Email, Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, and Square to sell products to clients that couldn’t get to us.  Well, now it’s the holidays or should I say “Spa-lidays” and it’s time to take all of that to a new level. In fact, we’re even offering a FREE Course – Have A Rock N’ Roll Holiday – Rock Holiday Retail Sales – Roll In The Dough with Tazeem Jamal! 3 Webisode Series – Mondays at 2 PM EST  November 9th, 16th and 23rd.   Register Here

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The L+A 2020 Spa Holiday Gifts

Necklaces + Bracelets from Be The Good 50% Off Code

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The POD by Celluma
Celluma POD
The 3-mode Celluma POD emits blue, red and near-infrared wavelengths to address skin and pain conditions at an unbeatable price. The Celluma POD has the same energy output per centimeter squared as the larger panels in the Celluma SERIES. Ideal for targeting specific areas while at home or on the road.
Treats: Acne, Aging, Pain, Wounds*
Danné's Favorites from DMK International

Danné has created a list of some of his favorite DMK Home Care products!

This holiday kit includes:

  • FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE! ThermaWave Multifunction Age Management Device:
    • Benefits: Deeply cleanses and enhances product penetration. Reduce redness, sensitivity and inflammation.  Softens fine lines, wrinkles and refines texture. Stimulates collagen and increases skin firmness. Decreases acne-causing bacteria and overproduction of skin oils.
    • Technologies: Vibration Massage, Hot & Cold, LED and Blue Light Therapy, and Microcurrent cellular stimulation
  • Transgenesis: We may not be able to travel back in time, but we have learned how to transcend its effects on your skin. TransGenesis™ cream utilizes advanced ingredients to target cell renewal, firmness, elasticity and moisture retention


  • FirMatrix: Through the evolution of skin care, serums have been promising youth in a bottle. FirMatrix™ is now delivering on that promise. This premium skin recovery serum contains powerful botanicals that utilize bio-homeostasis technology to rebuild the epidermal matrix restoring up to five years of density.


  • Eye Web: Imagine an invisible web that retracts sagging tissue and fine lines like a topical filler. Then formulate it with ingredients that strengthen, protect and brighten eye tissue and you have DMK Limited EYE WEB™.


Want to become a DMK Certified Esthetician? Click here.

Want to find a DMK clinic near you? Click here.

Duo Kit by Hale & Hush - Kits Are 20% The Individual Prices

Duo Kit from Hale & Hush Want to order?  Contact Hale & Hush 

Hush Hydrate Hush Hydrate is a delicate, moisturizing formula rich in botanical extracts that are high in antioxidants and skilled inflammation fighters.  Most remarkable is black rice extract, which studies have shown is a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic compound.  Hush Hydrate brings peace to aggravated skin. It produces anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy effects to heal skin from the inside out. It supports moisture and protection against environmental-damage effects, offering detoxifying and brightening benefits. It soothes and cools skin immediately on contact. It provides dual purpose as a mask or a light weight moisturizer.

Relief Bio-Powder
An expert blend of eight botanical extracts makes Relief Bio-Powder a powerful dermatologist-tested sensitive skin aid.  With fast-acting abilities, it quickly rescues skin under attack from redness, irritation and itchiness. Relief Bio-Powder also helps conceal redness and, when water is added to make a paste, becomes a soothing mask. It uniquely and gently targets redness and reduces inflammation.  It is a dual remedy that provides reactive skin therapy AND camouflage for irritation. It has 8 natural botanicals to calm skin and encourage recovery.  Pro Tip:  Can be used dry, as a paste, or added with other Hale & Hush products.
Hydrating Skincare Kit by dmSkincare
Includes: Green Tea Vita-E Moisturizer, Argan Boost Serum, and C-Difference Serum

This holiday season, L+A readers get 20% off with the code HOLIDAYLA20
A $139 retail value for only $42 with the code! Offer valid through 12/31/20

This routine is designed for normal to dry skin as well as sensitive or mature skin needing added moisture. Enhanced with natural botanical and organic ingredients, the products help to mimic the skin’s natural lipids so that moisture stays intact. Additional anti-aging compounds contribute to ultra-moisturizing and firming so this regimen ensures skin stays hydrated with a healthy appearance.

