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5 Products To Nourish + Hydrate Winter Skin

5 Products To Nourish + Hydrate Winter Skin

Why Skin is Dry in Winter

Winter skin can be brutal to hydate.  The ice cold, frigid temperatures and dry air, literally suck the moisture out of the skin.  During winter the humidty levels drop which cause the air to leech moisture from your skin.  This can cause your skin to have all sorts of problems such as dryness, flaking, irritation and many more.

How Can You Stop Winter Skin Dryness

Winter skin can needs a little more love and attention than any other season.  You have to ensure that you’re achieving balance in your lipid barrier.  This will help to stave off any transepidermal water loss.  So finding the right moisturizer or moisturizers is the key. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a complete Winter Skin Care Guide!  

How To Hydrate Winter Skin

Hydrating winter skin can be a multi faceted approach.  The most obvious answer is to use a heavy moisturizer.  But that may not be enough.  You have to make sure that all aspects of a clients’ skin care program are fostering a healthy lipid barrier.  You can strip the skin with a caustic cleanser and over exfoliate with a strong scrub, have them on a strong retinol and then assume that a thick, emollient moisturizer is going to solve the problem!

Looking at the clients’ entire program will help you to determine the best way to hydrate winter skin.  Perhaps adding a creamy cleanser, adjusting how often you have them exfoliate, changing the amount of times they apply retinol and then of course, ensuring they are using the correct moisturizer.  

Often times skin that is oily, has very different needs in the harsh winter weather than it does in the hottest and most humid months of summer.  In summer it may need chemical and manual exfoliation to keep pores clear and skin surface smooth and only a light gel based moisturizer.  However, in winter it may need far less exfoliation and a thicker cream based moisturizer.  


This Week’s POP! 5 G0-To Goodies For Hydrating Winter Skin

If you need some ideal go-to goodies to help your clients achieve hydration balance in their lipid barrier this winter – you’re in luck!  We’ve got organic skin care, cbd skin care, and even some probiotic skin care to give the lipid barrier a little boost!  

#1 Probiotic Day & Night Treatment with Elderflower and Blackberry – ilike Organics

Give your skin a probiotic boost and a drink of hydration with Probiotic Day & Night Treatment with Elderflower and Blackberry from ilike Organics. his unique cream mask can be used on face, neck and decollete, and can even be left on overnight to work for a healthy skin microbiome. Probiotics heal and renew the skin, herbal oils deeply hydrate, Lactic Acid brightens the complexion, while powerful antioxidants slow the aging process.

#2 Black Currant Hydra Creme – Dawn Lorraine Skincare

This award winning skin care brand has a glowing reputation for purity.   The Black Currant Hydra Creme from Dawn Lorraine Skincare will hydrate skin and give the lipid barrier all it needs to function at optimal levels during the cold dry winter months.

#3 CBD PowerLuxe Moisturizer  – Expürtise

Let the power of CBD help your skin to glow this winter. The CBD PowerLuxe Moisturizer from Expürtise is an emollient rich moisturizer has a high concentration of essential fatty acids that instantly relieve dry skin and help retain moisture to promote a healthy glow

#4 Hyaluronic Acid Gel – GINAMARIE Skincare

Nothing says hydration like Hyaluronic Acid!!  The Hyaluronic Acid Gel from GINAMARIE Skincare will do the job perfectly.   This gel that replenishes moisture, revitalizes the outer layers of skin, and instantly improves the appearance of fine lines.

#5 Luminous Glow CBD Facial Oil – Nature Pure Clinical Skincare

One of the hottest items on the skin care market right now are facial oils.  The Luminous Glow CBD Facial Oil from Nature Pure Clinical Skincare will not disappoint!  This invigorating handcrafted exotic beauty oil restores and enhances skin’s natural radiance and beauty. Formulated for easy absorption and immediate results, the oil enriches skin with a plethora of antioxidants, omegas, and a 99.84% CBD isolate. The luxurious nutrient-rich vegan holistic blend of Cannabis Sativa, Hippophae Berries, Marula, Amaranth, Argan, and Moringa herbal oils plus a Pomegranate tincture works intensively to repair, purify, diminish signs of fatigue, deeply moisturize and keep skin looking supple and ageless.



Glowing Skin Home Skin Care Routines

Glowing skin happens by design, not by accident.  A daily skin care routine along with a healthy lifestyle is very important.  Getting a professional skin care treatment on a regular basis is also crucial, but can not be a substitute for good skin care products being used every day.

Thanks to Nature Pure Clinical Skincare, ilike organic skincare, Expürtise Skincare, Gina Marie Skincare, Dawn Lorraine Skincare for sponsoring this article.  

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