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Top Medical + Spa Skincare Technology for Spring 2024

Jet Plasma Pen, NanoStamp 360™, and Rezenerate are just three of the Top 10 Hottest Devices for Medical and Spa Skincare businesses this spring! 

If you’re looking to take your medical and spa skincare treatments to new levels adding devices and specialty tools to your practice is an absolute must. L+A has been on the move and studying the market to find cutting-edge technology that will help elevate the level of services that medical and spa skincare professionals can offer their patients.

Thanks to our Sponsors DermaJEM, Spa & Equipment, Celluma, DMK International, EpiPin, Rezenerate, 360 Aesthetic Devices, Pro Plasma Esthetic, ZAQ and Biodroga for their support so we can bring this vital information to our community of Medical + Spa Skin Care Professionals.

Our sponsors are global leaders in technology and because of that, we have first-hand knowledge of an all-new proprietary hydrodermabrasion treatment. You’ll want to learn how LED Light Therapy can work on skin, body, and hair – now for Body Contouring in your practice! We’ve also been kept up to date on a new product launch in the protocol of an infusion treatment we love. We also have an inside tip on a next-level treatment table that you must check out! 

If you love microneedling and chemical peels, we have a Guide that you’ll love! We also have the inside scoop on a post-clinical treatment tool that your patients will thank you for! 

Finally, we have the ultimate in-home care tool that your clients can use to exponentially boost your in-clinic medical and spa skincare services. 

Top 10 Medical + Spa Technology Must-Haves 

NanoStamp 360™ by 360 Aesthetic Devices

Taking microchanneling to a new level.

We helped introduce NanoStamp 360™ to the medical and spa skincare industry! We knew it was incredible and it truly is a game changer! NanoStamp 360™ is an advanced dual-modality professional skin rejuvenation device made using the best components available.

This device helps to treat aging-related issues like saggy skin, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and stretchmarks. The NanoStamp 360™ can also be used to treat thinning hair.

This industry-leading handheld device can be used with a variety of unique interchangeable microchanneling and nano infusion treatment tips. Plus, you can pair it up with the purest medical-grade serums available.

Jet Plasma Pen

Guide to DermaRoller with Peels by Biodroga

Recontouring Power Needling Treatment Guide with Combined Acids and Ultrasound. 

In this Mini Intro, Biodroga Medical Institute will demonstrate their methods of combining Mixed Acid Peels with Microneedling/Nanoneedling and Ultrasound to create high-performance treatments backed by the power of biotechnological active ingredients.  

Discover everything you would want to know about acids as we do a deep dive into the different types of Acids and our great “Mix and Match” Concept that allows the Skincare Specialist to design the perfect individualized treatment for their clients.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an industry expert! 

Download the Guide Today!

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Jet Plasma Pen

LED Light Therapy For Skin, Body + Hair, from Celluma LED Light Therapy

Literally, an LED Light Therapy device for every client. 

With the latest launch of the CONTOUR from Celluma LED Light Therapy, you can now treat the entire body using Celluma devices in your medical and spa skincare practice. Celluma LED Light Therapy is the gold standard for treatment room LED light therapy technology. You can now treat acne, aging skin, hair rejuvenation, pain management, and body contouring. 

LED Light Therapy has become a required technology in a medical + spa skincare treatment room. It’s become a modality that every advanced skincare professional uses in their treatment room to improve treatment results. It’s also an ideal standalone treatment for a list of skin and wellness issues.

The Celluma CONTOUR is the only LED device FDA-cleared to treat:

  • Body Contouring
  • Aging Skin
  • Pain Management


HydroJEM™ Treatment by DermaJEM

The Ultimate Universal Medical + Spa Skin Treatment 

The beauty of the DermaJEM HydroJEM™ Treatment is its versatility. Now, with DermaJEM’s HydroJEM™ treatment, you can perform hydrodermabrasion on virtually every client in a medical and spa skincare practice. There are a plethora of treatment options for clients. Professionals choose a treatment tip, a treatment serum, and a treatment intensity. 

Professionals then choose one of 3 levels of HydroJEM™ Treatment to be performed. The level of HydroJEM™ treatment is based on which of the DermaJEM devices you have in your treatment room. Finally, you can even choose a HydroJEM™ Treatment protocol using your favorite skincare brand. This can make incorporating HydroJEM™ Treatments into your existing treatment menu effortless. 

Jet Plasma Pen

Soothing & Hydrating Occlusive Mask from DMK International 

We love a hydrogel mask to lock in treatment products! If you’re doing any type of medical or spa skincare treatments that involve microneedling, microchanneling, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, hydrodermabrasion, nano infusion, or ultrasound, and the protocol requires the application of an advanced treatment product – you need a post treatment hydrogel mask;

The Soothing & Hydrating Occlusive Mask from DMK International is a hydrogel mask designed to allow finishing products to penetrate deeper into the skin and lock hydration in for a smoother and even more effective application.

