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5 Tips For Medical + Spa Skin Care Pros from IECSC NYC

You know you can count on L+A to cover the medical + spa skin care industry all year long. So far in 2024, we’ve been in London, Paris, Miami, and most recently at the IECSC in New York City!

L+A Official Social Media Commentators of IECSC NYC

L+A Co-Founders, Barry Eichner + Jenni Nagle spent time as the Official Social Media Commentators for the International Esthetic, Cosmetic and Spa Conference in New York, which gave them backstage access to everything! 

The IECSC NYC 2024 was a smashing success. This year saw a record number of attendees that included medical + spa skin care professionals, beauty professionals, and wellness professionals! There was an extensive list of classes offered to attendees. There was also a record number of brands exhibiting this year! 

We loved the energy at the event this year! It was clear that the US Medical + Spa Skin Care market continues to grow. We spoke with hundreds – literally hundreds of estheticians, spa owners, massage therapists, educators, brand owners, speakers, and industry experts who all had overwhelmingly positive feedback about how much they were learning! 

5 Tips/Trends for Medical + Spa Skin Care Professionals 

1 Education

Education is one of the main components of the IECSC. L+A is part of that commitment, with Barry + Jenni teaching a class on using Instagram and TikTok to grow their beauty business. “Barry and Jenni are the Digital Media Experts of the medical skin care + spa industry!” Allan Share of Spa Industry Association. 

“We just love helping these dynamic professionals learn how to leverage the digital space to grow their business. We share with them the skills that we employ at L+A to help brands connect with our community.” Jenni Nagle

“We love teaching this class – we even get our attendees involved in creating content so they can see how easy and fun it can be.” Barry Eichner

The IECSC NYC was on trend with education. L+A saw the conversation on AI be front and center in Paris and Miami and NYC was the same. We interviewed  Amy Carter who taught on AI.

Brands Showcasing On-Going Education

Have A Skin Affair this Summer 

We also found brands that were showcasing their ongoing education at the IECSC! Lira Clinical is showcasing their Purely Clinical Global Skin Affair Tour, which showcases a new approach to chemical peels. Jenni + Barry will be with Lira Clinical at three of these events this summer! 

Learn Skin Revision Fundamentals 

DMK International exhibited at IECSC NYC for the first time. We spoke to Drew Coleman, VP of Education and Sales for DMK International, “This is our first time doing the IECSC, NYC, we’re very excited about the positive reaction from the attendees about the opportunity to learn more about the Fundamentals of Skin Revision, a webinar that we offer to medical + spa skin care professionals every month. This is their first step in becoming a DMK Certified Paramedical Skin Therapist. A 2.5-hours theory Webinar, after which you will be granted an account with DMK and will have access to order our Enzyme Masque #1.” 

Take Education from The Masters 

We also had the opportunity to learn about a really special program that was happening with Glymed+! They launched three new peel kits and any medical + spa skin care professional who bought all three received free access to an ongoing education course with Glymed+! If you don’t know Glymed+, this brand has some of the best education for high level estheticians and nurses! 

Learn More About Sensitive Skin 

We spoke to Hale & Hush, Founder, Kris Campbell who told us that Hale & Hush has a jam packed schedule of classes for the rest of the year on topics ranging from Treating Acne & Sensitive Skin to Treating Sensitive Skin of Color! 

Education in Spanish 

We also had the opportunity to chat with the team at Aesthetics World. The team gave us a run down of their skin care collection and their ongoing education in Spanish! 

2 Devices Continue to Rule 

If you’re not using devices, you’re going to lag behind your competition. In 2024 if you aren’t using LED Light Therapy, some form of hydrodermabrasion or microdermabrasion, microcurrent, or other advanced device technology, you’re not doing all you can for your clients! 

A Multi-Device, Multi-Modality World-Wide Phenomenon

We assume that the teams from DermaJEM, M.A.D Skincare, and NanoStamp 360™ are earning their frequent flyer miles because they were on the scene at IECSC after we just covered them in Paris with the Platinum Miami Facial! 

The 3 brands were at IECSC showcasing the Platinum Miami Facial! This treatment is gaining traction in the U.S. Sources from the brands told L+A that it was an absolute attendee favorite at the show! 

We also saw Glacial.Skin, which Jenni had the chance to enjoy! 

“I can’t decide if this treatment woke me up and revitalized me, or lulled me into a total state of relaxation.  It was delightful! The handpiece remains at a consistently cold temperature, and there is zero noise, so the slow rhythmic movements really relax you.  After just 10 minutes, my skin was revived and there was noticeable de-puffing around my jawline.” Jenni Nagle  

LED Light Therapy for Body Contouring 

Celluma LED Light Therapy was front and center at the event and proudly showcased their all-new CONTOUR! The CONTOUR marks Celluma’s eleventh FDA-cleared indication-for-use. Celluma’s parent company, BioPhotas, Inc., the market leader in therapeutic LED Light Therapy devices, announced in February of 2024,  the launch of the Celluma CONTOUR, the only FDA-cleared light therapy device treating body contouring, aging skin, and pain management.

