5 CBD Products For Workout Recovery

Barry’s 5 CBD Products For Workout Recovery

Ok kids pay attention!  This old man has been hitting it hard at the gym!  My trainer (shout out to Joe Patton), has been taking it up a notch!  This past week was 225 pound deadlifts.  4 Sets of 10. OY!  Let’s talk about a sore butt after that workout!  Cut to me rubbing my a few of my favorites CBD products on my ass to try and get the inflammation to go away and with it the muscle soreness that all of us lifters seem to love in the most unusual way! 

Home Spa Using CBD Products For Workout Recovery 

Baths, Balms for the Booty

These leg workout outs are brutal, but so essential for a strong body!  I have been doing legs for years and always love it when I know a workout is tearing up the muscles in my legs.  Shred those hammies, destroy the quads and rip them glutes!  I’m not mad at all!  I’ll deal with recovery in the most loving of ways!  I have a home spa with a host of CBD products to help soothe the aches and pains and ease sore muscles.  

Special Edition CBD POP!

5 CBD Products For Workout Recovery

I’ve legit used every one of these products and would recommend them all!  

#1 Divine Restorative CBD Massage Oil – Hale Cosmecuticals

This Divine Restorative CBD Massage Oil – Hale Cosmecuticals smells amazing!  You just know it’s going to soothe aching muscles.  I put this on my body before an ultra hot bath with a CBD Bath Bomb!   Hale Cosmeceuticals incorporates CBD, this wonderful ingredient, with oils and vitamins to create our Divine Restoration CBD Massage Oil 400mg, which soothes and restores your body.

#2 CBD Anti Aging Effective Skin Balm – Expürtise

I’ve used the CBD Anti-Aging Effective Skin Balm many times on sore legs!  It’s invigorating and will definitely help improve blood flow!  Helps to ease aches and pains!!  It’s a must try!

#3 Bath Bomb – Color Up Therapeutics

I literally CAN NOT wait to take a hot bath after a heavy leg workout!  I use the Bath Bomb from Color Up Therapeutics  with other CBD creams, or CBD Oils or CBD Balms for a double dose of CBD anti-inflammatory help!  Not a ton of fragrance, but it really relaxed me! Took a little nap after I got out of the soak!

#4 Extra Strength CBD Pain Cream – Vital Body Therapeutics

I got this bad boy at Live Love Spa!  The ladies were super confident that I’d love it!  I’ve used the Extra Strength CBD Pain Cream a few times and I have to say I do like it!  If you’re looking for a cream versus an oil or a balm, this is a solid choice!  It’s really rich and a little goes a long way!

#5 CBD Balm – Elmore Mountain Therapeutics 

I found this little guy at SpaHIVE!  These ladies were amazing to connect with!  This is just one of the yummy CBD products they gave me to try.  This little tin of CBD Balm by Elmore Mountain Therapeutics  is in my gym bag and goes on right after a workout.  Starts the soothing and calming right away!

Recovery Is So Important!  

Not sure if you’re aware of this, but recovery from workouts is so important!  You need to allow your body to recover after a workout!  Rest is vital for the muscles, it actually helps with growth!  I have found that CBD is an amazing ingredient that I love love love for my recovery!  

I’d like to by the world come CBD and keep it company!!!!!

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