Login to your wholesale professional account, or register for one here.

Made For Men by Finipil
Made For Men’s Primary System by Finipil The Made for Men Primary System is a powerful combination of products designed to meet the needs of a man’s body. Scientifically formulated to cleanse, tone and nourish your skin, it includes a shampoo + body wash to keep you clean from head to toe, and a splash/toner that is strong enough to clean a man’s pores, balance his skin’s pH and fight bacteria all day. Made for Men finipil® is an incredible antibacterial and antiseptic that destroys 99.999% of bacteria. Among other things it soothes and cools skin irritations, rashes, and itching and can be used to treat blemishes and sunburns.
DU SOLEIL Candle by Immunocologie
DU SOLEIL Candle by Immunocologie
Men love it, women love it…it appeals to everyone! From the creators of the clean, plant based skincare line Immunocologie.  This candle is gorgeous on any shelf! Even when it is not lit, it smells clean and beautiful.  Once you light it, prepare for amber, vanilla, and rose…then allow the wax to cool slightly and use as a massage oil.  #winwin
The perfect gift for the hard to shop for person on your list! Shop Now.
Illuminating Eye by E.F. Tropics

Illuminating Eye by E.F. Tropics

How Illuminating Eye Works

1.  Brighten The Eye Area

Two Powerful Brighteners!

Resorcinol derivatives have been developed over the past 10 years.  Providing us with three skin lighteners that are more effective than Hydroquinone at the same level of concentration and are safe to use.

Resveratrol has a heightened activity, especially when combined with Resorcinol derivatives.  Resveratrol is a very important ingredient in lightening creams as it has several parallel actions. Poly-Resveratrol or Resveratrols of natural sources inhibits melanin production by delaying alpha- MSH hormone and by delaying TRP-2 protein.

2.  Reduce the Appearance of Under Eye Bags

Illuminating Eye helps to shrink and prevent bags under eyes by up to 70% in 30 days, as well as smoothing the appearance of fine lines by firming and toning the skin.  Many factors including tiredness, hypertension and medications, in addition to the natural effects of aging, contribute to the formation of bags under the eyes.

3. Reduce the Appearance of Under Eye Dark Circles

Illuminating Eye lightens under the eye dark circles with a combination of active molecules.  Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR reinforce firmness and tone of the eye area.

Chrysin and N-Hydroxysuccinlmide activate the elimination of blood originated pigments responsible for dark circle color and local inflammation.

4. Reduce the Appearance of Side Temple Wrinkles

The delicate tissue around the eye does not produce any nourishing, hydrating oils.  Illuminating Eye contains 50 KD Hyaluronic Acid to flood this delicate tissue with the moisture it needs to plump up and diminish the appearance of fine lines. 

5. Reduce The Appearance of Sagging Upper Eye Lid

Lifts the upper eyelid, smooths the fold of the eyelid and reduces Crow’s Feet.  Persian Skin Tree Extract (Albizia Julibrissin Bark) improves cellular respiration reducing AGE’s.  Darutoside will reduce inflammation and promote collagen production.  

ICE Facial by SculptICE
ICE Facials by SculptICE 

Face Sculpting Benefits fom ICE Facials 
  • Activates blood circulating, rejuvenating skin
  • Clean and Close pores, preventing black heads
  • Tones your cheeks
  • Diminishes and prevents wrinkles and fine lines
  • Eliminates puffiness around eyes and underbags
  • Tones your face and diminishes wrinkles
  • Reduces facial age lines depth
  • Activates lymphatic system, helping drain the accumulation of facial fat
  • Dramatically reduces the double chin
  • Eliminates acne spots and reduces the appearance of scars and redness
  • Minimizes puffiness, dark circles and sagging skin around the eye contour
  • Delivers a “face lift”, giving you a reaffirming effect
  • Maintains your skin young and healthy looking
  • Gives you a deep cleansing feel
  • Repairs damaged skin and acne break ups
Skin Rejuvenation Kit by BiON
Skin Rejuvenation Kit by BiON BiON’s Skin Rejuvenation Kits are carefully formulated to work together to achieve healthy, youthful looking skin. The 1/2 ounce products are packaged together in a zippered vinyl bag for easy travel or can be sold as a trial kit. The rejuvenation products stimulate collagen and elastin production to increase the firmness and tone of mature skin. Moisture, sun protection and peptides are added to the regimen to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. All four of the products are best sellers from BiON and include Cleanser for Normal Skin, Collagen Revival Serum, Youthful Eyes Peptide Cream and Titanium Dioxide SPF 35 Suncream.

