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The L+A Winter Skin Care Guide

The Ultimate Guide For Winter Skin Care

When we think of Winter skin care, the first thought in most people’s heads is…..

M O I S T U R I Z E……..

When A Moisturizer Won’t Hydrate

There are certain situations where a moisturizer won’t hydrate the skin.  A client can apply the thickest and heaviest cream, but their skin just won’t retain the moisture.  That’s because they have a compromised lipid barrier.  You can learn all about this in our Understanding The Lipid Barrier article that explains the function of the lipid barrier 

Winter Skin Care Is Complex

It’s more complicated than just slapping on a moisturizer and calling it a day…. or night…. cream.  Skin is more complex than a one size fits all mentality for treating skin in a season.  Especially a season that has so many life events happening.  Winter isn’t just about the weather.  It’s not just about the skin.

Winter skin care is complex.  There are so many life events happening throughout the season.  There’s 2 major holidays.  Those holidays bring about many disruptors to healthy skin!  Between Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, the amount fat, sugar and alcohol that your skin has to endure is crazy.  Let’s not even start to talk about the extra stress, the extra make up and the lack of sleep that comes along with all of these crazy holidays. It will be hard for your skin to keep a luminescent glow!

Then there’s January and all of the New Year’s Resolutions with its crash diets and crazy workouts.  Your skin will experience a whole new kind of stress, your skin will beg you to help it renew itself.  As the calendar turns to February, we have the Superbowl, the Oscars, Valentine’s Day and Barry’s Birthday.  The amount of pizza, nachos, cake and candy everyone will be eating can only compare to the amount of  wine and beer that is being used to wash it all down!  Your skin is going to be begging for some cold weather cures.  



We’re Here For You

We spent most of 2019 finding an amazing assortment of beauty products!  Have no fear, your winter skin care needs are going to be 100% taken care of!

Barry + Jenni

15 Must Have Products For Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care: a month by month needs assessment

We are going to address your winter skin care needs on a monthly basis and then offer solutions to help!  You thought one new moisturizer would do the job?  Wrong!  We have sourced 15 amazing beauty products that we’ll talk about!  We’ll make sure you have a glorious luminescent glow for the holidays in December.  We’ll help you renew in January  with our 10 Best Self Care Check List! We will also give you some solid cold weather cures in February!


Cold Weather Cures

Whenever you hear February you automatically think of Barry’s Birthday, wait… no no, it’s Valentine’s Day, you think of Valentine’s Day!  Here’s some great winter skin care tips that are great for Valentine’s Day.  If you don’t have a Valentine – that’s ok!  You can sit at home with your dog or cat and do a home facial, go ahead and follow our 6 Tips Home Facial Tips To Get A Glow.  😉

Here’s our 5 Picks for amazing Cold Weather Cures in February!   

#1 Beauty Oil by GLYMED PLUS


Beauty Oil from GLYMED PLUS this simple, pure and natural, Beauty Oil creates the ultimate balance for radiant, youthful skin. This lightweight, fast-acting oil is non-comedogenic and packed with age-fighting antioxidants to help reduce wrinkles and replenish critical moisture. Beauty Oil represents our commitment to the highest standard of powerful botanical ingredients.

#2 Youth Transforming Glycolic Moisturizer from California Skincare Supply


With Youth Transforming Glycolic Moisturizer by M.A.D Skincare from California Skincare Supply, the signs of aging require multiple age fighting ingredients to get you to look your best. M.A. Dermaceuticals has combined the best nature and science has to offer to give you the youth building age minimizing performance for lasting results. Enriched with shea butter, this ultra-rich moisturizer combines skin nourishing ingredients with essential amino acids and plant stem cells for ultimate skin repair in a lightweight 7% glycolic acid anti-aging base.

#3 Pept-Eyes 2.0 Cream by Mark Lees Skincare

Pept Eyes 2.0 Cream by Mark Lees is the update to the award-winning state-of-the-art eye creme formula! Clients LOVE the creamy feel and performance of this very effective product! Pept-Eyes 2.0 contains 3 different high-tech peptides to improve the look of elasticity and puffiness. Probiotic Moisturizer with elderflower and blackberry bioflavonoids to fade the look of dark circles, a blend of ceramides, natural lipids, and hydrators to reinforce barrier function – smoothing wrinkles, and crepiness. Non-comedogenic, Ophthalmologist-tested, Fragrance-Free, and Color-free.

#4 Probiotic Moisturizer with Elderflower and Blackberry by ilike Organic Skincare 

Probiotic Moisturizer with Elderflower and Blackberry  Hydrating and smoothing formula for normal to dry skin that combines healing and cell renewing probiotics and hyaluronic acid with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, free radical fighting botanicals, and complexion brightening Lactic Acid for a healthy skin microbiome.


#5 GloBiotic by Roccoco Botanicals


GloBoiotic is a topical probiotic serum with encapsulated Lactobacillus. GloBiotic Serum contains five probiotics to calm, soothe and oxygenate the skin. Smoothes and diminishes the look of irregularities in the skin. Significantly boosts the hydration status of the skin.

Create a 5 Step – 5 Minute Winter Nighttime Skin Care Ritual

The cold, dry air of winter will leach the hydration from your skin.  Be sure to set up time at the end of your day to replenish hydration levels in the skin with a our 5 Step – 5 Minute Winter Nighttime Skin Care Ritual



A Time For Renewal

Need Tips To Hydrate + Nourish Winter Skin?

