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Vegas Show 3 HOT Trends – Devices + Rebranding + Customizing Treatments 

Glymed Plus Showcases All New Brand Look 

Glymed Plus wowed everyone at the 2023 IECSC in Las Vegas! They had new Mandelic products, a new look and new retail product names. We were truly impressed with the top to bottom rebrand that Glymed showcased at their Friday night reveal party at the Las Vegas IECSC. We worked as the Social Media Correspondents for the IECSC again this year and were at the Friday evening Glymed Plus event. We met with Christine Heathman, Jon McDaniel, and Sarah Robbins to review Glymed Plus’s new look!  

Another brand that showcased a new look was Glo2 Facial. The former Geneo+ device rebranded from an all-white very clinical look to a floral explosion on the show floor. 

Devices Continue To Dominate

We continue to see devices grow as a category in the professional skin care industry! There are more companies entering the market, while the existing companies are adding devices! 

We’ve seen Jet Plasma Pen, a handheld plasma device that uses a cooler atmospheric temperature, so it does not create surface trauma like traditional fibroblast plasma, continue to grow in our industry. Celluma continues to lead the LED Light Therapy market! DermaJEM had a very large and busy booth that had extensive training and demos throughout the show! 

The hand-held device leader ZAQ was on hand offering an extensive amount of devices ideal for the treatment room and for retail shelves. MedSpa Distributors was present showcasing their microcurrent and microdermabrasion devices. While Reznerate continued to showcase their NanoFacial! 

Thermoclear was on hand with their unique device that helps estheticians to treat skin imperfections. While X Formulations was showcasing their proprietary homecare system that includes an LED Light Therapy mask. 

Canfield Scientific was present showcasing their Visia Skin Analysis device. We have been getting to know Coopala Spa Equipment’s incredible assortment of spa devices and hand held tools!  

We also saw legacy brand Silhouet-Tone at the show, having a great time creating content for their social media platforms – have you seen the great things they’re doing on Instagram? 

We also met with Integrated Aesthetics to learn more about their microneedling device and training classes. We also saw other great devices in Las Vegas there was LightStim, Dermalux, HydraFacial, Procell, and MerryLaz present – giving attendees so much to choose from!

Zemits is a device manufacturing company that is making a big splash in the industry. They were rockin’ right at the main entrance of the IECSC Las Vegas and are sponsoring at The Skin Games, we’re gonna keep our eye on them!   

The Skin Care Evolution – It’s All About Customization 

One trend that we’re seeing emerge in 2023 is brands stepping outside the protocol and focusing their education on customization.

We first saw this in 2022 when two heavy hitters (Lira Clinical + M.A.D Skincare) shared their plans with us for 2023. We were with M.A.D in Paris when they launched their M.A.D Mapping concept that allows estheticians to map the clients face to customize the treatment. 

Then we learned of Lira Clinical’s plans for their 2023 Purely Clinical tour which is designed to teach estheticians to step back and ensure that they’re focusing on the overall skin health and creating a treatment plan to get the skin to its healthiest state!

We were able to visit Dermodality in Las Vegas where we learned about a concept they’ve been using for years! They teach estheticians to draw on the Dermodality Web to treat clients. They love to give estheticians control of the clients’ results. 

Education Was Strong

This year day 1 of the IECSC Las Vegas was dedicated to education and it was busy! There were many classes that had lines with 100+ attendees waiting to get into the class! Attendees and educators were all expressing their happiness with the success of the day of education.

The show floor was open for 2 days, which is different from years past. There were mixed reactions to this, so the show sent out a survey asking attendees and exhibitors if they want the show floor open all 3 days or 2 days. We’ll see what happens in 2024, the IECSC Las Vegas is slated for June 22 – 24, 2024.

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