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5 Minute Nighttime Skin Care Ritual For Better Skin By Morning

5 Minute Nighttime Skin Care Ritual For Better Skin By Morning

Is a nighttime skin care ritual important?

Does a nighttime skin care ritual matter? 

Nothing washes away the sins of the day like a good nightime skin care ritual.  Your skin is just pummeled with aging factors all day long from pollution to sun exposure.  Your skin also has a ton of crap on it from a full day of being a human on the planet. If you wear makeup during the day – then….. Well, don’t even get me started! 

 Your skin also really wants to repair itself at night.  It’s not my opinion, it’s fact. Nightime is when the skin renews itself and when it repairs itself.  That’s why getting a proper amount of rest is important. Giving your skin all that it needs and wants to repair, rebuild and renew overnight just makes good sense! 

Create An Evening Ritual

Create an Evening Ritual – Helps you calm, center and actually fall asleep easily”  This is 1 of 10 Best Self Care Tips in our January Advice From Our Experts Column.   If you combine your nightime skin care ritual with your Evening Ritual, it’s a win – win!  

Lisa Gornall, Advice From Our Experts

Nighttime Skin Care Ritual In Winter

Helping your skin to replenish is important on a regular basis!  However, it’s very important to give your skin an extra dose of hydration during your nighttime skin care ritual during the winter months!  The cold, dry air can leach moisture from your skin so be sure to replenish. We break down the skin’s specific needs during this frigid season in our Winter Skin Care Guide.

What Is A Good Nighttime Skin Care Ritual?

This is one of my favorite topics to discuss!  Taking care of your skin at night with a solid nighttime skin care ritual is super easy!   A good nighttime skin care ritual should include products that clean the skin, promote cellular turnover and help fortify and hydrate the skin cells.  In a lot of cases this can be a multi-step plan, and when it’s combined with some ritual elements – it can be a great experience.  

Learning How To Do A Nighttime Skin Care Ritual

I recently was helping a friend from college navigate a new nighttime skin care ritual.   She’s in the 50ish age range, so there were a few extra steps. Her initial reaction to the program was that it was too much to do.  It seemed overwhelming to her, she said,

“I’m really more of a wash & go person.”

This statement got me to thinkin’

Now, I know that I can wash, spray a toner, massage in 3 serums and then massage in a moisturizer in about 5 minutes.  Because I know exactly which bottle to reach for, what product is used when and how to apply it.  

It wasn’t the home care routine that would take up too much of her time – it was the learning curve.  Yeah, in the beginning it takes more time to read what product to be used for step one, and then which for step 2 and so on….

But after that, it’s easy! 

This Week’s POP! 5 Steps In 5 Minutes Nighttime Skin Care Ritual

1. Create A Space

Obviously, this will be in your bathroom in most cases.  However, the goal here is to have the items you’ll need handy on the vanity, so you can easily reach for the products and not really interrupt your flow. 


2. Create an “I am” statement

Take a deep breath and look at yourself in the mirror and create an “I am” statement to yourself such as I am peace. I am calm. Lisa Gornall suggests this in our January Advice From Our Experts column.


3. Cleanse Your Skin

It all starts with cleansing the skin.   Wet your skin and apply a cleanser. We love the Hale & Hush Quiet Wash, it’s gentle, fragrance free and great for every skin type.  Then massage the cleanser into the skin as you take slow and steady breaths repeating positive affirmations.  Rinse and towel dry. 

I love to use Effleurage and Petrissage to work the cleanser into my skin.  


4. Massage In Serums

After your skin is clean, it’s time for serums.  I follow the advice of many skin care guru’s and do facial massage to apply serums.  I love doing light petrissage and tapotement when applying serums. I make sure to keep eye contact in the mirror the whole time and repeat my “I am” statements.  One of my go-to serums is the Glymed Dual System.  A 2 step system that offers potent antioxidants, peptides and an enzyme peel in a hyaluronic acid base!  


5. Massage Moisturizers

Finally, I draw the nighttime skin care ritual to a close by applying a moisturizer.  There’s a few that I love! If you want an ultra-rich fortifying cream, then try BelleCôte Pari’s Ultra Nourishing Night Cream If you want an organic option, Dawn Lorraine Skincare’s Lemongrass Enzyme Cream is brilliant.  I massage this in with light petrissage and tapotement massage.   I make sure to keep eye contact in the mirror the whole time and repeat my “I am” statements.

Want to learn more about facial massage, read Lydia Sarfati’s, How To Perform Facial Massage

Nighttime Wrinkle Fighting Tip

If you find that you’re tying to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, we have a tip for you! SilcSkin offers a Full Face Set of silicone pads that you wear while you sleep!  You can just sleep the fine lines away!  

Thanks to Glymed Plus, BelleCôte Paris, SilcSkin, Hale & Hush, and Dawn Lorraine Skincare for sponsoring this article.  

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