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4 Ways Clean Skin Care Helps You Age Beautifully

Ways Clean Skin Care Helps You Age Beautifully

Clean skin care is a vague term.  It’s also one that we don’t throw around lightly.  It’s so important to make sure that a brand that we call “clean” is actually “clean”.  We 100% stand behind our claim that KM Herbals is clean skin care!

What Does Clean Skin Care Mean

“At its essence clean skincare is skincare free from toxins…”  School Of Natural Skincare

When we think of clean skin care, we’re looking for products that have pure, natural and non-toxic ingredients.  We want to see, ingredients that we know are grown from the earth such as plants, flowers, trees, etc.

We also want to see that the products have sustainability in mind when we look at their manufacturing, processing, packaging and distribution. Ensuring that the entire process is helping the earth.  Clean skin care comes from the earth and also gives back to the earth.

KM Herbals Embodies Clean Skin Care

KM Herbals is a sustainably focused company that makes fresh, hand crafted, small batch, botanical skin care and body care products.

Founded on a love of herbs, our planet, and community, KM Herbals is a California-grown company offering aromatherapy and botanical clean skin care products with over twenty-five years of experience producing for spa, beauty, wellness, and medical professionals. Dedicated to remaining active in their community and supporting local business, they have developed trusted relationships with family farms, independent growers, and distillers to protect the integrity of both our products and the planet. They are proud to provide our community with products handcrafted in artisanal batches and made fresh to order!

From ethically sourcing the finest organic and wild-crafted ingredients to using versatile and recyclable packaging, carpooling to the office, and reducing emissions through on-site manufacturing, we seek to build sustainable practices through actions large and small.

4 Ways Clean Skin Care Helps You Age Beautifully

1. Results Focused

Clean skin care is only as good as the results it can deliver.  Brands have found clean ingredients that are active on the skin to ensure that clients get results. You can source clean skin care products for skin care treatments then recommend clean skin care for home care that will definitely deliver.  KM Herbals Cellular Renewal Complex is a prefect example!  This delicious serum uses organic Sea Buckthorn CO2, also known as Hippophae rhamnoides which is rich in vitamins C and E, antioxidants, and Omega 7 fatty acids which delivers results.  It improves skin texture and tone!

2. Won’t Compromise Lipid Barrier

Keeping the lipid barrier in balance is essential for healthy skin.  We learned this in our February Advice From Our Experts Column, Get Gret Skin: Tips For Understanding The Lipid Barrier.  One product that can easily disrupt the delicate pH balance in the lipid barrier is a cleanser that’s too alkaline.  The KM Herbal’s Calendula Creme Cleanser is gentle on the skin and won’t disrupt the pH balance of the lipid barrier.  It nourishes the skin while removing dirt and debris.

3. Less Reactive

Finding a method of exfoliation for the skin that will not cause an irritation to a reactive or sensitive skin type is like finding a needle in a hay stack!  Luckily the KM Herbals Illuminating Facial Polish  uses granules of bamboo stem and a hint of lavender to gently exfoliate.


4. Beautiful Experience

The sensory experience of clean skin care is magical.  The fragrances of the organic and wild crafted botanicals will truly delight your senses.  The creamy textures are so cosmetically elegant, they’re a pleasure to use.  A perfect example is KM Herbals Midnight Bloom.  This facial oil gets its velvety texture from chia seed oil, pomegranate seed oil and jojoba oils.  It’s gorgeous to massage into the skin, as you enjoy the aroma of Rose, Frankincense, Sage and Rosemary.

Clean Skin Care Options In Your Spa

There are so many skin care product lines to choose from on the global market. There are very few spas or skin care businesses that only use a single product line.  Creating a diverse group of treatment and product offerings is a great strategy to grow a skin care business.  As the consumer demand for clean skin care products continues to grow, it’s a great idea to have a line of skin and body care products that are clean and beautiful to offer.

KM Herbals is the perfect option because it offers a complete clean skin care line and it offers some of the most beautiful body care products.  We have featured their bath salts in our Holiday Gift Guide and their delicious hand creme in our Pre-Holiday Beauty Tips.  This is a brand we love and one we trust!  The rich and hydrating products are ideal for winter as well as the assortment of products that we are featuring in our Winter Skin Care Guide

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