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Barry’s 5-Step Anti Aging Skin Care Routine by Sesha

Barry’s 5-Step Anti Aging Skin Care Routine by Sesha

The Delivery System Makes All The Difference

Anti aging skin care routine by Sesha was power packed by the Sesha proprietary delivery system.  It truly makes all the difference!


patented intercellular delivery system from Sesha Skin Therapy. The Permeation Enhancement Technology is FDA approved in pharmaceuticals.  Biodegradable polymeric matrices that deliver cosmetic molecules through the stratum corneum for deeper penetration. It works well with the larger weight molecules such as peptides, amino acids, hormones, lipids and vitamins. You can learn more about P.E.T® in the Sesha Skin Therapy webisode of L+A Now

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Watch + Learn About Product Penentration

The CEO and Founder of Sesha Skin Therapy, Phyllis Hsieh joined us for a webisode of L+A Now to teach us about product penetration.  Phyllis explains the different types of delivery systems that allow products to penetrate the top layers of the skin.  We learn about the delivery system used by Sesha, which was created by a Dr Dean Hsieh a Harvard and M.I.T educated scientist. 

Sesha Home Care

Phyllis created a morning and evening anti aging skin care routine for me that I was really excited to try!  If featured 2 products that I was dying to try ever since the webisode of L+A Now where she trained us on product penetration.  The Regenerate Stem Booster and the Clinical Complex-A Renewal Emulsion!


Botanical Moisturizing Cleanser

I asked for a creamy cleanser since it was still pretty cold outside here in Philly and the Botanical Moisturizing Cleanser  was perfect. This cleanser was velvety-rich and burst into a thick foam.  You’ll love this to remove makeup! It was a pleasure to use, great fragrance and left my skin feeling hydrated and clean.

HA Advanced Serum
AM + PM 

If a brand has a hyaluronic acid serum, I am need to try it!  The Ha Advanced Serum uses Oligo Sodium Hyaluronate which penetrates deeper and faster! It also has extracts from seaweed and sea moss to boost antioxidant levels in the skin! It’s ultra-silky with a wonderful glide, I loved using MYSKINBUDDY with it and my gua sha tools.  

Regenerate Stem Booster

The Regenerate Stem Booster. I can’t say enough about this product! It’s a thick lotion, that’s yellow in color that smells amazing! You’ll love using it. However, it’s the Rolls Royce in an anti aging skin care routine!  It has Stem Cell Activator Media to regenerate, it also has a host of ingredients to repair, restore, protect and brighten! You have to check it out!!!!

This has a nice glide to it too, I would mix with the HA Advanced Serum and do Gua Sha with it, to get all of those ingredeints to penetrate during the increased blood flow of gua sha!

 A.C.E Cream For Sensitive skin

The A.C.E Cream for Sensitive Skin is the consistency of a lotion. Sinks right into the skin and has no scent at all.  It’s got A, B5, 2 forms of C and an E!  You have to love this!!!

Clinical Complex-A Renewal Emulsion

The Clinical Complex-A Renewal Emulsion is no joke! This is a Vitamin A – but it’s also power packed with Amino Acids, Peptides and antioxidants! It also boasts Jojoba and Shea for hydration!  I started using it every night and after 3 days, my skin began to experience sensitivity.  Just for the record – that’s rare for me!  I pulled back to 3 times a week! Mad props to Sesha for this product. A jewel in the crown of an anti aging skin care routine!

Age-Defying Resurfacing Pads

The Age-Defying Resurfacing Pads are 8% Lactic Acid and 2% Salicylic Acid. Pyhllis warned me about these, “Use them carefully.”  I scoffed! “My skin can handle them, no worries.” I used them two nights in a row and let me tell you, “these pads got a lil kick to ’em!”  I cut back to once a week.  #RESPECT!

Repair / Protect 30 Day Emulsion

To all the Repair / Protect 30 Day Emulsion an SPF is almost an insult.  Don’t get me wrong, I am obsessed with SPF! But this has B5, Vitamin C, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin E, and Beta Glucan.  You honestly, will fall in love.  It leaves no white residue and blends beautifully.  

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