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3 Reasons We Love Facial Oils

4 Facial Oils Skin Care Pros Recommend

Wait… what?  Facial Oil?

Skin Care Customers:

“Sorry, no, I can’t use an oil on my face.  I have oily skin.”

“I can’t use a facial oil, I don’t want greasy skin.”

“I don’t like oils, they lay on top of my skin.”


Every Skin Care Pro:

3 Reasons To Use Facial Oils

1. Hydrate

Facial oils that contain jojoba oil can be more hydrating than other moisturizers such gels, lotions or creams.  Jojoba oil is a natural emollient so it will nourish and hydrate the skin.

2. Absorb Easily

They are absorbd by the skin because they are lipophilic [easily absorbed by lipids]. Many facial oils are very similar to human sebum so they are easily absorbed into the skin.  

3.  Balance

Because many facial oils are easily absorbed, they can have a balancing effect on the skin’s own sebum production.  Facial oils work to balance pH levels in the skin and when the pH levels are balanced, sebum production is stabalized.  

February Advice From Our Expert, “Get Great Skin: Tips To Understanding The Lipid Barrier.”

 When dealing with a condition such as acne, a lot of clients use products to dry up the oil.  They also over exfoliate the skin, stripping the skin of its lipid barrier.  

The skin then thinks it is dry and needs more hydration.  The skin forces the sebaceous glands to produce more, continuing the vicious cycle.  

It’s best to eliminate that cycle entirely!  Provide enough water and lipids into the skin and everything falls back into place! Water pushes oil up through the hair follicles to created the lipid barrier.    Read The Full Article

Alexandra Trait

Good Facial Oils Give You A Glow

First, you’re not pouring a quart of oil on the skin.  Ok, so let’s just calm down!  You need a few drops of a really delicious and beautiful facial oil in the palm of your hand that you gently massage into your skin.  The oil naturally glides over the surface of your skin.  We suggest that you gently massage your face for a few minutes.  

Take a few minutes out of your busy day and enjoy the process of your skin care application.  Smile at yourself in the mirror, say a few positive affirmations as you gently massage the oil into your skin.  The friction of the massage improves blood flow and lymph flow.  It slightly elevates the temperature of the skin and helps to unclog any congestion in the hair follicle. All of this helps the facial oil to absorb deep into the skin.

All you see is a gorgeous glow!  

If you want to find more skin care products that will help give you a glow in the winter weather, check out our Winter Skin Care Guide.  

4 Facial Oils That Give You A Glow! 

1. Midnight Bloom – KM Herbals

Midnight Bloom is blended with botanical oils high in fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to nourish depleted or dry conditions and balance out skin tone and texture. The essential oil of Rose hydrates and protects, while Chia and Pomegranate Seed Oil leave the skin with a glowing, dewy finish.

Barry used this doing research for the article 4 Ways Clean Skin Care Helps You Age Beautifully.

2.  Essential Oil of Seaweed – Repêchage

Essential Oil Of Seaweed is filled with Vitamin E and natural Seaweed oil that is skin friendly. Can be used all over the face or around delicate eye contour area.

Barry combined this facail oil with a Vitamin C Serum during his 30 Days of Repêchage


3.  LRS Face Oil – MedSpa Distributors

LRS Face Oil Replenishes the skin’s lipid barrier with sphingolipids, reducing transepidermal water loss.

4. Beauty Oil – Glymed Plus

Beauty Oil  Simple, pure and natural, Beauty Oil creates the ultimate balance for radiant, youthful skin. This lightweight, fast-acting oil is non-comedogenic and packed with age-fighting antioxidants to help reduce wrinkles and replenish critical moisture.

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Thanks to Glymed Plus, MedSpa Distributors, KM Herbals and Repêchage for sponsoring this article.  

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