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10 Best Self Care Tips – A 2020 Self Care Check List

10 Best Self Care Tips  – A 2020 Self Care Check List

by Lisa Gornall

What Do You Mean By Self Care

Self-care is necessary. It’s like oxygen to your body. The busier you are, the more important this becomes. It doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. It’s just something that you do to help improve your overall sense of wellness. It can be anything that helps you grow, feel secure, rest, relax or reward yourself.

Why Is Self Care Important

Exhaustion, overwhelm and burn out are results from not making self-care a priority. As we start the 20’s, let’s start it right by taking care of YOU.  It’s vital that you make yourself a priority in your own life. Self care isn’t selfish. Creating a life that has value can only come from making your own health, well-being and self valuable. 


What Are Examples Of Self Care

I’ve created a 2020 Self Care Check list that showcases some of my favorite ways to care for myself.  I use this list to help my clients with their own self care too. The items on the list don’t cost anything but they will make a huge difference in how you go through your day and that impacts you and your clients. You may find some of the items on our self care check list surprising. 

3 Reasons We Love Self Care

It’s not hard to convince us to engage in some yummy self care!  We have 3 reasons that we love self are! 

Check them out HERE! 

2020 Self Care Check List – 10 Best Self Care Tips

1. Create a Morning Ritual – Give yourself time to start the day in a place of balance

Before you touch a device or your feet hit the floor when you wake up, start your day by meditating or saying “I am” statements like I am peace, I am calm, I am free, I am balance, for at least 1 minute.

As you do your morning routine, practice gratitude. I am grateful for these clothes, for the skincare products I’m using and actually enjoy your hot beverage, don’t just gulp it down.

2.  Create Boundaries Around Your Work Schedule – You are here for more than your work.

At the beginning of each month, create a balanced work-life schedule. Schedule in me time and things that make you happy.

Have time to “be” where nothing is planned. Try to have at least one weekend a month with no plans and for the others, only one weekend day with plans.

Schedule in things that are important to you like exercise, date nights, spa time so they actually happen. Stop over scheduling yourself – it just stresses you out.

3. Listen to & Take Care of Your Body

You get 1 body in this life.

Listen to the messages it tells you like how much sleep to get, when to sit down and rest, what food it likes to eat. Your body tells you what it wants, you just have to listen and stop ignoring it.

Pamper it with massage, facials, hot baths, sauna, exercise, body treatments and anything that slows you down and makes you appreciate that moment.  

If  you want to do a little home spa to take care of your body.  Check out our article on CBD for Recovery!  


4. Say “No” – Don’t feel you have to do and be everything to everyone.

The power of saying no helps you reclaim your time and energy so you can do things that empower you and lift you up. When you do things you don’t want to do, everyone knows it! Instead save your time and energy for things you actually want to do.

5. Do Your Energy Work Practice Daily – This is more than gratitude journals and meditation.

Balancing your energy, letting go and refilling with positive energy must be done throughout the day to help you center, bring in more abundance and attract positive people into your life and work. Don’t hold onto the stuff that pulls you down, you have to let it go!

6.  Watch Your Energy – You watch the battery on your devices, watch your energy too.

You can’t be on the go all the time or you will burn out. Recharge with naps, sitting for a few minutes quietly, going for a walk, enjoying nature, doing some self-care or taking time to “be”.

7.  Be Clear in Your Communication – Tell people what you want and need from them.

Most people aren’t mind readers and they don’t get your “hints”. Clearly communicate your needs and don’t put off conversations that are weighing you down. This wastes time and energy for you that you could be putting into other things.

8.  Follow Your Intuition – It is always guiding you.

Your intuition will tell you what you should be doing, if something is off or doesn’t feel right. Listen so you don’t find yourself saying, “I knew that was going to happen!” You are supported and guided in every moment, use it like you use navigation in your car.

 9. Be Present and Grateful – Enjoy this amazing life you’re creating.

When you’re grateful, this brings your energy into the present moment and helps time feel like it’s slowing down. It also helps you bring more abundance into your life. When you are grateful you will attract more of that to you.  

Here’s a link to an amazing podcast by Joe Longo’s Inspire Create Manifest Podcast entitled Be Present!  

10.  Create an Evening Ritual – Helps you calm, center and actually fall asleep easily.

 You had a bedtime ritual as a child. It helps you process your day and prepare your mind and body to go to SLEEP. This is a good time to take a bath, go in the hot tub, sauna, put on your face mask and let go of anything from the day.

The goal is that by time your head hits the pillow, you have nothing to think about or process. It is time to sleep. You can focus on an “I am” statement like I am peace. I am calm. I am free as you drift to sleep.

The only person that can make you a priority is you. Start the 2020’s with one thing on this list and as it becomes a routine, add another until you’re doing all 10. They’re game changers!

Guest Blogger – Lisa Gornall

As a Spiritual Medium, Healer and Coach, Lisa is in a class of her own.

I was born with abilities to become ONE with your energy. I intuitively empower you, as a very successful entrepreneur to reclaim your time, relationships, inner-game and energy so that you can live a fulfilling and happy life. Work is your passion, and you know you are here to ENJOY a life outside of work but you don’t know how to do that and keep scaling your income. Read More…

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