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30 Days Of DMK

Review Of DMK Skincare:  Diary Of A Beauty Blogger

Need reviews of DMK Skincare?

What you’re about to read are excerpts from my mental skincare diary, these are true stories, these events actually happened. The names and locations have been changed to protect the innocent and shield them from further harassment about their perfect, smooth, tight alabaster skin.

Dear Diary,

Today I had a conversation with my inner self.  We’ll call her, Sue. I want to be Sue… well not really be her as much as I want her skin.

Here’s what happened!  A group of us were standing around talking at The Most Amazing Skincare Show on Earth.  It’s that show where only the most amazing skincare companies show up. Anyway, we were all talking and this 25 year old (,….well she looked 25), statuesque, stunningly beautiful women was talking about her fun family vacation.  I was just standing there enjoying myself until the moment she said it.

It was like I got smacked in the face!

I stopped the conversation


“Did you just say that you have GRANDCHILDREN?”

“Oh, My God, HOW OLD ARE YOU?”

LEGIT, the face I must have made – UTTER disbelief, when she said she had grandchildren.  I looked at her face, stared at her face, searching for crow’s feet, scanning for hyperpigmentation.  NONE!

When she told me her age [let’s just say, we were born in the same decade!!!!!], a little piece of me died inside.


She looked back at me and very calming and confidently said, “DMK.”

Dear Diary,

Dreams really do come true!  

I really wanted to experience that DMK magic that I saw on Sue’s face.  I asked Drew at DMK if those results were typical or if Sue, just hit the MegaMillions lottery of genetics with that skin.  He replied, “No man, that’s what we see all the time at DMK!”

“Shut up!  I need those results!  What do I have to do to get Sue’s skin?”  I begged.

Today, I got the now famous Enzyme I, Skin Revision Treatment that is nicknamed, “The Game of Thrones Facial” by Cosmo! 


Dear Diary,

You know that radiance that you want to have for any special occasion?  You know, what I mean, like, when you look like a million dollars, super fresh, and happy? 

You know, the fresh-faced brilliance, that you pray to have when you run into your ex for the first time after the break up.?

That look that says, “I’m winning at life”! That’s the look you get after the DMK Enzyme I Skin Revision Treatment.  

#30DaysOfDMK Skincare Prescriptives

It’s hard out here in the world, 49 and single, a boy’s gotta work hard to keep the real estate looking good for potential buyers.  I told Drew how much I loved the Enzyme I Skin Revision Treatment and asked him if I could do a 30 Day Challenge with DMK [#30DaysOfDMK ]. I promised to only use DMK for 30 days and nothing else. I mean if I can get skin like Sue’s –  I’m sold!

I’m going to come back every week and fill in a weekly recap of my experience during my #30DaysOfDMK

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Become A DMK Skin Revisionist!

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Become a DMK Certified Paramedical Skin Therapist.  Join DMK for one of their 2.5 Hour DMK Skin Revision Training- Intro to DMK Fundamentals (Webinar), after which you may open an account with DMK and have access to order their world renowned Enzyme Masque #1.

See Barry’s DMK Skin Revision Treatment 


My Dairy Of #30DaysOfDMK

Here’s what I used:

2 efa+ Capsules
Deep Pore Pure Cleanser 
DMK Melanotech Drops,
DMK Beta Gel
DMK Direct Delivery Vitamin C
DMK Herbs & Minerals,
DMK Seba E
DMK Creme Citrique
DMK Eye Tone
DMK Sunscreen.  

Deep Pore Pure Cleanser 
DMK Melanotech Drops,
DMK Beta Gel
DMK Direct Delivery Vitamin C
DMK Herbs & Minerals,
DMK Seba E
DMK Biogen C
DMK Eye Tone
DMK Transgenesis Cream

Week 1 Masque
Exoderma Peel Mixed with Foamy Lift

Week 2 Masque
Acu Masque

Week3 Masque
Hydrating Masque

Week 4 Masque
Exoderma Peel Mixed with Foamy Lift 

Thanks For the   L O V E   DMK!

It’s been an amazing month!  Thanks so much to DMK for the incredible products!  I L O V E my skin and am so thrilled with the results.  I love the Seba E, the Regenesis Cream, the Beta Gel and the Direct Delivery C.  My skin is so happy!  I have a lot of product left, so I’m going to use it until it runs out!

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