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Get To Know The $4,000 VIP Celebrity Facial 

Skin by Tatum in Miami offers a $4,000 VIP Celebrity facial. Let’s get into it! It’s four hours long and incorporates four different modalities. It also includes the infusion of cutting-edge, rejuvenating products that will blow your mind! This is the brainchild of Tatum Fritts, founder of Skin By Tatum who loves using technology in her treatments

Huge thank you to The Jet Plasma Pen for sponsoring this article so that we can bring you the story of Skin By Tatum’s $4,000 VIP Celebrity Facial!

Skin by Tatum is the Feature Spa using The Jet Plasma Pen

We met Tatum Fritts, founder of Skin By Tatum through Pro Plasma Esthetic, exclusive distributors of The Jet Plasma Pen

We featured The Jet Plasma Pen in the Spring of 2023 and have enjoyed watching the device become a huge part of the medical and spa skin care industries. We were instantly obsessed with The Jet Plasma Pen because of its versatility and its effectiveness. This device offers a pain-free, zero-downtime solution to infusing products and skin rejuvenation.

Meet Tatum Fritts, founder of Skin by Tatum

Tatum began her journey in the health and wellness industry after graduating from Appalachian State University with a BS in Medical Anthropology, which in 1997 was equivalent to an alternative medicine degree. After graduation, she managed Sanctuary, a day spa in Boone, North Carolina. During her time at the spa, she fell in love with skin and decided to attend Guilford County Community College to obtain her Aesthetic license. While attending school, she was hired by Skin For Life, and she entered the trade show circuit demonstrating new technologies. After graduation, she relocated to Miami, and Florida became her sales territory. Tatum’s responsibilities grew to train doctors, nurses, and technicians on protocols and procedures.

Although she was extremely successful, Tatum didn’t feel this was her calling. Then she made the fateful decision to teach at the largest post-graduate education center for skin in the United States, The International Dermal Institute (IDI). After three years of intense study, Tatum taught all six levels of education, 48 different classes based on many different Eastern and Western modalities. After her time at IDI, Tatum became an educator for Bio-Therapeutic in 2007, the leader in Anti-Aging technology.

Today, Tatum owns an advanced skin care studio, Skin by Tatum, located in Sunset Harbour, Miami Beach, where she continues to educate her clients and help them balance skin conditions through multiple modalities. “Skin is the largest organ of the body. Skin comes from within, so to treat it you have to treat the whole system. Here’s my recipe for perfect skin: eat clean (nutrition is a must!), get regular skin treatments to keep your skin breathing & absorbing nutrients. 

Skin By Tatum on Technology in Skin Care Treatments 

The first thing we noticed when we visited Skin By Tatum was that there were many different devices in the facility. So we asked, “Have you always incorporated device technology into your skincare treatments?”  

Here’s what Tatum had to say, “Yes! The traditional European Facial that I taught during my time as an instructor at the International Dermal Institute didn’t work in Florida. This is what led me to create my own technique. I like to call it a millennium facial. European was designed in the early 1900s. Thank god for technology!”

We loved this, and asked, “Do you think that the use of device technology allows you to get better results for your clients?” Tatum told us, “Absolutely – Technology allows you to penetrate clean, healthy ingredients deeper into the skin. I don’t use any toxic ingredients. A lot of the dirty ingredients that are used in formulations  are simply to preserve them or used as a vehicle  to drive ingredients deeper into the skin.”

Skin By Tatum on The Jet Plasma Pen 

During our visit, we asked Tatum, “You incorporate the Jet Plasma by Pro Plasma Esthetic into your arsenal of devices. Can you tell our readers how you discovered The Jet Plasma Pen?” Tatum told us, “One of my product line sales representatives told me about it, and after doing a bit of investigation, I bought one in 2022.” 

We had to ask, “Can you tell our readers why you love the Jet Plasma device?” We loved Tatum’s reply, “It is a fabulous device because there is no downtime and it’s super effective. I can treat an array of conditions, layer it with other devices, and push incredible ingredients like GLOW by Tatum Exosomes into the deeper layers of the skin.”  

So we asked, “How have you seen The Jet Plasma Pen impact the skin of your clients?” Tatum told us, “It’s incredible on all acne conditions including cystic acne. The Jet Plasma Pen has the ability to go 5 mm deep which means it’s another way to access the Dermis of the skin to get to the bacteria. Its ability to create channels this deep can get much-needed ingredients/products into the deeper layers of the skin where the infection is. The Jet Plasma Pen also creates Ozone that kills the bacteria. The Jet Plasma Pen is extremely effective for treating acne. The plasma technology destroys the P.acnes bacteria (root cause of the problem), and ozone plasma sterilizes the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces sebum (oil) production by 25%.”  

The $4,000 VIP Celebrity Facial Featuring The Jet Plasma Pen

This blew us away! During the Jet Plasma Pen treatment we had at Skin By Tatum, Tatum told us about a VIP Facial, so we had to circle back on this to get our readers more information, so we asked, “You mentioned that you had two appointments in a single day that took about 8 hours total. In those treatments, you mentioned using four or five different devices and were able to charge nearly $4,000 for the treatment. Can you tell our readers about this treatment?”

