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The Ultimate Physician Endorsed Medi-Spa Facial

All-new medical spa facial that is the key to skin longevity. History tells us that Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain of youth that he thought was in Saint Augustine Florida. He was obviously wrong – and what we’ve discovered is that the key to skin longevity is the all-new Platinum Miami Facial. This all-new medical spa facial provides an all-encompassing approach to treating skin. We even secured an outline of this new medi-spa facial for you! 

This medical spa facial launched in February 2024 at the Paris International Master Course on Aging Science [IMCAS] by M.A.D Skincare and DermaJEM and is being endorsed by Dr. Alberto Leguina, MD PhD. He’s a Dermatologist Master in Aesthetic Medicine and a teacher. Get the protocol for the Platinum Miami Facial.

Medi-Spa Facial Ideal For Most Recognized Skin Concerns. 

Imagine being able to provide a single treatment that will allow you to correct the multitude of skin concerns that present in your client’s skin. This medical spa facial provides an all-encompassing approach to treating skin! It works on the most recognized skin concerns the majority of your clients will bring to you!  The secret is that it combines technology and active cosmeceuticals in every step! 

Medical Spa Facial Delivers Actives with Technology in All Stages of Treatment 

Through years of research, M.A.D Skincare and DermaJEM have discovered that photodamage, early signs of aging, and clogged pores due to environmental conditions are the top skincare issues that estheticians are attempting to treat. This translated into finding a treatment that can address all these issues at once, that is how the Platinum Miami Facial was born.

This medical spa facial gives clients an immediate boost and long-term results that help to manage multiple concerns at once.  Estheticians can now treat sun damage, dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, and dehydration, all while leaving the skin renewed and glowing by delivering actives during every step of the treatment protocol from the deep manual and chemical exfoliation to the delivery of biologically superior ingredients using ultrasound and cold therapy that help to boost penetration of the synthetic placenta growth factors. 

What Dr. Alberto Leguina, MD PhD Says About Delivery Of Actives 

M.A.D Skincare and DermaJEM are proud to announce that Dr. Alberto Leguina, MD PhD.  Dermatologist Master in Aesthetic Medicine and teacher has endorsed this medi-spa facial. 


“M.A.D Skincare and DermaJEM tell us, “The Platinum Miami Facial delivers actives in all steps of the treatment protocol. Actives are delivered in both chemical peels, actives are delivered in the hydrodermabrasion via the serums and then biological superior synthetic growth factors in SYNPLA are infused with ultrasound. Finally, three forms of Hyaluronic acid and Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp Extract, also known as the “snow mushroom,” flood the skin during a cold therapy treatment.” 

Can you tell me, in your professional opinion, how the delivery of actives in multiple stages of this medical spa facial makes it more effective than other treatments?”


“The aging process is complex and involves multiple layers. When we attack the problem comprehensively we are capable of obtaining effective and long-lasting results.

First, the chemical peeling makes a chemo abrasive superficial penetration that then is potentiated by the hydrodermabrasion. The growth factors will reach the superficial and mid-dermis to exert their effects. Finally, the mask will nourish with 3 types of hyaluronic acid for a fast, medium, and slow hydration.” Dr. Alberto Leguina, MD PhD.

Medical Spa Facial

Steps Of Platinum Miami Facial 


This medi-spa facial begins with exfoliation with the application of multiple M.A.D Skincare chemical peels that deliver Vitamin C, Retinol, and Growth Factors. This is followed by Hydrodermabrasion from the DermaJEM Ares, which delivers actives via the DermaJEM Mederi Serums. 

Ultrasound Infusion + Cold Therapy 

During ultrasound infusion, the skin is flooded with some of the newest and most sophisticated cosmeceutical products on the global skincare market. The M.A.D Skincare Platinum collection offers its exclusive SYNPLA with biologically superior synthetic placenta growth factors. M.A.D Skincare offers an anti-wrinkle or brightening version of SNYPLA. This product is driven into the skin via transcellular delivery with Ultrasound from the DermaJEM Ares

What Dr. Alberto Leguina, MD PhD Says About SNYPLA Growth Factors 

“M.A.D Skincare has indicated that it has the following synthetic placenta growth factors in their M.A.D Platinum SYNPLA:



VEGF 2 types


Can you tell me how these growth factors are beneficial to the skin?


“In general, these growth factors increase the skin thickness, regeneration, vascularization, and re-epithelization.”  Dr. Alberto Leguina, MD PhD.

Medical Spa Facial

What Dr. Alberto Leguina, MD PhD Says About Ultrasound Infusion 

“DermaJEM has indicated that using the ultrasound tool on the Anima Ares to infuse the M.A.D Platinum SYNPLA helps to boost the efficacy of the synthetic placenta growth factors. 

Can you explain why you think ultrasound infusion is more effective than just applying the product?”


“Applying energy increases the penetration of the molecules as the increase in temperature opens skin channels that are not normally open. Moreover, the ultrasound waves augmentate the molecular vibrations “pushing” the growth factors to a deeper skin layer.” Dr. Alberto Leguina, MD PhD.

In order to soothe and calm the skin, the treatment calls for cold therapy during this process, the skin is given a triple dose of hyaluronic acid in the M.A.D Platinum Hydrating Facial Mask. This mask offers the skin a strong dose of hydration with three forms of hyaluronic acid, it has a unique snow mushroom extract for brightening.  The skin is treated with cold therapy, to calm, soothe and reduce inflammation. After the cold treatment as the skin begins to warm up, the skin cells are flooded with fresh blood supply to push the active ingredients from the mask into the system! 

The treatment is drawn to a conclusion with the application of M.A.D Skincare serums, moisturizers, and SPF.

Medical Spa Facial

Platinum Miami Facial Protocol

The Platinum Miami Facial is the medical spa facial that launched, in February 2024 at the Paris International Master Course on Aging Science [IMCAS] by M.A.D Skincare and DermaJEM and is being endorsed by Dr. Alberto Leguina, MD PhD. He’s a Dermatologist Master in Aesthetic Medicine and a teacher. 

This facial includes the HydroJEM™ treatment combined with chemical peels. The treatment leverages NanoStamp 360™ microchanneling and ultrasound infusion of synthetic placenta growth factors followed by cold therapy of 4 different types of hyaluronic acid.

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