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5 Facial Cleansers That Won’t Strip Your Skin

5 Facial Cleansers That Won’t Strip Your Skin

“Gets your face squeaky clean!” I remember that from the 80’s commercials for skin care.  I grew up with acne and was told by, LEGIT, everyone that getting my face squeaky clean would help with my acne. Um, how about…….

Knowledge Drop: Facial Cleansers Are Crucial

For years, I was wrong!  I admit it.  I told clients – eh, don’t stress your cleanser.  OMG!  I didn’t know, I’m a child of the 80’s It’s like back in the 80’s when….

– we smoked

– didn’t use car seats for babies

– used iodine and baby oil to tan

– thought carbs were diet food

– we wore shoulder pads

We Just Didn’t Know! Facial cleansers are crucuial….

Here’s Why!

February Advice From Our Expert, “Get Great Skin: Tips To Understanding The Lipid Barrier.”

The first line of skin barrier defence

The first line of skin barrier defense is the acid mantle & microbiome.  The microflora contains the properties that prevent non resident bacteria from developing while also helping to buffer the action between acidic and alkaline chemicals.The microflora can only live in a PH of around 5.5, The acid mantle prevents toxic matter from being absorbed by the skin.   

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Alexandra Trait

Good Facial Cleansers Keep Microflora Safe

You must use a good facial cleanser that isn’t too alkaline – that’s a pH that’s much higher than the 5.5 of the skin.  When the pH is too alkaline, it strips the skin and throws it off balance and microflora can’t survive there.

When the lipid barrier is compromised, a host of problems comes into play.

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5 Facial Cleansers That Won’t Strip Your Skin! 

1. Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Cleanser – BelleCôte Paris

This perfectly balanced Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Cleanser is a luxurious cleansing milk for all skin types with a lack of moisture.

2.  Botanical Moisturizing Cleanser – Sesha Skincare

Formulated with nourishing botanical extracts, the Botanical Moisturizing Cleanser gently lifts dirt without stripping skin of natural essential emollients.

3.  Soy Beauty® Cleansing Soy Milk – Nature Pure

Cleansing Soy Milk gently sweeps away surface impurities with its creamy texture while leaving skin protected, hydrated and nourished.

4. Green Tea Nourishing Cleanser – Dawn Lorraine Skincare

Green Tea Nourishing Cleanser is an ultra creamy gentle cleanser with enzymes with scent reminiscent of Green Tea.

5. Hydrating Herbal Cleanser – Herbal Skin Solutions

Hydrating Herbal Cleanser is nutrient enriched gentle cleanser with Vitamin B5 to revitalize all skin types.

Massage In The Deliciousness

Don’t rush the wash!  Take a little time and enjoy a little luxurious massage as you cleanse!  These facial cleansers all have spectacular hydrating properties along with herbal and botanical properties.  Take the time to stimulate your skin and facial muscles and do some facial massage while you cleanse. The extra manipulation of the skin improves circulation, and lymphatic drainage.  The friction of your hands on the skin warms the skin to help liquify sebum to keep the movement through the hair follicle. It’s a win-win for your skin!

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Thanks to Herbal Skin Solutions and Nature Pure, Sesha Skincare, BelleCôte Paris, and Dawn Lorraine Skincare for sponsoring this article.  

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