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Reviews Of Repêchage Skin Care Products In 30 Days

Reviews Of Repêchage Skin Care Products In 30 Days

Being able to offer reviews of Repêchage skin care products as they celebrate their 40th anniversary, as I get ready to celebrate my 50th birthday seems so perfect!  Honestly, when you look at Lydia Sarfati, the industry legend behind Repêchage, you see amazing skin!

Lydia proudly boasts that she’s never had “any work done”!  Her skin is smooth, even toned and just glows, all of which she credits to “beauty from the sea”, the Laminaria Digitata in her famed Repêchage products.

Repêchage Celebrates 40 Years

Let’s face it, the spa industry in the U.S. is as old as Repêchage.  Lydia was part of the movement that brought the European concept of spa to the U.S.  During a conversation with Lydia a few months ago, Lydia and I talked about her impact on the spa industry in the United States. 

Lydia told me that in Poland going to the spa was very common, it was part of the daily lives of people.  She was passionate about bringing the love of spa and wellness to America.  She began working in spas in New York in the 70’s, finally opening her own spa in 1977.

After traveling with her husband David in Israel in the late 1970s, Sarfati was inspired by the nutrient-rich soil in the deserts, discovering that Israeli farmers used seaweed as a bio-stimulant.  This was her “aha” moment, traveling to the source of seaweed on the Brittany Coast of France to negotiate the production of the first seaweed based skin care line.

Then in 1980, Repêchage was born. Repêchage 1980 To Now is the story of how Lydia has spent the past 40 years growing Repêchage into a leading international skin care brand.

The Beginning – Unidose Packaging and Four Layer Facial

I’m embarrassed to say that my first Repêchage Four Layer Facial was just this year.  I learned that this facial was launched in 1980 with the world’s first unidose packaging concept.  Lydia wanted to offer spas the ability to control quality and costs. 

The unidose packaging ensured the perfect amount of product every time!  Lydia also trained on the application of the product to make sure that every client had the ultimate massage during this legendary facial.

It was my experience with the Four Layer Facial where I really fell in love with the brand.  After years of jumping up and down at a new device and new peel, I stopped and allowed a highly skilled esthetician to apply some of the purest products to my skin using massage techniques taught by Lydia Sarfati herself.  The experience was magical.  My skin glowed.  My skin felt amazing. I felt amazing.

Barry Eichner

Reviews Of Repêchage Skin Care Vita Cura Gold

I know I work at it.  After my experience with the Four Layer facial in March in Chicago, I had the chance to attend the launch of Repêchage’s Vita Cura Gold Collection in New York this past May. This new collection caught my attention because of all of the independent clinical results that they were able to publish.

Lydia and her daughter Shiri, the newly announced Co-President both stood before the group of international attendees and raved about their own experience and boasted about these incredible clinical statistics.  I was SOLD!  I couldn’t wait to try these products so I could offer reviews of Repêchage skin care.

I began right away and used the whole collection for 15 days.  Since then I’ve used the Vita Cura Gold B3 Serum Complex daily.  Here’s a recap entitled Live Love Launch, I outline my experience and offer detailed information on the independent clinical results.  The Vita Cura Gold B3 Lifting Single Sheet Mask is also one of our 6 Most Effective Sheet Masks.

My Repêchage Love Affair

It’s no secret that I’ll be 50 in February of 2020.  I’m very open about my age.  I get told all the time time that I don’t look 50.  I used to play it down.  Now, I look directly at the person and say, “It’s by design”!  I know I work at it.  I am so happy to give you a few reviews of Repêchage skin care’s Vita Cura Gold B3 Serum Complex.  It’s one of my go-to secrets.  It’s always on my bathroom vanity and something that I use every single day.

Re-Discover Repêchage

“It’s because of the Vita Cura Gold B3 Serum Complex, that I kept talking to Shiri and Lydia about working with us more.  I wanted to be able to dig deeper into the brand and help more estheticans discover or shall I say re-discover this prestige, heritage brand!

30 Days Of Use For Reviews of Repêchage Skin Care

I couldn’t be more excited to start 30 Days of Repêchage on January 1, 2020!  I have a complete home care program to use.  Daily use products a few masks for weekly use!  I can’t wait to let the power of laminaria digitata work it’s magic on my skin.  I’ll keep a weekly diary of what I’m using and give you weekly updates on how my skin looks and my feedback on each of the products.

Weekly updates are on their way!

Barry’s Home Care Routine

AM + PM Daily

Cleanse – Vita Cura Cleanser

Mist –      Algo Mist

Serum 1 – Essential Oil Of Seaweed + C Serum 

Serum 2 – Vita Cura Gold B3 Serum Complex

Moisturizer – Vita Cura Gold B3 Elixir Complex 

SPF (am only) – Mineral Shield

My Repêchage Home Care 

The first thing that I noticed about using the Repêchage product line is its luxurious fragrance and cosmetic elegance.  It’s a joy to use.  The fact that Repêchage has scientific data to support the its efficacy claims makes each product more of a joy to use.  My skin loved these products.  I met friends for dinner who commented on how great my skin looked, and I just let them know that it was “Beauty From The Sea”!

In the first week, I noticed the glow more than anything! 

Repêchage Home Care Ritual

Pre-GRAMMYs Glow 

Week 3 using the Repêchage line, I had the chance to go to Spa O On The Go to get a Four Layer Facial to give me a glow for my upcoming trip to Hollywood for some pre-GRAMMYs gifting events!  Lisa from Spa O On The Go did the Repêchage 30% Glyco-Sea Glycolic Peel prior to the Four Layer Facial.  She also added in the Opti-Frim® Eye Treatment to the facial.  My skin glowed birghtly after the facial!

Scroll through the pics to get to the my after shot!  


Thanks to Repêchage for sponsoring this article.  

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