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Ultimate Universal Medical + Spa Skin Treatment 

HydroJEM™ is a phenomenon that is quite literally taking the world by storm. HydroJEM™ a new method of treating all skin types and tones. 

The HydroJEM™ Treatment 

The beauty of the DermaJEM HydroJEM™ Treatment is its versatility.  Now, with DermaJEM’s HydroJEM™ treatment, you can perform hydrodermabrasion on virtually every client in a medical and spa skincare practice. There are a plethora of treatment options for clients. Professionals choose a treatment tip, a treatment serum, and a treatment intensity. 

Professionals then choose one of 3 levels of HydroJEM™ Treatment to be performed. The level of HydroJEM™ treatment is based on which of the DermaJEM devices you have in your treatment room. Finally, you can even choose a HydroJEM™ Treatment protocol using your favorite skincare brand. This can make incorporating HydroJEM™ Treatments into your existing treatment menu effortless. 

HydroJEM™ Treatment Tip Options

Every HydroJEM™ treatment gives the medical and spa professional the option to choose the treatment tip that is most appropriate for their patient. 

Double Exfo & Double Light
Hydro diamond tips. Ideal for thicker more tolerant skin, not recommended for sensitive skin.

Ruffle wave
Traditional hydro plastic swirl tips, great for normal skin and an ideal tip for first-time hydro clients.

Spiral Deep
Made of soft silicone, perfect to offer full treatment on sensitive skin. Can be used in combination with dermaplaning. Have dual functions as they are used in every treatment to provide extractions in the T-Zone.

Scalp Renew Tip Option
DermaJEM is launching the Scalp Renew Tip, professionals will be able to use this tip to perform a HydroJEM™ Treatment on the scalp. You can purchase this tip from DermaJEM and use it on any of their HydroJEM™ devices. DermaJEM will provide scalp HydroJEM™ Treatment protocols for the scalp. They also have several protocols created using hair restoration serums with top skincare brands. 

HydroJEM™ Mederi Serum Options 

DermaJEM has created a collection of serums designed for the HydroJEM™ Treatment. The Mederi Hydro Serum Collection was curated by Founder, Elizabeth Camacho for maximum versatility.  There are six different formulations, four exfoliating options, and two infusion options

All are made by combining a variety of actives, ayurvedic herbs, and natural extracts to create combinations that would show real change in the skin.

Mederi Exfoliating Serums 

Hibiscus Fix
A mixture of Lactic, Azelaic, Malic, and Glycolic acids

Pore Sweep
Salicylic and other BHA and AHA’s 

Glycolic, Tartaric, Malic, and Mandelic acids

Delicate Mandelic
Mandelic, Lactobionic, and Maltobionic acids

Mederi Infusion Serums

Luminous Serenity
Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acids, and Essential Oils 

Youth Remedy 
Vitamin C, Herbal Extracts, and 6 Sophisticated Peptides 

 3 Choices of HydroJEM™ Treatments

HydroJEM™ Flow 

This is a single-function hydrodermabrasion device. The Flow is a great device if you already have other modalities and just want to add Hydro to your treatment menu. Perfect to create custom treatments or add-ons to your facials. Comes with a full set of hydro tips.

The Flow is ideal for hair stylists who want to perform scalp HydroJEM™ Treatments. 

HydroJEM™ Element 

The Element is the device that started DermaJEM’s hydrodermabrasion revolution. This device combines Hydrodermabrasion with Oxygen Infusion, which makes for a complete treatment in one small device. It’s perfect for an esthetician who wants to add hydrodermabrasion to their treatment offerings. Can also use oxygen as an add-on to your treatment offerings. Comes with a full set of hydrodermabrasion tips.

Oxygen Infusion 
You can infuse beneficial ingredients onto the skin using pressurized oxygen, serums, and actives, giving multiple benefits at once. Your patients will leave with added radiance – due to increased hydration and deeper penetration of actives.

This is soothing and calming and it helps to reduce redness and inflammation. Oxygen infusion physically lowers the temperature of the skin, ideal post any deeper exfoliation or treatment that causes increased inflammation. It helps to plump the skin – reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

HydroJEM™ Ares 

The Ares is DermaJEM’s best-selling hydrodermabrasion device. The Ares has options for hydrodermabrasion and dry microdermabrasion.  It’s excellent for a medical or spa professional who wants to have the option to do different kinds of exfoliation using a single device. The Ares also includes Cold therapy and Ultrasound therapy.

The Ares will also give your overall treatment menu greater versatility as you can add Microdermabrasion, Ultrasound, and Cold therapy into your facial treatments on their own.

Ultrasound Therapy
Deeply infuse products and stimulate cells. Ultrasound is high-frequency vibrations that cannot be heard by the human ear. These vibrations stimulate cells beyond the superficial layers of the skin. Ultrasound increases the permeability of the cell membrane resulting in better ingredient penetration into the deeper layers of the skin. It is perfect for penetrating any kind of serums and actives as you will get 5-7 times more absorption than without ultrasound.

Ultrasound also increases collagen production and helps increase microcirculation and Lymphatic Drainage.

Cold Therapy
The soothing Cold wand can be gently glided over the skin to help reduce redness and inflammation. When the skin is exposed to cold it experiences vasoconstriction, which reduces the amount of blood going to the affected area. When the skin returns to its normal temperature, the dilation of the blood vessels that follow cold therapy can increase circulation and bring nutrients to the skin.

By decreasing puffiness and inflammation, fluids pull back from the skin’s surface creating a vacuum-like effect. This pulls serums and actives deeper into the skin which allows them to perform better. Great over a gel or cream mask, or even over a sheet mask.

Can be a great addition to any facial treatment, not just with hydrodermabrasion.

HydroJEM™ Protocol Skincare Brand Partners

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M.A.D Platinum Collection
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Hale & Hush
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Prana SpaCeuticals
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