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L+A Discovers 5 Global Skincare Trends In Paris

The Skincare Trends Report by L+A for 2024 is here! 

L+A is back from an amazing four days exploring the global medical + spa skincare market at IMCAS Paris! First, this show is huge and has three levels of exhibitors, classrooms, and lectures. There were nearly 20,000 attendees from the U.S., Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 

The 2024 L+A Skincare Trends Report

Macro Approach To Client Care 

We spoke with many skincare exhibitors including M.A.D Skincare, Alumier MD, XCellarisPRO, Dermaquest, and Dermologica and the feedback was very similar from all of these brands in terms of the approach that they are encouraging their professionals to take with clients. The overwhelming theme is that brands are encouraging estheticians to focus on a macro approach to the client’s skin health. The brands want to foster healthy skin, rather than attacking skin in order to achieve the desired effect. 

We also saw that in this overall macro approach to skin health that there was a strong focus on the marriage of products and devices in treatments! Dermaroller is a worldwide leader in microneedling and they produce the XCellairsPRO line of skincare. The legacy brand Dermalogica is leading the way by adding devices into their overall approach.

We were also invited to attend a class by M.A.D Skincare, DermaJEM and NanoStamp 360™ that was to train physicians and distributors on their all-new, physician-endorsed, Platinum Miami Facial! 

Hair Restoration

Over the past year, we’ve seen many of the brands that we work with begin to discuss hair restoration. M.A.D Skincare has been showcasing Keraceuticals and Celluma LED Light Therapy has a hair restoration device. IMCAS Paris 2024 was no exception. 

Literally, if we stopped to talk to everyone with hair restoration signs at their booths – we’d still be in Paris! 

Straits Research forecasts the hair care market to witness significant growth, reaching a revenue of USD 112,270.54 million by 2031, noting “Customers prefer using these products as alternatives to costly procedures like hair transplants or tattoos. This consumer preference is expected to drive the market for damage control products in the foreseeable future.”

Barry couldn’t help but try the Hair-GENTRON LED Light Therapy devices designed for the scalp. It looked so space-aged!  

Canfield Scientific Inc has a combination of technologies for hair analysis. HairMetrix, the first AI-driven non-invasive hair consultation is combined with VEOS a 3D dermatoscope. This techology combo allows you give professional level analysis.

We met Biosil, a collagen supplement that focuses on the hair restoration market. The we saw Dermapenwold, they’re focusing on hair restoration with their device and cosmeceuticals. Dermaroller has a huge push with microneedling and serums from XCellarisPRO for hair restoration.

We also attended a class with M.A.D Skincare who launched M.A.D Platinum SYNPLA Anagen Growth Factor Serum that was combined with scalp hydrodermabrasion from DermaJEM’s Anima Ares and microchanneling with NanoStamp 360™.

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Social Media Influence 

L+A attended two press conferences while at IMCAS. A major theme is the impact of social media on esthetic services and the client’s expectations. This conversation also included provider ethics. The entire conversation centered around how social media can influence what clients expect from an esthetic provider and what the provider can ethically offer the client.  

We saw a presentation on lip injections at Allergan and the presenter stated, “If a client sees something on TikTok and expects the same result, you as the provider need to manage the expectation of how many treatments it will take to achieve that result.”  You can see in the image below that the result was achieved in 2 sessions, but if the client posted on TikTok or Instagram they may not have indicated how many treatments were required.

During the press conference, there was a discussion on ethics and the use of social media by providers. The presenter outlined that providers need to ensure they are operating ethically while attempting to satisfy clients’ expectations with the results of their treatments. The presenter also cautioned providers from showcasing unattainable goals on their social media platforms. 

While you may not be providing lip injections or breast augmentations, estheticians still need to manage the expectations of clients who are seeking services for skin laxity, hyperpigmentation, and loss of volume. This is where a macro approach can help when creating an overall treatment plan! 

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Tween Skincare 

Jenni’s been following this trend on social media for months. She’s also been trying to educate parents about the phenomenon of tween skincare for a while now. She did a TikTok on the topic a month or so ago (see below). 

If you haven’t heard, there’s a huge trend of 9, 10, 11-year-old children getting involved in using advanced cosmeceuticals. They’re going to Sephora and going gaga over specific brands of skincare that have gone viral. Jenni’s been following this trend on social media.

During a press conference at IMCAS, we were blown away to find that they see tween skincare as a global trend. They also see this group as a huge opportunity market for the future of skincare. The issue at hand is to ensure that this group is getting the right skincare products for their skin. You can help your clients by educating them on what skin needs at certain stages of life. Jenni’s focus is to help parents understand what their children need and where they can get high-quality products.  The influence of social media on tweens is evident in that many established brands are now being seen as “hot”, and brand loyalty is massive. 

Top Growing Sectors 

One thing that we noticed is that the projections for the professional medical + spa skincare industry are overwhelmingly positive! Even with the theory of a pending recession, all the presenters at the IMCAS press conference showed strong projections for 2024 and even stronger projections for 2025! They showed that injectables, specifically neurotoxins, were the largest growth area. This was followed by cosmeceuticals – this is huge for the medical + spa skincare market. 

This lets us know that the customers we see every day want products! If you combine this information with the focus on a macro approach to skincare – you can see that clients want a higher quality of skin health and are willing to invest in products to achieve that goal. 

Finally, they showed that devices are another area of growth for the industry. Clients are demanding more services that are device-based. We definitely saw this at IMCAS – exhibitor after exhibitor had devices and cosmeceuticals together!  

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