  • Travel or Trial kit to introduce clients to BiON’s proven anti-aging products
  • Four outstanding products for collagen building, moisture, sun protection and added peptides
  • An effective product kit to send home after your facial for optimum results
Facial In A Box by Sesha Skincare

Facial In A Box by Sesha Skincare

A great way to spa at home! Includes an entire regimen to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, mask and treat with serum. The box includes:

  1. Botanical Moisturizing Cleanser 
  2. Renu Exfoliating Gel (one of Jenni’s FAVS)
  3. Under Eye Revital Dermal Mask 
  4. Rejuvenating Anti-wrinkle Mask 
  5. Hydro-Soothing Serum 

LIMITED TIME BONUS: Jade Roller.  Shop now!

ThermalBall by MedSpa Distributors
ThermalBall by MedSpa Distributors 

Thermalball is a unique ball that allows the user to integrate either heat or cold into the ball to be used in a multitude of ways. Thermalball can be used ambient, warm or cool to help provide relief from:

  • Arthritis

  • Back Pain

  • Muscle Aches

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Sciatica Pain

  • Carpal Tunnel

  • Menopause Symptoms

  • Sports Injuries

  • And Much More

Silicone Pads by SilcSkin - Special L+A Price!

Silicone Pads by SilcSkin SilcSkin is a world leader in non-invasive anti-wrinkle solutions. The Silicone Pads were developed 20 years ago by an Emmy Award-Winning make up artist.  SilcSkin products are specially designed to rid of wrinkles on specific areas of the body such as the brow, around the eyes, around the mouth, the neck and the chest. The decollette PAD (for chest wrinkles) can also be used on the tummy and the butt area.  Additional products include a lotion based hand treatment and a cleanser.

Get 2 Sets for a special Lipgloss + Aftershave price! Shop Now.

Aroma Pure Hand Soap by KM Herbals
Aroma Pure Hand Soap by KM Herbals The Aroma Pure Hand Soap is just what you need to cleanse your hands this cold and flu season! Suds up with the penetrating essential oils of Peppermint, Sage, and Tea Tree, while singing the chorus of your favorite tune – remember: 20 seconds! Rich in naturally cleansing essential oils, this product is a bathroom and workplace essential!  
Rooted King Men's Beard Care System by Queen City Beauty Group

Rooted King Men’s Beard Care System by Queen City Beauty Group

Men’s Beard Care System: For beards and the skin they’re in!

????The Starter Kit is the perfect way to begin your growth journey. A blend of carefully curated healthy ingredients to help you thicken your beard while increasing your confidence.

✅ A blend of healthy oils, such as Jojoba Oil and Marula Oil, applied topically to help stimulate healthy facial hair growth.

✅Strengthens roots, thickens hair, and eliminates itch while softening skin and split ends.

✅Ingredients known for their stimulating effect on the growth of healthy facial hair.

✅ Rejuvenate stagnant beard hairs. Transform dormancy into active growth.

Handmade teak wood beard comb works through the toughest of tangles. Designed with wide teeth for the perfect distribution of daily beard oil and moisturizer applications.

Contains: Queen City Beauty Co CBD beard oil keep it groomed (2 oz), King’s Cloth, teak wood comb, and Keep It Hemple 100% pure hemp tea

This kit, along with the right shaving implements, will kick off your King Status toward a clean, healthy beard, maskne free!

Beautiful, portable design – you’ll want it with you wherever you go!

thanks to all of the above mentioned brands for sponsoring this content.

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