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Top Medical + Spa Skincare and Protocols For Spring 2024

Roccoco Botanicals, Germaine de Capuccini, BiON Skincare, Pure Pro Aesthetics, and Sorella Apothecary are among the top 10 brands that we’re showcasing in the Medical + Spa Skincare industry for Spring 2024 for their medical + spa skincare treatment protocols that will allow doctors, nurses, and estheticians to incorporate clinical cosmeceuticals into advanced treatments including: microneedling, laser resurfacing, dermaplaning, hydrodermabrasion, LED Light Therapy, and microchanneling.   

Get to know our Sponsors – FACTORFIVE, Hale & Hush, SESHA, Sorella Apothecary, Nature Pure, TiZO, Germaine De Capuccini, BiON Skincare, Germaine De Capuccini and Pure Pro Aesthetics. Their continued support allows us to bring up-to date market trends to our L+A community of Medical + Spa Skin Care Professionals!

Additionally, in our research, we’ve discovered all-new products to be used in conjunction with advanced medical + spa skincare treatments. Brands are creating more options for medical and skincare professionals who are looking for advanced products to infuse into the skin during treatments and to prescribe to clients for use at home post-treatment to aid in the recovery process and boost treatment efficacy. 

L+A Top Medical + Spa Skincare List Following Global Trend

L+A recently attended IMCAS Paris 2024 and learned about global trends during several press conferences. This is where we learned that a leading global trend emerging is that medical and spa professionals are adopting a macro approach to client care. We’re seeing this trend emerge in the U.S. market, especially in our top medical + spa skincare for Spring 2024.

Pre + Post Treatment Kit Options 

We’re seeing more and more skincare brands creating pre and post-treatment kits for their medical + spa professionals to offer clients for home care. We found “The ER Treatment for Compromised Skin” from the U.S. leader for treating sensitive skin. We were among the first to hear about an all-new “7 Day Post Treatment Kit” designed to boost the skin after advanced medical skincare treatments. 

New Products For Use In Treatment 

At L+A we’re always asking brands for updates on new products they’re offering. For Spring 2024, one of our brand sponsors sent us their remarkable Copper Peptide HA Serum for use in microchanneling! Another brand updated two potent serums designed for use in their menopause treatment. One of our brand sponsors is a global leader in sunscreen and they have two products that protect clients against UVA + UVB rays! 

5 Medical + Spa Protocols From Global Leaders 

One global leader in medical + spa skincare is launching an all-new protocol for treating hyperpigmentation in March 2024 at IECSC New York! This protocol can be used with multiple clinical infusion modalities and uses rare and exotic acids along with an advanced scientific delivery system. This protocol also comes with a recommended home care kit, truly creating a macro approach to treating your client. 

Leading our medical and spa protocols for Spring 2024 is a peach-themed treatment packed with fruit acids, enzymes, and clarifying clay designed to revitalize winter skin. This protocol is designed to brighten the skin and protect it with a high dose of potent antioxidants! 

We’re truly intrigued by the protocol for the rejuvenation of dull winter skin using Keratozyme, a novel enzyme derived from bacteria, known for its potent proteolytic action.  You don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn from this medical + spa skincare global industry leader! 

We love versatility in professional products. Having a back bar that has versatile treatment masks offers medical and spa professionals the ability to flex to any client on their treatment table. One of our go-to brand sponsors showed us two masks for Spring 2024 that they love for 3 different treatment protocols. We have all the information for you! 

Finally, one of our newer brand sponsors is the exclusive U.S. distributor of several Korean skincare brands and they’re showing us a CO2 Peeling Kit that contains active ingredients of grape acid. Just imagine this in your medical or spa skincare practice! 

Top 10 Medical + Spa Skincare Must-Haves for Spring 2024

Seaweed Mask + Mint Mask by BiON Skincare

Jenni has used both of these masks and can definitely attest to their efficacy.  

The Seaweed Mask is a fortifying, moisturizing mask that is recommended for all skin types. It all begins with natural marine extracts that contain high levels of minerals and natural vitamins.  

The Mint Mask is recommended for normal to oily and blemished skin types. It is a stimulating and effective mask that leaves the skin refreshed, cleansed, and toned.  Natural Peppermint and Menthol help to stimulate circulation and cool and soothe the skin. The anti-bacterial benefits and its ability to dissolve excess oil and open follicles make it an excellent mask for acne.

“I utilize this mask like a spot treatment! It’s great to target the t-zone, especially on tween skin!” Jenni Nagle 

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Roccoco Botanicals

7 Day Post Treatment Kit by FACTORFIVE

The 7 Day Post Treatment Kit has been supercharged for the Spring 2024 season!  

We’ve used a previous version of this kit after chemical peels and microneedling and love it. However, this is an all-new version. You have to check this out! 

Experience the future of post-treatment skincare with FACTORFIVE’s 7-Day Post Treatment Kit. Elevate your clients’ healing and rejuvenation after skincare procedures like microneedling, chemical peels, and more. This kit is meticulously crafted to address various skin concerns, featuring human stem cell growth factors for optimal skin rejuvenation. Unveil radiant and revitalized skin with FACTORFIVE.

