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A Wellness Junkie’s Guide To Great Skin!

Looking + Feeling Great At My 51st Birthday

Wellness tips to help you look and feel great at 50 and beyond! It’s coming up on my 51st birthday, I really think I deserve a 50th Do-Over!  I mean all of my “I’m going to _________ for my 50th Birthday!” NEVER HAPPENED because of COVID!   Eh, either way, I still don’t look 51, I don’t even look 41! [hold all opinions to yourselves]!  That happened by design – not by accident!

Here’s the design!

Great Skin Is Natural In Your 20’s
In most healthy adults the body is designed to produce great skin in your 20’s.  Your body is producing hormones, stem cells, hyaluronic acid, and ATP.  These chemical reactions in the body ensure the skin cells are thriving, turning over regularly. They travel from the basal layer, where they are keratinocytes, to skin surface – the stratum corneum, to become, corneocytes and are shed off.

The Great Slow Down Of Your 30’s
After about the age of 35, all of the metabolic functions begin to slow down. Fewer hormones and stem cells are produced which slows down the rate of new cell growth, this slows down the rate of cell turnover.  This also reduces the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin, which reduced the volume in the skin cell. The slow cell growth/turnover and reduced volume contribute the a reduction in collagen in the skin. The amount of collective pollution, stress and exponential effects of poor lifestyle also take its toll on the skin.

Skin starts to sag, show fine lines, have uneven texture and uneven skin tone. Without changes in lifestyle, these signs will only continue to get worse as we get older.

how to treat oily skin

6 Wellness Tips To Look Fabulous at 50 And Beyond

You can use these wellness tips to help fight back against the metabolic slow down that starts to happen as we age. But great skin is not the result of just focusing on the skin and getting a single chemical peel. You also can’t buy a “miracle” serum from Instagram and have great skin. Also, great looking skin is healthy skin, so a focus on health – overall health is crucial!

Healthy skin is the result of a healthy lifestyle! Health and wellness are made up of fitness, fitness recovery, nutrition, skin care / body care treatments, home care.

#1 Exercise

You can feel great and look great with exercise.  There’s no single way to exercise.  It’s different for everyone, based on any health issues, medications, interests and goals.  It’s important to note that the American Council on Exercise states that the Health Benefits Associated with Regular Physical Activity for Adults and Older Adults are lower risk of cancer, diabetes, and hypertension.  They also state that there is an improved quality of life, slower weight gain, and improved physical function.

Famed TikTok Registered Dietician Kylie, MS, RD, LDN states, “Building lean muscle mass can increase your metabolic rate because its more metabolically active than fat.” When asked, “What should I do to increase my metabolism.” She says, “Stay active, incorporate strength training, eat a balanced diet.”

My Go-To Exercises

My favorite forms of exercise are weight lifting, running and yoga!  I was a huge cardio junkie in my 20’s and then incorporated yoga in my 30’s.  I even got 2 yoga certifications and still teach private yoga instruction today. But, I never focused on weight lifting because I was intimidated by the gym. However, a broken arm got me into weight training and its made the biggest difference in my body and my overall outlook on life.

I work with a personal trainer and nutritionist who plans my workouts and helps me monitor my macronutrient intake to help me stay at my desired body weight.  However, as a 50 year old man I use great sneakers when I run and love the Adidas Ultra Boost or Nike VaporMax, to make sure my joints have good cushion.  I also love me some Lululemon gear!

I lift 4 times a week so this old man’s body needs some serious help with recovery from regular workouts and the occasional injury.

Exercise Recovery

When it comes to helping my body to recover from exercise, the most important thing that I can do is get good sleep!  Then I turn to the spa industry!  After hard lifting days I’ve used PressoTherapy, and always enjoy a hot bath with a CBD Bath Bomb from Color Up, after the bath, I’ll hydrate my skin with KM Herbals, Spray on Coconut Oil Moisturizer.  Then it’s off to hang with my 2 BFFs. 1. the BFF Body Buffer and 2. Flower Of Life’s Full Spectrum CBD Freeze Roll-On!