The Device We Found in a $4,000 Facial 

L+A was so proud to be among the first medical + spa skin care publications to showcase the Jet Plasma pen from Pro Plasma Esthetic. Barry recently had the opportunity to experience the treatment with Celebrity Esty Tatum who uses the device in a $4,000 facial for her VIP Clients. We loved seeing Tatum at the show! 

We saw Glo2Facial, Neurotris, HydarFacial, LightStim, Skin Act, Zemits, Canfield Scientific, Aerolase, Procell, Venus, DiamondTome at the IECSC with a gorgeous booth showcasing their amazing device. 

3 Sophisticated Hair Removal Options 

When it comes to hair removal, the IECSC NYC had many options for the medical + spa skin care professional. One of the leaders in device manufacturing is Silhouet-Tone. They were showcasing their wide variety of devices but we stopped in our tracks at their Spirit Laser Hair Removal Device. 

Candela was also attending the IECSC with their assortment of devices.  We also saw wax and waxing alternatives from some of the top brands! Italwax had a huge booth and made a great presentation. We also saw one of Jenni’s favorites, NuFree!  

5 New Products + New Partnerships + PARTIES! 

One brand you can’t miss at any Medical + spa Skin Care event is Face Reality! They are a brand that is committed to working with medical + spa skin care professionals and are doing some really great things.

Cocktails, Mocktails + Acne Panel Discussions 

It should also be noted that Face Reality is earning a reputation for throwing epic level parties! If you’re lucky enough to score an invite – you have to attend! Cocktails, mocktails, yummy bites, sway bags, a photo booth AND EDUCATION! They always have a panel discussion for the Acne Experts who attend. This year we saw Savannah Boda and Douglas Preston present! We loved seeing Douglas and learning about the new partnership Face Reality has with him to distribute his amazing, Preston Comedone Rxtractor®

The Muscle Car of Peptide Serums 

We also ran into the team from EpiStep who offers the EpiFusion Facial and finally got our hands on the All-New EpiEssence Peptides! “OMG, I’ve been using this ultra-sophisticated multi-peptide serum and love it. It’s an opaque serum with a gorgeous scent that glides on the skin and sinks in beautifully. You have to try it!” Barry Eichner 

New TCA Peel Coming 

L+A also got some inside scoop from FACTORFIVE, on an ALL-NEW TCA PEEL that they’re launching. We love FACTORFIVE for their 7 Day Post-Treatment Kit, so we know whatever they offer to medical + spa skin care professionals is going to be incredible. If you want to stay in touch with FACTORFIVE to learn more about the new peel launch. Drop them your info! 

Just Peachy

We also had the chance to connect with the team at Sorella Apothecary and dig deeper into their all-new Peachy Spring Protocol that’s full of fruit acids and enzymes! Sorella Apothecary is a gorgeous brand that is backed by solid ingredients! Your clients will love how beautiful the bottles are and their skin will love the high-tech ingredients in the bottles!  

“We performed this all-new treatment with our in-house esthetician, Kristina. The client who received the treatment continually remarked how amazing everything felt and smelled.  We kicked it up a notch with the Glow Boost Serum and boom! Instant kickstart to the skin.  Don’t miss this protocol!” Jenni Nagle

Work Like an Expert in a Lab

Germaine De Capuccini was on hand introducing the New York audience to their all-new hyperpigmentation treatment – Expert Lab Pigment Therapy! You need to check out this treatment, which uses a peel, serum infusion, and leave-on mask to treat dark spots! 

A Brand To Watch 

We also had the chance to chat with Crystal, the esthetician who founded an all-new brand called Dolce Dew! We fell in love – there’s no other way to say it! “The Enzyme Glaze + Glow is insane. I tried it on the back of my hand and this gommage-style enzyme just ate all the dead skin off my hand and left it smooth as silk!  Next,  I applied their Glass Skin Niacinamide Serum, which left my skin feeling dolce-dewy!” Barry Eichner.  

Be on the lookout for their Retinoid and Vitamin C as well as new professional-only products coming out this year!  This is a brand to watch!

5 Supplements For Health + HAIR! 

Supplements continue to permeate the medical + spa skin care industry! While several brands offer an overall approach to good health, many are focused on supplements for Hair, Skin, and Nails! 

Face Reality launched two supplements in 2023 called, Clear Skin Balance and Clear Skin Restore that are designed for overall skin health! 

We met Mixhers at IECSC in Las Vegas In 2023  and became obsessed! This is a line of powders that your clients can mix with water for a delicious health and wellness boost! 

Grande Cosmetics was at the IECSC NYC with their GrandeGUMMIES! They have their Vegan Collagen Booster for hair skin and nails that we have used and love! 

We met a new Australian company called Vida Glow, which offers 3 different supplements, one of which is called Hairology! 

“We’re so excited to see how the scalp health and hair growth category continues to grow. There are so many ways to address this issue that was once so taboo.” Jenni Nagle

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