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Barry Eichner’s Turning 50 Here’s 10 Go-To Products He Loves

Barry Eichner’s 50th Birthday Skin Care Tips

Barry Eichner:  “I’m 50!”

Literally everyone:  “OMG, you don’t look 50!”

But I’m 50!!!!!  

I’d Like To Thank


Regular use of:  pH balanced cleansers, Vitamin C, Peptides, SPF, jojoba oil, CBD, mandelic acid, exfoliating scrubs, at home facial massage and more masks than I can count.

Barry Eichner

Barry Eichner’s Biggest Skin Care Secret

It’s all home care!  Legit!  My skin looks so great because since I was 30 years old, I’ve used the best professional grade skin care that I could get my hands on!  It all started in 2000 when I began to use an aromatherapy line of skin care.  Ah, those where the days, when my skin produced stem cells & hyaluronic acid!

However, as I aged and my skin’s functions began to slow down, I introduced peptide-filled serums and increased my exfoliation and changed to richer moisturizers. I wanted to make sure that I was keeping that dewy, plumpness we love! Ah, mid-face volume, how I miss you.

I openly admit to using botox on my forehead so it doesn’t look like a wash board when I speak on camera.  I’ve held off on fillers for my nasal labial folds because – I know me.  I’d need $3,000 worth of filler to get the look I want and honestly, I just love shoes more than that!

Barry’s 10 Go-To Products He Loves

1. Skini Cream – PFB Vanish

Get over the shame and just rub Skini Cream on anything that jiggles.  I promise, it makes the skin look smoother and firmer.  I didn’t believe it either, but Barry Eichner is not trying to lie to you.

2.  Protective Hand Crème – KM Herbals

I’ve spent 50 years looking for the perfect hand cream. The Protective Hand Crème is that one that hydrates but doesn’t leave you too greasy.  

3.  Peptide Cleanser with PC10 – GLYMED Plus

Peptide Cleanser with PC-10 is like happiness and joy!  Washing your face with it gives you the same feeling as eating a cupcake! 

4. Vita Cura Gold – Repêchage

Serum Complex, Elixir Complex, Lifting Mask – the BIG 3!  This was my Pre-Grammy’s Get A Glow Trio!  Don’t question it – just get it!  

5. Vitamin C Reversal Serum – Circadia

Who knew liquid could feel like velvet?  This serum offers a short term love with a lil plump from hyaluronic acid and then offers long term love with Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate that’s turned into natural acid Vitamin C.

6. Wrinkle Repellent Environmental Protection Serum – California Skincare Supply

Thanks M.A.D Skincare!  I mean you had me at “Wrinkle Repellent…”!  This serum detoxifies cells and boots oxygen!  It’s been on my list for years! The photo is the pro size, but also for retail.

7. green tea vita-E moisturizer – dmSkincare

Love at first sight!  Almost like a souffle!  Hydrates and protects.  This moisturizer  is one of my favorite warm weather hydrators! 

8.  Incredible Enzymes + Hush Hydrate Mask – Hale & Hush

I had this done in a video demo by Jenni and fell in love!  This is a professional treatment enzyme   that I followed up with a soothing and cooling mask!  My friends did it with me one Sunday and they all raved about their smooth skin!

9. 5X Power Peel Face Exfoliator – HydroPeptide

Time slows down cell turn over.  Fight back with 5 times the power of mother nature!  These face pads will strip away all that life throws at you!  

10. Sunscreen – DMK

I’ve gone through countless bottles of this sunscreen!  A physical block with no gross residue, no gross odor, and no gross heavy feeling!  

There’s My Tips

These are just a short list of the remarkable products that I’ve used over the past few years!  I have other serums, moisturizers, SPFs, cleansers, home exfoliating products and body products that I’ve enjoyed using!  The whole point of this article is to offer the advice that home care is essential for great skin.  

One of my favorite memories of this past year is when an esthetician told me that he won’t take a client for a service unless they commit to buying home care!  I thought, that’s how I’d do it.  I would want my clients to get maximum results and it’s really in the home care!  

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