Roccoco Botanicals

Expert Lab Pigment Therapy by Germaine de Capuccini

Stop what you’re doing!  Stop sleeping on GDC [Germaine de Capuccini] this Spanish skincare brand is hitting the medical + spa skincare market with some seriously advanced science and technology. Let go of the concept of European brands that are romantic and luxurious.  

Germaine de Capuccini has been building an arsenal of highly advanced skincare treatments that work brilliantly in a medical setting. Their use of sophisticated acids and their highly effective proprietary delivery system make this brand the perfect companion to microneedling, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, ultrasound, mesotherapy, and hydrodermabrasion! 

The all-new Expert Lab Pigment Therapy is a 3 step treatment that begins with a triple acid chemical peel and the acids are next level!  

Correction Peel is Step 1

Featuring: Lactobionic, Shikimic, and Succinic Acids!  These will work to brighten and resurface and prepare the skin to receive the holy grail of serums.

Dark Spot Complex is Step 2

You can needle this into the skin, drive it in with ultrasound or mesotherapy, you can microchannel it into the skin or just massage it into the skin. Your medical + spa skincare menu will love this! 

Featuring: GDC’s proprietary delivery system – Patented HLG Nanopolymer. It also features Tranexamic Acid, HGH + GM-CSF Factor, which are bioengineered growth factors, Niacinamide, and N-acetyl Glucosamine.

Dark Spot Mask is Step 3

This is a mask, unlike any we’ve seen be used professionally.  It is applied in an ultra-thin layer and then massaged into the skin. A second layer is mixed with SPF and applied then allowed to absorb for 15 minutes and then the client leaves with the mask and SPF on their skin.  

This mask features Niacinamide, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, Ascorbyl Glucoside, and Acetyl Hexapeptide-1.  It’s a powerhouse brightening mask! 

“I experienced this treatment and it was incredible. It was relaxing and very fast! It took about 45 minutes from beginning to end!  My skin felt like velvet after the treatment!” Barry Eichner 

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Roccoco Botanicals

The Emergency Room Treatment for Compromised Skin by Hale & Hush

Hale & Hush calls this The Trifecta! We know that it works because we’ve seen it in action.  

When skin is in crisis mode – it’s red, inflamed and irritated. When clients come to you because their skin is in such bad shape they literally have no idea what to do – this is your Emergency Room Treatment! 

“My sister-in-law came to me one day and was so upset. She pointed to her skin and showed me how red and inflamed it appeared. ‘It stings when I put water on it.’ she told me. 

I just stopped and picked up the phone and called my besties at Hale & Hush, they gave her The Trifecta!” Barry Eichner

What’s the Trifecta?  

1 Quiet Wash

Quiet  Wash gently showers skin with an expert blend of botanical extracts that combat the inflammation, irritation, itchiness, and redness common to reactive, sensitive skin and exacerbated by environmental toxins. Quiet Wash leaves skin clean, comfortable, and calmly receptive to successive products for excellent sensitivity correction results.

2 Hush Hydrate Gel

Hush Hydrate Gel is a delicate, moisturizing formula rich in botanical extracts that are not only highly antioxidant but also skilled inflammation fighters. The most remarkable extract is that of Pichia/Resveratrol Ferment Extract which targets micro-inflammation and helps to maintain the structural integrity of skin cells through the dermal epidermal junction. Hush Hydrate brings peace to aggravated skin.

3 Relief Bio-Powder 

Relief Bio-Powder is an expert blend of eight botanical extracts that makes Relief Bio-Powder a powerful dermatologist-tested sensitive skin aid.  With fast-acting abilities, it quickly rescues skin under attack from redness, irritation, and itchiness. Relief Bio-Powder also helps conceal redness and, when water is added to make a paste, becomes a soothing mask.

Roccoco Botanicals

Skin Lightening Botanical C Serum + Black Currant Vita C Serum by Nature Pure 

Nature Pure has a phenomenal menopause facial. We’ve been writing about it for years. If your medical or spa skincare business has clients in perimenopause, menopause, or post menopausal, this treatment is ideal. New for Spring 2024, Nature Pure has added two newly updated serums to this facial. 

Skin Lightening Botanical C Serum 

The intensive bio-botanical holistic skin regenerating formula works to promote cellular wellness while correcting uneven skin tone and brightening hyperpigmentation. The formula is abundant with super potent antioxidant-rich stable Vitamin C (5% Ethyl Ascorbic Acid 1% Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate), 1% Niacinamide, 2% Kojic Acid, 5% Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Azelaic Acid, Licorice Root, and Spirulina. The intensive action serum gently boosts cell turnover, promotes collagen, nourishes, balances the skin’s microbiome with the action of Kombucha, and offers a plethora of other age-defying and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Black Currant Vita C Serum

The Black Currant Vita-C Serum is an ultra-potent formula composed of densely concentrated encapsulated Vitamin C and Vitamin F (ALA and LA essential fatty acids) pearls dispersed throughout the professional strength complex enhanced with Organic Black Currant, Pomegranate, and Vitamin E. The generous dose of Resveratrol helps promote cell longevity, holistically with the action of the Soy Beauty® menopause system working to re-educate the cells back to a more youthful state.

