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Make Your Nightly Skincare Ritual Fabulous

How To Make Your Nightly Skincare Ritual Totally Fabulous

Sakara Life Tea can help take your nightly skincare ritual from drab to fab!

If you want to be able to wind down in style, we have just what you need in order to create a night time skincare ritual that is therapeutic, effective and full of sophistication.

Getting glowing, healthy skin is more than just good skincare products, it’s a whole package! Finding time to wind down at the end of the day is vital. Sip some Sakara Life Tea, create an ambiance with a gorgeous candle, give your skin a boost of ATP with an LED Light Therapy boost, give your skin some rare ingredients in a famous night time moisturizer from the “Coco Channel of Skincare” brands and finally – fight some of the most overlooked aging on your chest!

Set The Mood With Jo Malone London Candles From Bergdorf Goodman

Creating an environment that is conducive to relaxation is key. Scent is a key factor in your environment and Jo Malone London candles have some of the most sophisticated scent pairings – ever!  We fell in love with the Nectarine Blossom & Honey Home Candle!  We suggest lighting your candle with an intention so that it the amazing fragrance can be a reminder during your ritual.

Help Your Body Wind Down with Sakara Life Tea

We’re obsessed with Sakara Life and their philosophy of Wellness anchored in plants as medicine. Delivering organic, plant-rich meals and functional products to doorsteps nationwide. #MySakaraLife.  They have two teas that we think are ideal for a night time skincare ritual.  You can sip the ever fabulous Youth and Beauty Tea or their Sleep Tea.

Of course, you have to brew the Sakara Life Tea so you’ll need to pick up a handy Laurence Barbant Tea Pot from The Webster, with locations in LA, South Beach, SOHO, Bal Harbour, and Costa Mesa.  Don’t stress, if you’re not near any of those locations, you can get it shipped to your home!

sakara life
photo courtesy of Sakara.com

Be Well W Barry

Lipgloss + Aftershave is committed to wellness. We created Be Well W Barry, a dedicated column to fitness, yoga, holistic healing, bodywork, nutrition and supplements.  We even have free workouts from nationally respected personal trainers.

Don’t ‘Just’ Meditate – Expand Your ATP As You Expand Your Mind

Anyone can mediate before bed, but if you’re sipping a Sakara Life Youth and Beauty Tea and enjoying the curated scent pairing of a Jo Malone London candle, you’ll want to take your meditation up a notch!

Wash your face and with fresh, clean skin, you can easily find serenity under your very own Celluma iPRO. You’ll want your very own spa level LED Light Therapy for your home based treatments. Remember your Celluma iPRO a portable, so you can take it anywhere in the house and not need to worry about plugging it in.

LED light therapy

Moisturize Post Meditation

After your 30 minutes of Red Light Therapy bliss with your Celluma iPRO, you’ll want to moisturize your skin. Elevated elegance from what we call, “the Coco Channel of skincare” – Immunocologie.  The Night Protection from Immunocologie has the consistency of Swiss Meringue, with the most evocative scent. It forces you to apply it to your skin as if you’re placing diamonds into a tiara.

Let An Emmy Winner Hide Your Age

To finish off your evening wind down ritual, you’ll want an Emmy winning make up artist to help you correct one of the most glaring issues that very few women discuss.  The lines on the middle of your chest from sleeping on your side!

Emmy Winner, Camille Della Santina, Founder of SilcSkin created her Decollette Pads for women to wear while they sleep.  These pads keep the skin on the chest firm and fabulous.

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