The Skin By Tatum $4,000 VIP Celebrity Facial 

This treatment is for my VIP and celebrity clients like Kim Kardashian, Gabrielle Union, and Dwayne Wade. I am able to help clients who are looking to make serious improvements in the health of their skin by customizing a treatment with multiple modalities and by incorporating my Glow By Tatum Professional and Retail Products. 

Transepidermal Infusion +  Peel $350

The Jet Plasma Pen
The Jet Plasma Pen creates channels in the skin, tightens & to push exosomes deep into the skin  – $350 face $250 neck, $400 chest & $350 hands

GLOW by Tatum Pro Frozen Exosomes $1000

Exo Dry
Peptide to stimulate collagen & exosomes $1000

Face & neck- to tighten muscles $275

LED Light Therapy $245

Total = $4220

The Jet Plasma Pen Explained

Pro Plasma Esthetic is the exclusive USA distributor and was the first in the world to bring this revolutionary patented technology. The Jet Plasma Pen has quickly become one of the most popular modalities to use in the treatment room and one of the only non-invasive options for Clients that is safe for all Fitzpatrick with zero trauma to the skin, zero downtime, and zero risk or adverse reaction to Clients.

What is Jet Plasma?

Plasma is a highly charged ionized gas. It’s actually our 4th state of matter. For example, the sun is plasma, and the Jet Plasma Pen uses a cooler atmospheric temperature and, therefore, is able to penetrate through the surface of the skin without creating trauma.

The device is the original and first of its kind and is extremely effective because it contains the following:

1. CAP (COLD ATMOSPHERIC PLASMA) Cold plasma is created in short bursts.

2. Jet Plasma: uses precision technology Jet tip consumables which are like a mini micro computer with internal circuit boards that scan the skin and run several programs at once while working. The tip is advanced enough to convert plasma to a cool temperature without any use of helium or nitrogen connection.

3. Ozone plasma: when oxide nitrogen and hydrocarbons are mixed, Ozone Plasma is created.

4. The Jet Plasma Pen also has a very low-level micro-current which tightens the muscle. 

Why The Jet Plasma Pen? 

The Jet Plasma Pen is a safe, non-invasive procedure that utilizes a cooler atmospheric plasma temperature to stimulate high levels of collagen and remodel the cellular structure from the inside out. There is zero trauma to the surface of the skin, no pain, no numbing, and no downtime for the client. 

The Jet Plasma treatment is performed in a series of 3/6/ or 8 sessions and can be performed anywhere on the face, neck, or body. Sessions take approximately 15-20 min and are done at least once a week but safe enough to do every 72 hours.

The number of sessions required for each client varies, however, the company recommends a minimum of 3. 

The current condition of the skin and overall goals that the client is trying to achieve will determine how many sessions should be done. Also, how much the client would like to spend. Overall results can vary depending on age, genetics, lifestyle factors, current health, underlying condition, sun exposure, and home regimen all of which we as Jet Practitioners cannot control.

Jet plasma is used to treat sagging skin due to age, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation/melasma, scarring, stretch marks, active acne, and hair loss. 

Since ozone plasma has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, it’s able to calm and heal the surface quickly so is extremely beneficial for acne, rosacea, keratosis, eczema, psoriasis, and shingles among other skin conditions. Although the device is Class 1, many dermatology offices have added Jet for these conditions.

In addition, Jet Plasma creates micro-channels in the scalp, which trigger the body’s natural defense to promote the healing process. This prompts the release of hormones called growth factors, which stimulate new blood vessels to grow in the area. These blood vessels carry more nutrients and oxygen and contribute to new hair development which will help reverse hair loss. We have seen dramatic improvement with male and female pattern hair loss, and hair loss related to Covid with Jet Plasma. Jet Plasma will stimulate hair regrowth on its own or can be used with a hair serum immediately after.

When Jet is introduced to the skin, the cells become excited and porous allowing the channels in the skin are open for product absorption.

This can further enhance results as ingredients in professional products will be more beneficial once absorbed deeper.

We have partnered with some of the absolute BEST skincare lines as a suggestion in our training materials and have been tested with Jet Plasma.

Results last 2-4 years. They would be forever if we could stop the aging process from the day the procedure is done but as we continue to age, we continue to lose collagen and elasticity.

Jet is also a preventative for younger clients. It can slow cell necrosis to an extent which slows the aging process, stimulates collagen, and inhibits pigment to brighten.

After the treatment. No sauna, steam room, exercise, or makeup for 12 hours post-procedure. We say this since the channels are open after. They are in no way open for 12 hours, however, you give an inch, clients take a mile, so we advise this as best practice. There is no specific prep necessary to the skin prior since we are not creating trauma other than double cleansing and your client can go back to their regular skincare routine 12-24 hours after.

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