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3 Reasons We Love A Self Care Check List

3 Reasons We Love A Self Care Check List

Having Self Care Check List Isn’t Selfish!

What Do You Mean By Self Care

Self-care is necessary. It’s like oxygen to your body. The busier you are, the more important this becomes. It doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. It’s just something that you do to help improve your overall sense of wellness. It can be anything that helps you grow, feel secure, rest, relax or reward yourself.

 An exerpt from the January Advice From Our Experts Column.   

Lisa Gornall, Advice From Our Experts

It’s 2020 We’re Hyper Connected

As we leap into the “Glowing 20’s”, that’s the screen of the smart phone that’s glowing!  We’re constantly visually stimulated.  We’re always available.  Many people rarely disconnect.  A majority of all working professionals even stay connected to email while on vacation. It’s time to commit to a little “me time”!

These devices make life easier, you can use the device to control your home thermostat, shop for groceries, unlock the door to your home, do your banking, check in to a hotel, check in for a flight, board a flight and so many more options.  While they make our lives easier, they bring a host of other issues.  There’s even people who believe that there’s smart phone addiction.  Literally, people are addicted to having their smart phone with them at all times.

We love our smart phones and the freedom that they bring, but they make a personal self care check list even more important.

Why Is Self Care Important

Exhaustion, overwhelm and burn out are results from not making self-care a priority. As we start the 20’s, let’s start it right by taking care of YOU.  It’s vital that you make yourself a priority in your own life. Self care isn’t selfish. Creating a life that has value can only come from making your own health, well-being and self valuable.

 An exerpt from the January Advice From Our Experts Column.   

Lisa Gornall, Advice From Our Experts

3 Reasons We Love A Self Care Check List

1. It Creates “Me Time”

If you want to make sure that you have a spectacular day, commit to 15 minutes of  “me time”!  My favorite time of the day is a Morning Ritual!  I bring my morning skin care into my Morning Ritual.  Before I get out of bed, I start with prayer and meditation. Then I assess my body.  It’s sad, but as I approach 50, one of the things I need to do is assess what hurts from the workout the day before.

Then there’s coffee!

Next is my morning skin care!  Some of my favorites to use include:  Nature Pure’s Instant Energizer Oxygen Masque to brighten!  Then I mist with the KM Herbals Frankincense & Rose Hydrosol & Toner.  I also love the Transdermal Delivery System in the Sesha Skincare, Award-Winning, Clinical Advanced Antioxidant Cream.  I love to use ionic cleaning and infusing power of MYSKINBUDDY during my skin care routine.

Want to learn more about how MYSKINBUDDY can help your skin in winter?  Read our Winter Skin Care Guide!

2. It Creates A Focus On Health

Lisa Gornall invites us to ‘Do Your Energy Work Practice Daily’.  This is so important!  I love to check in with my body and see where my energy levels are.  I find that I feel more revitalized after a good workout.  There’s something incredible that happens during a good workout!  The blood flow, the endorphins!  It just re-invigorates me.  Although, sometimes, it can be a little too much and I need some help recovering.  Again, I listen to my body and assess what I need to recover.  I love using hot baths, cold therapy and cbd!  I wrote an article, 7 Tips For Workout Recovery.   This article included the Pain Belt from Medspa Distributors, I love using LED on my achin’ back!

3. It Creates A Focus On Growth

When Lisa gave us her January article that outlines the 10 Best Self Care Tips, I was so happy to see it included more than just “action” items to for career and physical fitness!  Personal growth in our interpersonal relationships can be one of the best ways we care for ourselves.

Learning how to communicate our needs, set boundaries and put ourselves first when necessary is something we grow into.  Often times, we feel as though we need to do more and give more, even to our own detriment!  It’s so important to understand the importance of checking your energy levels.  When you’re feeling low – you must recharge.  Find the love for yourself to set boundaries so you can do what you need to do for yourself!  As you grow, you can do more, but in more creative and efficient ways.

Thanks to MedSpa Distributors, Sesha Skincare, KM Herbals, MYSKINBUDDY AND Nature Pure for sponsoring this article.  

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