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Grow Your Skin Care Business with Instagram + TikTok

How To Grow Like A Pro using Instagram + TikTok

Instagram + TikTok Skin Care pro, Ralph Cole is crushing it on social!  He’s had our respect on the social media front for a while now. It all started with his branded Instagram posts. Then we saw his IG LIVE Talk Show, “Learn Me, While We Sip”, which was a talk show centered around sharing a cocktail while he interviewed his guests! Then he switched over to TikTok and started riding the wave with the hottest themes for TikTok Videos!

We asked Ralph to join us as Guest Blogger for our Advice From Our Experts column, here’s what he had to say!  

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Why Instagram and TikTok Skin Care Content Are Important To Estheticians

by Ralph Cole

Hello world. My name is Ralph Cole and I am a licensed, Master Esthetician located in Durham, NC. Instagram + TikTok Skin Care content has honestly been my top tool in growing my business. Using the IG + TikTok platforms has allowed me to connect with an audience that I may have never been able to run into in person. Also during this global pandemic, now is the time to take full advantage of these tools to boost your business to take it to the next level.

10 Tips To Crushing it with Instagram + TikTok Skin Care Content

Tip #1 How You Get Ideas For Content

I would say try not to focus on being like someone else that you see that has great content. They have their individual ideas for what caters to them and how they visualize things and perspectives.

For example, I have a friend that just would not do any kind of skin care but would put alcohol on her face everyday. I thought that would be funny to do a TikTok skin care video of me reacting to her telling me that all she does is put alcohol on her face and then turn that into a post.  I knew other skin care professionals would be able to relate to my shock, so I thought it would be funny and engaging.

Come up with your own unique take on what you want to post.  

Tips #2 How You Find Time To Create The Content

Keep on open mind through out your day. I would say if something happens that you think would be funny, make a quick video about it and post it.  If you’re pressed for time – record it and post it later.  Even more pressed for time – write it down exactly what happened  and record it later!  

The more you practice creating content, the better you’ll become and you’ll be able to create and edit quickly.

When it’s part of your day, it’s more fun and you’ll get really genuine content.  You just have to jump in and try it.  Don’t try to be perfect on the first one – be willing to be a beginner!

Tip #3 What Makes A Great IG Reel?

Reels are great to show steps or lists of things because you can easily add segments of video or images in one larger video file. Try something that people can relate to. Be genuine in what you put out because people can tell if you’re not being yourself and you are not showing your true personality.

I posted a Dermaplaning video because I know many people don’t know what that service is, and have never seen it done. The reaction was great and I got a lot of feedback from it the post.

Tip #4 What Makes A Great IGTV Segment?

IGTV is great for longer video content. Teach or entertain on IGTV, this is the place to go when you have a lot to say! Share things that people can take and utilize everyday after they watch your video. Try not to give out too too much information in one video because people’s attention span for social media is not long.  They want to continue scrolling to see other things.

Tip #5 What Makes A Great TikTok Skin Care Post?

Great Music-a little dance-a smile-and quick facts that you know. You’re a skin care professional. You know so many tips!  TikTok is a platform that allows experts to share!  Making TikTok skin care posts will set you up as an expert. 

Tips #6 How You Record/Film The Content

Make sure that your lighting is good, the days of having a blank wall behind you is OVER!!! Have depth in your background and be sure to have at least your shoulders showing and space from the top of your head to where the frame stops. Use a good ring light and tripod! 

L+A TikTok | IG Incubator

Examples Of Different Type Of Content To Share on TikTok | IGTV | IGLIVE | REELS

Each platform is unqiue – use that uniqueness to create content that works best!

Tips #7  How You Get Clients Involved

Many clients may be camera shy or may not know how to say what they really want to say in front of a camera. There are ways that you can get your clients to be involved in your TikTok skin care videos. I like to ask them if they would be willing to do a client review during the treatment, while they are still on the table.

For the clients that say yes to recording an Instagram or TikTok skin care video, I set them up in my recording area and set the camera up and have them press the record button while I’m not in there. This helps if they may feel embarrassed or nervous and it allows them to relax and really truly say all they want to say.

For the clients that i see is more camera shy, I have them do what i call the Mirror of Truth where I catch there reaction to the first time they get to see there new skin and that way it is a true response and you get to see there smile as may of never seen there skin look so good.

Tips #8  How You Get More Fans/Followers

By being genuine in your Instagram and TikTok skin care videos and showing your fans that sometimes you like to do things outside of your brand and spa room is so much fun! 

With that being said, that doesn’t mean do a whole video of you watching your favorite Spongebob episode while you’re eating a gallon of ice cream! LOL!!  Just let them know what your favorite shoes to wear during certain services and such.  I love to film content with my daughter

Interact With Others
Also take 30 minutes a day and go like 5 post on someone’s page and leave a comment here and there, thats a great way to build an organic following and people will be more willing to support all that you are doing.

Tips #9  How You Get Fans/Followers Engaged

Show your fans that you’re actually talking to them and not just posting Instagram and TikTok skin care posts just to say you posted for the day.

Sometime a good TikTok skin care video is to create a post reacting to a comment that one of your clients may have made on a post.   

You can even talk about something you saw from another page that you may have liked. People want to get to know and see the face and personality behind the brand.


Tips #10 How You Turn IG/TikTok Into Money

People don’t know that they can buy something from you unless you tell them about it. The same way you go to restaurants and all over the world, and have a Coke with your meal – Coke continues to market and promote to people.

I did a video showing the amazing product line that I use in my practice (LiraClincical). In the post I told Lira thank you from the products and showed a little of why I liked the product line. People will see that and automatically want to purchase the product that you are using.

Take that chance to let them know to go to your site where they can purchase it, or tell them your affiliates link or promo code so that you can benefit off of that sale.


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