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3 Winter Skin Care Tips For Valentine’s Day

3 Winter Skin Care Tips, Perfect For Valentine’s Day

We’re super excited to give you some of our Winter Skin Care Tips….

Ok, so…. Valentine’s Day


You either love it or……hate it….

It’s In February – So It’s All About Winter Skin Care To Us!

Skin in winter needs special attention!  We touched on this in our Winter Skin Care Guide.

Winter Skin Care Is Complex

It’s more complicated than just slapping on a moisturizer and calling it a day…. or night…. cream.  Skin is more complex than a one size fits all mentality for treating skin in a season.  

Winter Skin Care Tips:  The Perfect Moisturizer

When it comes to taking care of your skin in the winter, you need to make sure you’re using an amazing moisturizer.  Finding the moisturizer that is an ideal match for skin conditions and weather conditions is crucial.  Even the oiliest of skin needs to stay hydrated in the frigid, dry winter air.

Find your perfect moisturizer from one of the many that we’ve featured in our Moisturizers section!

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Skin Care Experts Offer Winter Skin Care Tips

Ok, it’s not an earth shattering news flash that you need to moisturizer in the winter.  We’re not re-inventing the wheel with that.  However, we have some suggestions for to help care for your skin that you may be taking for granted.  These are a few of the winter skin care tips that we’ve accumulated over the nearly 40 years of combined experience that we have taking care of skin!

3 Winter Skin Care Tips That May Surprise You

1. Don’t Let That Water Get Too Hot

Yes, it’s cold outside.  It’s probably cold in your house! However, avoid that pitfall of using really hot water when you shower, take a bath or wash your face! We know that in order to keep the lipid barrier healthy, it’s best to avoid really hot water!  Excessively hot water can strip lipid from the skin with the same force as harsh products.  If you are going to take a hot bath, try adding some Rose Petal Bath Salts from KM Herbals   Rose is hydrating and the fragrance is blissful. 

2. Use Me Time Or Nighttime Skin Care Ritual To Add Moisture

Our 2nd Winter Skin Care Tip is to multi-task!  Ok, we get it, everyone’s busy!  So if you’re looking for a fast and efficient way to hydrate your skin – we got you!  Take a little “me time” on a day when everyone’s out of the house or do double duty when you’re doing your 5 Minute Nighttime Skin Care Ritual  to give your skin a burst of moisture.

You can use the Coco Creme Nourishing Peel from Dawn Lorraine Skincare. Its beautiful fragrance and velvety creamy texture smells soooo good and are ideal for hydrating!  You can also try the FUSION™ Chocofina Moisturizing Mask from Repêchage!  A chocolate fix minus the calories and get silky soft skin with this luxuriously creamy facial mask. Pure Organic Cocoa Powder and Organic Coconut Oil help to moisturize skin.


3. Give Special Attention To Delicate Tissue 

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times. “The tissue around the eye area doesn’t produce oil.”  So on a normal day, you need to give the delicate tissue around the eye area extra love!  This winter skin care tip is vital – use an eye hydrating product!  Check out the  Shir-Gold Illuminating Eye Serum from California Skincare Supply.  Formulated with 24K gold, this eye serum combines hydrating, anti-puffiness and nourishing ingredients to provide the most effective anti-aging eye treatment.

Finally, should someone want to steal a kiss for Valentine’s Day – make sure you’re ready to Pucker Up!  Protect your lips with the Sesha Skincare Maxi Plump Lip Enhancer  Maxi Plump protects dry, chapped lips with intense moisturizers such as Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Shea Butter.  Formulated with P.E.T.® to deliver tri-peptides proven to enhance the contour and volume of the lips, making them fuller and smoother.

Thanks to California Skincare Supply, Sesha Skincare, KM Herbals, Dawn Lorraine Skincare and Repêchage for sponsoring this article.  

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