Of course when there’s some serious issues happening I head to Vito for acupuncture, or the chiropractor and use my Celluma iPRO for pain management.

wellness tips

#2 Massage

The 2nd wellness tip is to get regular massage! Massage is so important to overall well-being. It has so many physical, mental and emotional benefits!  Here’s a link to an article from the Mayo Clinic on the many benefits of massage! Stress is a contributing factor to visible signs of aging! Regular massage is proven to help reduce stress levels!

I love a massage with CBD Massage Oil, check out oils from Hempfield Botanicals, WELL and Vital Therapeutics! The benefits of CBD combined with the benefits of massage are so helpful. I go every 2 weeks for a massage because I am so active. You can go once a month or every 6 weeks.

#3 Skin Care at Home

There’s no debate! If you want healthy skin at any age – home care is key. From shaving to supplements to skin care products, home care becomes even more essential as you age.  Using skin care products and supplements regularly, at home can help to augment what the body is no longer able to do on its own!

Basic skin care will help to protect the skin against environmental aggressors and UVA/UVB exposure.  A more enhanced home care routine can add peptides and stem cells to stimulate cell function, can add antioxidants to fight against aggressors, and can add sophisticated moisturizers that will help ensure mature skin has all the necessary lipids to stay hydrated and plump.


Home Care Routine Products

Here's a Few Of The Skin Care Products I've Used + Enjoyed!

4 Men Only Antiseptic Cream [shave cream] – Finipil

Man Mask [aftershave lotion] – PFB Vanish
Gillete Mach3 Razor

EFA+ – DMK International

Daily Collagen – Vital Proteins
Wellness Formula – Source Naturals

Cleansing Lotion – Immunocologie

Calendula Creme Cleanser – KM Herbals
Fruit Enzyme Scrub – BiON Skincare

Herbs & Mineral – DMK International
Hydrating Mist – Herbal Skin Solutions
Watermelon Mint Hydrating Mist – Sorella Apothecary

Antioxidant Rich Serum
Firma-Bright Vitamin C 20% Booster – HydroPeptide

Vitamin C Reversal Serum – Circadia
C4 Serum  – by M.A.D. fro California Skincare Supply

Peptide/Stem Cell/Growth Factor Serum
skintrinity serum – dmSkincare

Recovery by NeoGensis from MedSpa Distributors
Vita Cura®️ Gold B3 Serum Complex – Repêchage

green tea balancing cream – dawn lorraine skin care
Hush Hydrate Gel – Hale & Hush
BIO Lift Creme – Lira Clinical

Solar Defense – HydroPeptide
Sunscreen – DMK
daily eclipse spf – dmSkincare

#4 Get Regular Skin Care Treatments

A wellness tip that will give you a huge return on your investment is getting regular skin care treatments. This will give you access to a skin care professional who can help and guide you through what products are needed for home care! Some of my favorite skin care treatments to get from an esthetician on a regular basis are the DMK International Enzyme Therapy 1, The Repêchage Four Layer Facial and the Circadia Oxygen Treatment!  


#5 Collagen Stimulating Treatments

This healthy skin wellness tip is almost counter intuitive, because most collagen stimulating treatments involve causing damage to the skin’s collagen fibers so the body can work to repair the damage, which tends to stimulate collagen production.  Micro injuries to the skin through treatments such as ProCell Therapies Microchanneling and Herbal Skin Solutions CIT Microneedling Pen are two treatments that help to stimulate collagen production.  Another treatment that I’ve had is the 2B Bio / M.A.D. Skincare Layered Peel from California Skincare Supply! 

#6 Holistic Modalities

A wellness tip that I took from an esthetician that I met early on in my career is to focus on the lymphatic system. I do all sorts of lymphatic drainage massage on my face and neck to reduce inflammation and help relieve sinus pain and pressure.  I am also starting to focus on using the facial rollers and gua sha tools from ZAQ to help stimulate facial muscle tone and aid in lymphatic drainage.  I love the Metal Mushroom tool from SculptICE to help with lymphatic drainage of dead fat cells after my cryolipolysis treatment.

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