We have a complete check list of products the you’ll need to make sure you’re offering the best go-to goodies for hydrating winter skin.

5 Products To Hydrate + Nourish Winter Skin

#1 UV Remedy Peel by MedSpa Distributors


Nothing breathes new life into skin than a great peel.  The UV Remedy Peel from MedSpa Distributors is a 3 step peel that lasts over 14 days, with clients applying the 3rd step at home for 10 days.  This will help to eradicate UV damage and renew the skin with a multi-acid approach to effectively help reduce the appearance of dark spots and premature aging from UV sun damage. This peel is for professional use only.



MYSKINBUDDY is handy device that can be used in treatment and for home care!  It will help your client renew their skin by gently exfoliating away dead skin cells to bring fresh new skin cells to the surface. Its ionic technology will help to deep clean with positive ions and then negative ions will help to increase product penetration so all of your winter skin care will nourish and renew the skin.


#3 Protective Hand Créme by KM Herbals


Retail: LIPGLOSS for 25% off hereWholesale: FREESHIP for free shipping at www.kmherbals.com!

The harsh dry, cold winter weather can wreak havoc on the delicate skin on your hands.  Cuticles can quickly become dry and crack. You can breath new life into your hands and help renew their softness with Protective Hand Créme by KM Herbals.  It’s made from rich emollient ingredients that will restore moisture and nourish!


#4 eye brilliance™ by dmGlow

New from dmGlow, eye brilliance™, renew the eye area by breathing life back into the skin with this marriage of liquid oxygen and liquid crystals. Liquid crystals softly shimmer to brighten dull skin while acting as the delivery agent for a highly moisturizing formula which is proven to reduce the appearance of visible lines. Liquid oxygen plumps, hydrates and rejuvenates skin. Long term benefits include a reduction in the depth of existing lines and prevention of new wrinkles from repeated applications.

#5 Grande Lash MD Lash Enhancing Serum by Grande Cosmetics

Grande Lash MD Lash Enhancing Serum by Grande Cosmetics An award-winning lash enhancing serum infused with a proprietary blend of vitamins, peptides, and amino acids to promote naturally longer, thicker looking lashes in just 4-6 weeks, with full results in 3 months. It’s a favorite for helping to enhance short or thinning lashes and is also ideal for improving the appearance of brittle or damaged lashes. The carefully designed soft-tip brush delivers the perfect amount of product effortlessly to the upper lash line. GrandeLASH-MD is water based, so it is safe to use with lash extensions, false lashes, and contacts. Its safe, easy, and effective formula is ophthalmologist tested & approved.


Get A Luminescent Glow

Need Winter Skin Care Tips To Prep For Holiday Parties?

We have a complete check list of products the you’ll need to make sure you’re ready for all of your holiday parties!

4 Holiday Party Beauty Prep Tips

#1 BIO Lift Créme with PSC by Lira Clinical

The brand new BIO Lift Créme with PSC is delicious and has Royal Epigen-P5 (Epigenetic Technology)!  Your skin will drink up this rich, emollient créme and ensure you’re glowing for the holidays!   This advanced peptide créme is formulated with Epigenetic Technology, Swiss Apple, Sea Fennel, Alpine Rose and Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells. Lifts, firms, hydrates and heals skin.

#2 CBD PowerLuxe Moisturizer by Expürtise


Give your skin the gift of CBD this holiday! The CBD PowerLuxe Moisturizer is an emollient rich moisturizer.  It has a high concentration of essential fatty acids that instantly relieve dry skin and help retain moisture to promote a healthy glow. It attracts and maintains moisture, locks in hydration without clogging pore, softens and conditions skin and protects skin with antioxidants.


#3 Esty Fridge by Saian Skincare

You’ll be giving your clients a glow this winter with all of the advanced exfoliation treatments on their skin!  Nothing soothes better than a cold mask, gently massaged with cold globes after a microdermabrasion or peel.  Keep all of your goodies nice and cold in Saian Skincare’s Esty Fridge!  


#4 Flawless Finish Kit by Advanced Mineral Makeup

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Clients will the love the luminescent glow from the Advanced Minerals Flawless Finish Kit.  This perfect duo contains a Serum Primer to refine texture and aid in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and the Advanced Mineral Liquid Foundation, a transfer-proof, fade-resistant makeup that lasts all day without touch-ups.  

# 5 Mist Me by Hale & Hush

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Refresh your skin so it will glow with the all new Mist Me from Hale & Hush.  It’s a refreshing face spritz formulated to hydrate, nourish and energize skin via gentle, yet proactive ingredients. Detoxifying, protecting and restoring the delicate nature of all skin types especially sensitive skin. Great for a start to any facial routine and also GL-AMazing to use to set powders for a flawless finish!  

Thanks to California Skincare Supply, dmGlow, Hale & Hush, Mark Lees, MYSKINBUDDY, Saian Skincare, Expürtise, ilike Organics, KMHerbals, Grande Cosmetics, MedSpa Distributors, Roccoco Botanicals, GLYMED PLUS, Advanced Mineral Makeup and Lira Clinical for sponsoring this article.  

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