Black Currant Vita-C Serum activates a superior rapid antioxidant age-defying process, smooths texture, brightens, and helps fortify and restore the skin’s moisture barrier, all important in the care of menopause-related skin concerns.

Roccoco Botanicals

Isov V Grape Pro Kit from Pure Pro Aesthetics 

When it comes to sophisticated skincare we love Pure Pro Aesthetics because they are the exclusive U.S distributors of several Korean Skincare brands. We’ve loved so many of the products and treatments that we’ve tried.  

We’re especially gaga over the V Grape Pro Kit  – this is a CO2 peeling kit that contains active ingredients of grape acid components specialized for lightening, AHA, BHA, and patented ingredients have a powerful antioxidant effect due to CO2 activation and improve skin tone and acne. 18% Lactic Acid, 10.5% Glycolic Acid, 5% Salicylic Acid. pH 2.5.  

If your medical or spa skincare business treats acne or clients with hyperpigmentation – this needs to become a go-to on your treatment menu.  

Roccoco Botanicals

Keratozyme Pumpkin Whip Treatment by Roccoco Botanicals 

The Keratozyme Pumpkin Whip Treatment contains a revolutionary ingredient making waves in the realm of springtime skin care – Keratozyme. This novel enzyme derived from bacteria, is known for its potent proteolytic action that effortlessly eliminates redundant cells.  Keratozyme stands out in the skin care industry for its unique ability to break down keratin, a protein that forms part of the skin structure, hair, and nails. This strong proteolytic (protein-breaking) action is what makes Keratozyme particularly effective in removing dead skin cells that accumulate over the colder months.   

This is an express treatment designed to remove excess skin cells. Biological pumpkin enzymes are applied to smooth skin texture and remove surface discoloration, leaving the skin looking fresher and brighter.  This treatment is fantastic for clients who are time-poor, need a quick pick-me-up, and/or are sensitized or contraindicated to other methods of exfoliation.

Roccoco Botanicals

Sophisticated Copper Peptide + HA Glide

SESHA is one of the leaders in medical and spa skincare with their proprietary P.E.T Delivery System!

The remarkable Copper Peptide and HA Glide is a lightweight serum designed for microneedling and is formulated with a combination of Hyaluronic Acid and nano-sized Oligo Sodium Hyaluronate.  

Copper peptides reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin by promoting collagen and elastin production. They also promote the production of glycosaminoglycans, including hyaluronic acid, which helps to repair the skin barrier.

Topical application of Copper peptides helps to restore and maintain the proper function of skin and hair growth. Copper peptides provide antioxidant-like benefits by fighting free radical assault which is caused by damage to the skin from extrinsic or intrinsic factors such as the environment or hormones.

Roccoco Botanicals

Just Peachy Spring Protocol by Sorella Apothecary

The Just Peachy Spring Protocol features the professional-only Glow Boost Stimulating Solution.  This is an ideal treatment for spring for any medical or spa skincare business. This is a fresh and vibrant treatment that features botanicals in an advanced modality treatment. Treat the skin with a perfect blend of fruit acids, enzymes, and clarifying clay. 

Allow the brightening powers of peach and Vitamin C to leave the skin glowing with high doses of antioxidants.

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn more about Sorella Apothecary and their all-new Spring facial and specialized professional-only Glow Boost Stimulating Solution.

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Roccoco Botanicals

Advanced Vitamin C & E Serum + AM Replenish by TiZO 

Whenever someone who’s around 30-35 years old asks us what they need for their skin, the answer is always the same: a good Vitamin C and some SPF every single day!  

It’s no secret that antioxidants help the skin fight off free radical damage and SPFs protect the skin against the harshest environmental factor – sun damage!  

This essential daily duo is a double dose of antioxidants! 

This is why we love the Essential Daily Duo from TiZO! They have an Advanced Vitamin C & E Serum. The powerful “antioxidants-plus” formula is designed to help firm skin and diminish the visible signs of premature aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven tone. Three potent antioxidants (Vitamin C/18% THD Ascorbate, Vitamin E, and Ferulic) work synergistically to reduce the damaging effects of Reactive Oxygen Species and limit the signs of UV damage. Pulse Bakuchiol helps diminish signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and overall photodamage without the irritating side effects of a retinol.

We love their AM Replenish Lightly Tinted SPF!  TIZO® AM Replenish Lightly Tinted is formulated with Zinc Oxide, Ceramides, and powerful Antioxidants (Vitamins C and E). Zinc Oxide protects against UV damage and Ceramides help restore the lipid layer. TIZO® AM Replenish helps prevent future UV damage and aids in the repair of existing damage resulting in long-lasting moisturization. 

Roccoco Botanicals

Thanks to all of the brands mentioned above for sponsoring this content so we are able to bring all of this vital medical and spa product and treatment information to the L+A community. 

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