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Barry’s 30 Day Skincare Challenge With Immunocologie

Barry’s 30 Day Skincare Challenge With Immunocologie

Immunocologie Review –  A Nuclear Scientist in a Chanel Suit

Barry’s Immunocologie Review

I first found Immunocologie at the Women in Wellness event in March of 2019. Karen Ballou, Founder of Immunocologie had a table at one of the mixer events where I had an opportunity to photograph and learn about the brand. There were two aspects of Immunocologie that really stuck out to me in that first meeting.

  1. The brand was small, it only had a handful of products.
  2. The brand was gorgeous. It’s what old money would look like, if it were a skincare brand.
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Immunocologie Founder – Karen Ballou

If you want to understand Immunocologie’s philosophy, it helps to get to know its founder, Karen Ballou.

Immunocologie was created by Karen, a veteran skincare executive, after she was diagnosed with cancer. As she recovered from the ravages of chemo, she made it her mission to create a safe, natural, effective skincare line designed to ensure skin health from the outside in.

Karen is an ingredient and formulation expert, a nutrition and skincare guru, and, following her diagnosis and recovery, an ardent believer in the importance of building a healthy immune system. She’s also a mom, wife, businesswoman, connector, and healthy living enthusiast.

Join fun, informational, and inspiring conversations with Karen and other influential members of the wellness world. Tune in, and be part of the conversation.  Watch Conversations With Karen, a video series.


Immunocologie Philosophy Is Perfect For Spas + Skincare Businesses

If you value high quality ingredients along with a gorgeous retail presentation, this is a great brand to explore. The most important thing to note is that Immunocologie is a brand that focuses on skin health by working to maintain a healthy balance in the skin. The ingredient technology and delivery system (Vital Oligo Science) are designed to keep the acid mantle and microbiome in balance and healthy.


The brand offers back bar for so estheticians and spas can use this brand in treatment.  This would be an ideal base facial to perform on a new client to get their skin healthy enough to begin more advanced, aggressive treatments.  I think it would also be the perfect recovery treatment to perform after clients have had aggressive microneedling, chemical peels, laser resurfacing or microdermabrasion.  

Immunocologie Morning + Evening Home Care

Immunocologie released customized collections for specific skin types. There are 5 Collections each containing 4 products. I selected the Dry Skin Collection.  I also begged them to send me their Super 7 Elixir Serum, because I read the product description and realized I couldn’t live without it – read the Super 7 Elixir Serum description and I dare you to disagree with me!

Cleansing Lotion
In the foolishness of my youth, I gravitated towards a foaming, sudsy cleanser to give me that “fresh, clean feeling” on my skin. It’s only recently that I’ve discovered the love of a cream cleanser.  This isn’t a cream cleaner, it’s a lotion. The viscosity is thinner than a cream cleaner and if has a silky, elegant feeling. The scent is barely there, yet still perfection. I’ll speak often about scent in this line and rest assured there is no added fragrance, it’s just the magical aroma of exotic ingredients.

This cleanser builds the microbiome while removing dirt and debris. You get all of this magic from an oil and fruit extract that are key ingredients  in Cleansing Lotion and the whole line.

Exfoliating Lotion
The odd man out in the whole line. This is a lotion, but truly looks like a thin gel. It’s clear and reminds me of a thin aloe vera.  Science is key to this product, it uses two types of acid to both exfoliate the skin while simultaneously hydrating the skin! Again, we need to call out the luxurious feel of the product and the scent is also really amazing.

Vital Ionic Mist
This mist is the heart of the whole line as it features minerals from 3 separate sources. This is the water portion of the oil and water dance that Immunoclogie choreographs in their entire concept to facilitate balance in the skin’s microbiome to keep a healthy acid mantle.

Face Serum Oil
This serum oil is a my 2nd favorite product from Immunocologie! It’s an oil, an extract and a butter that come together to create an almost clear product whose viscosity is nearly that of water. It glides on and literally sprints into the skin. The scent is my favorite in the line and honestly, I can’t wait to use it!

Super 7 Elixir Serum
Ok, I’ll try not to gush, but this serum is my favorite in the line! The magic of Super 7 Elixir Serum comes from an oil, an extract and the filtrate of snail secretions. STOP! Do NOT roll your eyes! I get it, I was a skeptic at first.  The science will back this up! The secretions are processed and filtrate that is left is rich in a very unique form of Hyaluronic Acid and rich in peptides which jumpstart fibroblast activity in the skin!

I know all of this because I addressed my doubts to Karen in our IGTV Segment (see below) about using snail filtrate.  You have to know, I always make a brand defend anything outside of the norm and Karen, came correct with her explanation!

Night Protection
This light weight moisturizer is somewhere between a lotion and a cream. It’s reminds me of Swiss Meringue. It has virtually no scent and it glides on the skin and sinks in really fast!  It features 2 exotic oils and a rare resin that my skin loves!

Scroll through the gallery to see all product photos.

Overall Feeling

I have to tell you that overall, my skin is luminous all the time. It’s got a bit of a dewey look to it. I have to say that my dry skin is loving the brand and that’s in the dead of a January winter!  We featured the Night Protection in our Bougie Bedtime Ritual and their Face Serum Oil is in our Winter Hydration Skin Care Guide.

Watch The Immunocologie IGTV Segment
The Importance Of Science Backed Skincare

Learn Why Immunocologie Is a Nuclear Scientist in a Chanel Suit

In this 1 hour class, Karen Ballou explains all of the science in the ingredient technology of Immunocologie. This brand is way more than just gorgeous packaging. Karen explains the ionic exchange delivery system, and the sophisticated peptides and hyaluronic acid in several ingredients.

You’ll learn about exotic ingredients from France and Africa that she selected based on their molecular structure and how it impacts the skin.

You’ll learn about the importance of minerals to the overall health of the skin and how Immunocologie creates the perfect harmony of oil and water on the skin’s surface to ensure a healthy and happy microbiome.

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