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30 Minute Express Workout With Victor Spaulding

Victor Spaulding’s 30 Minute Body Weight Workout

Victor Spaulding is a certified personal trainer who specializes in functional workouts!

Want to get a workout in at home?

Don’t have any equipment?

Don’t know what to do?


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Get Into Victor’s 30 Minute Workout

Lipgloss + Aftershave held a Virtual Skin Care Festival during the 1st month of the Covid pandemic. Victor joined Barry + Jenni to help everyone with a 30 minute express home based workout! Give it a try!  It’s got some kick! 


victor spaulding

About Victor Spaulding

My name is Victor Spaulding and as you might’ve guessed I am truly passionate about fitness and helping others to become the best version of themselves. I am a certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, nutrition specialist, and performance enhancement specialist through The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I have been helping clients lead healthier lifestyles for not only themselves, but also their families for the past 8 years. Whether it be in person or through online coaching, I wake up everyday looking forward to helping my clients gain not only better physical health, as well as better mental health.

With a passion for community service, I have participated in group workouts for The Boys and Girls Club and Virtua Hospital in Camden, New Jersey and many other charity events. In November of 2018, along side my wife, I created On Wellness Reset, which are wellness retreats providing people with a space to completely reset their mind and body through movement and connection through yoga, goal setting, healthy eating, and amazing guest speakers.  Outside of personal training, I have had the pleasure of working along side Lululemon and have become a legacy ambassador for their Sagemore store in New Jersey.  I am a fitness and fashion model, I’ve worked with Under Armour, Lululemon, Mens Wearhouse, and David Tutera.

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