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Invest In Learning An All-New Approach To Skin Care!

The Lira Clinical Purely Clinical Tour is the perfect way to invest in your education and grow your skill set and your business! Lira Clinical is poised to change your peel protocols and demonstrate transformative skincare treatment options. Lira Clinical’s all-new peel concept educational tour is coming to a city near you! You will learn from the Four Lira Clinical Founders in each of these eight full-day classes around the world! Expect to have your mind blown at these classes. Lira Clinical will reshape how you view chemical peels and help you provide better results for your clients. 

Learn How to Stop Stripping the Skin And Start Rebuilding It 

Transformative skincare requires more than just exfoliation, it demands a new, Purely Clinical approach. This all-new peel concept offers a new way to achieve dramatic results by pivoting away from stripping skin to rebuilding skin through sophisticated delivery systems, powerfully active and nutritive ingredients, and innovative resurfacing solutions. Learn about Lira Clinical’s Smart Peels, initiate change without instigating inflammation while promoting skin hydration, skin health, and delivering advanced results. 

Purely Clinical Re-Defines Skin Care

The Lira Clinical Purely Clinical tour will showcase an all-new skin care focus for estheticians. The skin care industry is changing dramatically and the Purely Clinical Tour educational events are an experience that will help estheticians re-learn skin care with a new millennium mind set. 

Let go of what you were taught and embrace the Purely Clinical way of thinking that allows you to go further and do more with the epidermis than ever before. 

Professional skin care is no longer about offering a singular treatment. It’s about maximizing skin health by leveraging a new generation of chemical peels that work to build rather than tear down. It’s about harnessing the power of ingredient technology that works synergistically with the skin’s own ability to heal and regenerate.

Purely Clinical embraces technology and works to bridge cosmeceuticals with services to allow professionals to achieve results that were not ever available to this industry just 10 years ago!

Open your mind – explore a new way of thinking – grow your business, expand your services and be part of the future with Purely Clinical. 

Dive into the all-new Lira Clinical professional treatment textbook that was written by the Lira Clinical founders to serve as a guide to the Purely Clinical philosophy.

What To Expect from The Lira Clinical Purely Clinical Tour

You will be amazed at what you can expect from your $350 registration fee investment for the Lira Clinical Purely Clinical Tour! You will receive a full day of education from 8 am – 6 pm!  

Don’t worry about anything; you’ll receive continental breakfast and lunch with your registration! The Lira Clinical team wants to make sure you’re ready to dive into a full day of learning! You’ll receive a Class Booklet and an Advanced Device Protocol Booklet, along with the all-new Skincare Professional Textbook: Guide to Bright, Beautiful Skin, a value of $199).

The Lira Clinical team wants you to enjoy yourself – so they’ve got a surprise gift. We can give you a hint – we were told it’s  “full-sized” – so we assume one of their amazing products! Also, the Lira Clinical team will be offering bonus savings on orders and product releases! 

Then you’ll celebrate a job well done with the Lira Clinical team at the “The Clinical Cocktail Hour”! You’ll be able to get your Skincare Professional Textbook: Guide to Bright, Beautiful Skin signed by all four Lira Clinical Founders at the autograph table! 

Lira Purely Clinical Tour

The Four Lira Clinical Founders Are The Featured Educators on Purely Clinical Tour

You will be learning the all-new peel protocols from four of the most respected skincare educators in the industry! The four Lira Clinical founders each have decades of combined experience and education!  They are all globally recognized skincare professionals who are thrilled to share their decades of collective skincare knowledge and experience with you.  

Francine Kagarakis, RMA

Metaxia Dalikas, LE

Brenda Cumming, RN, MEP-C

Anna D. Konstantin, LE

Lira Purely Clinical Tour

Special Guest Speaker at Lira Clinical Purely Clinical Tour

The Lira Clinical Founders will be joined by Zara Mansouri, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Laboratory Skin Care®, Inc.(LSC), a Silicon Valley, California-based biotech company. LSC specializes in dermal technologies such as the game-changer dermal delivery platform called Hydroxysomes®. Ms. Mansouri has over 25 years of industry experience, both as a Scientist, and a Product marketer, and has served as CEO of LSC since its founding and is the named inventor of over 100 issued and pending patent applications in the areas of dermal delivery, innovative bioactives for therapeutic and preventive dermal applications, scar treatment, and other applications.

The Eight Full-Day Lira Clinical Purely Clinical Tour Dates + Locations

Lira Clinical is known in every corner of the US and all over the world, so the team at Lira Clinical has created a global education tour with stops in every section of the country and all over the world. 

Here’s where you can find the Lira Clinical Purely Clinical Tour, don’t hesitate to Register for The City Near You!  These classes are something you don’t want to miss! 

May 1st Orange County California 

May 3rd Phoenix, Arizona

September 9-10 Australia

September 25th Chicago, IL

October 1st Trinidad + Tobago

October 5-6 Netherlands

October 18-19 United Kingdom

October 23rd Atlanta, GA

November 6th Arlington, VA

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