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Jenni Battled Stretch Marks + Won With These Treatments + Products

Stretch Marks Are The Ultimate Battle

“Stretch marks are something that every woman I know has to deal with! It doesn’t matter how healthy or in shape you are, there’s a stretch mark somewhere on that firm, tight body. Don’t even get me started on those deep purple ones that are the gift with purchase you get after having a baby.” Jenni Nagle.

Jenni was fed up and wanted to attack her stretch marks with all the products, devices and tools she could find!  



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3 Months Of Dermarolling

Stretch Marks Dermarolling Kit For Home care

After some investigation Jenni discovered Nature Pure’s answer to treating stretch marks.  The company offers a home dermaroller kit with a few products that are to be used in conjunction with the roller.

Starting in September and continuing through January, Jenni used the Nature Pure dermaroller on a daily basis in combination with the Revitalizing Fruit Complex.  Weekly, she exfoliated the area with the Dead Sea Salt Crystal Peel, a gommage, to rid the area of any excess dead skin.  This simply ensures the product is able to penetrate optimally, without having to fight through layers of dead skin. She did see a slight improvement in the texture of the skin and marks, and was ready to step up the treatment even more!

Dermarollers are a great adjunct to professional treatments, but are not designed to have the same impact on the skin as microneedling, which is a great professional treatment for stretch marks.

8-Week Professional Treatment + Home Care Challenge


Early in December Jenni used the DermaJem Alto 8-1 system to perform microdermabrasion on the area.  Jenni opted for microdermabrasion over microneedling, as it is an option for more estheticians across the country.  Wow! Did she get some dead skin off, it was an ideal way to enhance the treatment of the marks.

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Medical Grade Silicone Pads To The Rescue

In December, Jenni started to apply the SilcSkin decollete pads to the area on a daily basis.  You’ll need to purchase 2 sets, as the decollete package only has one pad included.  Initially, she was sleeping in the pads, however, they were applied to the thigh area, and she didn’t enjoy sleeping with them on her legs which is recommended.   Instead, she opted to use them during the day, while working at home. 

Some Pro Tips: 

  • The first day or two, it’s going to feel weird, especially if you use them on your thighs! But you’ll get used to them pretty quickly.
  • You can even wear them under leggings! My favorite camo Spanx leave nothing to the imagination, and you can’t even tell I have them on.

So, every morning, she used the dermaroller with the Revitalizing Fruit Complex.  After about an hour, she applied the SilcSkin pads and left them on all day.  Then, before bed, she applied the SilcSkin Hand & Body Treatment to the marks.

Body Peel

The second professional treatment Jenni did to step up the results was the Lira In The Buff body treatment.  We love this treatment and did a complete review of it this past summer! It’s a 6-acid, dual exfoliation treatment that can be done on the whole body or specific parts. It’s a great add-in to a facial for the neck, chest, shoulders, arms and hands. 

Review Of Lira

Performing regular professional skincare treatments like microdermabrasion, peels, and microneedling, is the ideal way to address stretch marks.  Then, incorporating at home care, like a dermaroller and silicone pads will enhance and expedite the results!

I truly feel that the silicone pads played a huge role in the improvement of the marks.  The before and after photo is a 8 week timeframe, exactly when I started using the decollete pads.

Facts About SilcSkin Pads

When applied to the skin, electrostatic energy starts a wound healing response and starts collagen production in the area. They eliminate wrinkles by improving the irregular collagen structure and creating an increased blood flow which will result in an improved skin tone and plumped wrinkles.  

Silicone contributes in moisturizing the skin by drawing the skin’s natural moisture to the surface, which hydrates the skin.  

Camille della Santina, founder of SilcSkin, was the first to repurpose and redesign Silicone Scar Gel Sheeting for antiwrinkle anti-aging products.  Made in the USA

SilcSkin Decollette Pads

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