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My 3 Go-To’s For Muscle Soreness Recovery

My 3 Go-To’s For Muscle Soreness Recovery

Need some muscle soreness recovery ideas?  If you’ve ever done a killer leg day or gone a few extra miles on a run, then you know what I’m talking about!

100% that ache you get the day after or the 2nd day after a heavy workout can be awful in the most amazing way! It’s the kind of pain I like because, I know I did some good work at the gym, but damn, it hurts. It’s the kind of pain that makes me smile as I’m crying.

But Then There’s The “Something’s Not Right” Pain

I’ll be 51 in a few weeks and lift pretty heavy 4 times a week on a consistent basis. There’s usually always some type of pain that I get, where I know, something’s not right.  

My first course of action is a hot bath, followed by some self massage with my BFF and some Muscle Recovery from Hempfield Botanicals.  I also rely on my 2 yoga certifications to come up with some movement that I can do to try and work everything out.  If that doesn’t work, I definitely seek the help of other professionals.   

3 Wellness Modalities I Use For Muscle Soreness Recovery

#1 Massage

My first job in the wellness industry was working at an aromatherapy spa in Philly. It was part of my job to get massages and body treatments and it was then that I fell in love with massages. Now, I try and get a massage every two weeks. What I’ve found over the years is that getting regular massages from Adrian King helps me to feel fewer aches and pains on the daily basis while beating myself up at the gym.

There are so many benefits to massage, but let’s just focus on the lymphatic system and blood flow.  The manual manipulation of the fascia, will help to relieve tension in the muscle fiber.  This will also help to increase the flow of blood and the lymphatic system. This helps to increase the oxygen getting to the muscle and help to improve the rate at which waste is being removed from the body. These are ideal to help with muscle soreness recovery.

muscle soreness recovery

#2 Acupuncture

Recently, a sore shoulder had me at Acupuncture Off Broad with Vito for some needles to fight the pain! The service is about an hour. Vito places the needles and I lay and rest for about an hour. There’s some localized pain after the needles come out, mostly muscle soreness. Vito does dry needling where he sends the needles into pressure points to relieve tension. I am definitely sore the day after! But nothing works better to relieve my pain!

Another cool option is an Acupuncture Facial. Eva at Acupuncture Off Broad offers that and I’ve had it.  LOVE!

Muscle Soreness Recovery

#3 Pressotherapy

I found Pressotherapy from DermaJEM! This is a treatment that you can get in wellness centers, spas and massage studios. I am so lucky because DermaJEM sent me my very own Pressotherapy to have because they wanted me to try it!  I’m obsessed! 

What is PressoTherapy? A body detox system for lymphatic drainage! This is a device that sends out systematic air pressure to a suit that is worn by the client. It’s a rhythmic massage that stimulates lymphatic drainage in the body.  It’s great to improve recovery after heavy lift days and long runs! Also great for flushing dead fat cells after fat reduction treatments like cryolipolysis! It’s very relaxing to have done. It always puts me to sleep. Treatments are suggested for 30-45 minutes!

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