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Estheticians In Control with Web Concept

Dermodality skin care is steeped in education and rooted in a customization philosophy that gives estheticians control of their clients’ results.  This brand is designed for estheticians who love to create customized treatment protocols based on their clients’ skin needs.  The Dermodality Web provides estheticians with tools, a road map, education, and the confidence to direct a customized treatment plan! 

Dermodality gives YOU the CONFIDENCE to customize!

The Dermodality Web 

Dermodality gives estheticians intense education on skin anatomy and then provides education on their product ingredients and how they can impact the skin. The brand’s ultimate goal is to ensure that the skin is in its healthiest state with the proper use of Dermodality home care as well as in-office treatments to achieve maximum results.

Just as a spider’s web is intertwined with many common threads, so is the Dermodality Web. The brand believes that all products need tyrosinase inhibitors, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Dermodality’s  active and clinically proven ingredients connect them all and allow the esthetician to access the Dermodality Web and pull what they need from it for every client. 

Estheticians are taught the skills to be able to assess skin and then draw from the Dermodality Web of active retail home care and professional back bar products that they can use to customize a skin care treatment! 


Using The Dermodality Web Based On Skin Analysis and Evaluation

The Dermodality Web concept begins with a thorough client intake and skin analysis. After the esthetician examines the skin and reviews the intake form, they are able to use their vast skill set to create a customized treatment plan. The treatment plan allows the esthetician to access the Dermodality Web and select a customized peel, a customized mask, and a customized home care plan delivering maximum results and exceeding clients expectations.  

The Dermodality Web For Peel Customization

The brand has a collection of back bar products that consist of AHA “BASE1” peels, self-nutrailizing “BASE2” peels, enzyme ACCELERATORS and Retinol POWER Boosters. Dermodality has created their own proprietary process of skin-conditioning that utilizes the BASE1 peels, masks and active home care which ultimately allows every professional to take their clients to any type of treatment where intensive repair is required, if its ever needed, including the use of various modalities.The process, which has been around for over a decade, is tried and true. 

It is critical to understand skin-conditioning so one can avoid the risks associated with using chemicals especially for the higher Fitzpatrick levels. The beauty of the Dermodality skin-conditioning process is that no Fitz is ever left behind.

BASE1 peels and the “Accelerator” (their award-winning fan favorite – Natural Pumpkin & Multi-Fruit Enzyme 30%) begin the skin conditioning process. Each layer depends on the reaction of the first layer applied. 

The Custom Facial System consists of various masks and essential complexes that can, again, be customized and tailored to your clients needs during the in-office treatment. 

Retinol POWER Boosters can be used in a variety of ways. Use them during the skin-conditioning process, layer them over a BASE2 peel for an added punch or, use them alone. 

BASE2 peels are available once your clients skin is properly prepped and primed. These peels are heavy hitters so be ready! 

Don’t forget to draw from the Dermodality Web and select a group of highly active home care products to ensure that they are going to continue to elevate the health of their skin. This step may be the most important in she skin care journey as it ensures the long term success of the clients skin health and RESULTS!  

How To Draw on The Dermodality Web for Peel Customization 

The brand has a collection of peels that consist of  “Base1 Peels”, that they suggest using to start off any treatment – especially first-time clients. As the peel is allowed to process on the skin, the esthetician can assess the progress to see if they need to add and “Accelerator” their award-winning fan favorite – Natural Pumpkin & Multi-Fruit Enzyme 30%. If the skin tolerates this well, then they suggest one of the customized masks. 

Custom Facial Mask System

Then estheticians can draw from the Dermodality Web To customize a mask that will bring about the best results. There are several powdered bases that can have a variety of boosters in any number of combinations based on the desired result.

After the mask, estheticians can choose Boosters and a collection of “Base 2” Peels to apply to the skin in order to ensure they are helping clients achieve the maximum results! Remember, that every step of the treatment is predicated upon how the clients’ skin reacts! 

You can stop at any time and then draw from the Dermodality Web to select a group of home care products for the client to use to ensure that they are going to continue to elevate the health of their skin. Then, after a specific amount of time on home care, the client can be re-booked for another treatment and perhaps be taken further into the process. 


Dermodality Web Works With Advanced Modalities Dermaplaning, Microneedling

You can also draw on the uniqueness of the Dermodality Web concept to incorporate their customized peel system and home care system into your advanced modalities such as dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, and even post-microneedling treatments. The combination of high percentages of active ingredients along with their focus on anti-inflammatory ingredients, tyrosinase inhibitors, and antioxidants make Dermodality the ideal brand to use after any controlled injury modality. 


Learn The Dermodality Web Concept with a $150 Starter Kit

Dermodality is committed to their unique and highly customizable system, therefore they have created a Starter Kit of full size products that allow the esthetician to experience the back bar products for customized treatments in their treatment room as well as the favorite home care products. If you do not want to take advantage of the kit, no problem! There are no minimums or requirements to get started so estheticians have the opportunity see how the Dermodality Web works in real-time. 

Get started by registering for a Dermodality Professional account today and check out some before and afters on their Instagram.

Synergy Of Dermodality Web Home Care Collection

The Dermodality Web requires clients to use Dermodality home care in addition to the Dermodality treatments. They’ve created a collection of retail products that will blow your mind. First, Dermodality uses a higher concentration of activities in their hom ecare products than any other company. 

The ultimate goal of their home care is to stabilize the melanin in the skin. Here the symbiosis of tyrosinase inhibitors, hydrating ingredients, and anti-inflammatory ingredients brings about the most effective home care available. 


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