Your patients will love the post treatment calming that this mask brings to the skin. They won’t realize it at the time of application, but when they look at their skin days and weeks after the treatment, they love the post treatment boost their skin received from the deeper penetration of active ingredients. 

Jet Plasma Pen

Epifusion Facial Featuring All-New EpiEssence Peptides by EpiStep

The Epifusion Facial by EpiStep now features the EpiEssence Peptides! This is a peptide powerhouse serum! EpiEssence has 12 different Peptides in combination with plant extracts to achieve firm, smooth, even, soothed, and protected skin! It can be used right after the EpiPin dry-channeling step or in any other facials as a booster.

The EpiFusion Facial Start Kit contains the all-new EpiEssence Peptides! You also receive – the EpiPin Pro device, ten EpiPin Tips (three Hydration, four Brightening, three Performance), ten EpiMask, one EpiEssence Hyaluron, and marketing materials, fifty flyers, and one table banner.

The EpiFusion Facial is one of our favorite treatments for a red carpet-ready glow! This treatment is one of the most unique modalities because it uses 3D-lized Hyaluronic Micro Pins and additional active ingredients at the same time!

Jet Plasma Pen

Jet Plasma Pen by Pro Plasma Esthetic 

The Jet Plasma Pen is used to treat sagging skin due to age, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation/melasma, scarring, stretch marks, active acne, and hair loss. 

Since ozone plasma has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, it’s able to calm and heal the surface quickly so is extremely beneficial for acne, rosacea, keratosis, eczema, psoriasis, and shingles among other skin conditions. 

The Jet Plasma Pen uses a cooler atmospheric temperature and, therefore, is able to penetrate through the surface of the skin without creating trauma. The Jet Plasma Pen uses CAP (COLD ATMOSPHERIC PLASMA) Cold plasma is created in short bursts. It also uses precision technology, the Jet tip consumables which are like a mini microcomputer with internal circuit boards that scan the skin and run several programs at once while working. The tip is advanced enough to convert plasma to a cool temperature without any use of helium or nitrogen connection.

The Jet Plasma Pen uses ozone plasma: when oxide nitrogen and hydrocarbons are mixed, Ozone Plasma is created. It also has a very low level microcurrent which tightens the muscle. 

Jet Plasma Pen

NanoVajacial with Reznerate

Upgrade your Vajacial to a NanoVajacial with Rezenerate

Now you can offer Reznerate’s ‘Modality Neutral’ approach in your Vajacials! Reznerate offers versatility in Nano treatments which seamlessly complements any existing protocol you have for a vajacial! Rezenerate does this in Very much in the same manner as it offers versatility in your full face treatments, eye + lip treatments, neck treatments, or hand treatments. This versatility can be achieved either via layering in a single treatment, or alternating modalities in a treatment series.

Reznerate’s goal for the NanoVajacialis to brighten pigmentation as well as prevent ingrown hairs and breakouts in the area and as always bring better results faster. Even with waxing the treatments are no-downtime. Regardless of what product line you’re using for your NanoVajacial Rezenerate is  ‘Product Neutral,’ which makes this treatment so flexible. Rezenerate will work in conjunction with your favorite serums to make them more effective. Rezenerate has a library of over 100+ esthetician-created protocols, and truly customized skin care experiences are at your fingertips.

Jet Plasma Pen

Venus Electric Medical Spa Treatment Table

Jenni has the Venus treatment table from Spa & Equipment in her treatment room and is obsessed! Effortlessly adjust the table to meet your needs. Eliminate body aches from poor posture by trying to adjust your body to a treatment table. Now you can use all of the adjustments below to make your life and job easier!

Electric Backrest Angle Adjustment
Electric Height Adjustment
Electric Seat Tilt Adjustment
Electric Leg Rest Angle Adjustment
Manual Removable Arm Rests
Manual Headrest Extension 

Spa & Equipment offers the revolutionary Venus electric treatment table/chair. The latest technology enables the table to have more fine adjustments, quiet operation, and a cleaner appearance. Fully loaded with a hand remote control as well as controls on the chair itself. The leg rest can be adjusted manually if needed. This professional facial table/chair would be great for your day spa and medical spa needs. Please watch the video to see all the features in action.

Jet Plasma Pen

Zayn 5 in 1 by ZAQ

ZAQ Zayn is the ultimate skincare solution, offering a comprehensive and personalized approach to achieving radiant and healthy skin. It is suitable for all skin types and ages, making it a versatile device for everyone’s skincare needs.

Invest in your skin’s well-being with ZAQ Zayn, the 5-in-1 skincare device that combines cutting-edge technologies for remarkable results. Take control of your skincare journey and experience the transformative power of multiple therapies in one device.

It features:

LED Light Therapy
Optional vibration therapy
Magnetic heat therapy

Jet Plasma Pen

Thanks to all of the brands listed above for sponsoring this content so that we can update our community on the latest medical and spa skincare technology. 

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