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5 Pre Holiday Beauty Tips For Your Skin Care Clients

Pre Holiday Beauty Tips Your Clients Will LOVE!

It’s that time of year when your clients are, low-key, trying to look GL-AMazing…… That’s Glamorous + Amazing at the same time!  If you do hair, make up, nails, skin care or any combination of those 4, it’s time to pull out the big guns baby, because clients are ready to strut in their holiday best!

Walkin’ Into The Party Like…..

Some Pre Holiday Beauty Tips From One Facial Junkie To Another

When it comes to rocking the holidays, it’s always best to do it with your skin looking its best!  We all know a little make up takes perfect skin to a new level.  So get a glorious, natural glow with a great skin care treatment just prior to the holidays!  Here’s one of my go-to pre holiday beauty tips….. 

Here’s A Solid Tip

Nothing will set you up to rock the catwalk between the SUV and your mother in law’s living room than a solid facial!


Head To Toe Pre Holiday Beauty Tips

Ok!  In all seriousness.  We have 5 rock solid pre holiday beauty tips that you can rely on to get yourself and clients ready for the holidays.  It’s LEGIT, head to toe prep!  It’s not just face that we’re saving.  We’re saving face and body this holiday season!  We’re here to make sure that your facial skin is glowing, but we want those lashes to flutter, we want your body to be smooth and sexy and we want to keep that manicure looking fresh!

We reached out to the long list of beauty brands that we worked for and asked for help creating a list of some unique ideas that are great for pre holiday beauty tips!  They did not disappoint!  They came back with a few “outside of the box” suggestions that we know you’ll love, because we think they’re great!  

This Week’s POP!

5 Pre Holiday Beauty Tips

#1 Get A Facial

Having glowing skin is the go-to pre holiday beauty tip!  Just make sure you have a facial that features Dawn Lorraine Skincare’s Pomegranate Firming Masque. This delicious totally organic, gluten free, dairy free and soy free masque has Argireline, Dmae, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid and Pomegranate.  It’s a firming, anti-aging, line reducing and age preventing masque that will ensure that you and your clients can face the holidays with skin that’s glowing and fresh!

#2 Get Your Rest

Nothing gives your skin a glow like a solid night’s sleep!  You can even smooth out your fine lines while you get that glowing night’s sleep with SilcSkin’s Eye Pads.  These Eye Pads are specifically designed to prevent wrinkles, bags and crepi-ness under the eyes and the crow’s feet area. Made of 100% medical grade silicone, they contain no allergy causing latex, urethanes, or adhesives.
One Pad Set per box.

#3 Hydrate & Brighten

You need to make sure you’re taking care of your body too!  Hydrate your skin and brightening your skin is a great way to make ensure you walk into every party glowing!  You can use PFB Vanish’s Lumen8 Lotion and Chromabright Duo to get your glow.  Both products feature Chromabright to even out skin tone, by banishing and dark spots left over from summer sun exposure!

#4 Protect Your Hands

It’s going to be cold and dry, in the winter, your hands are the first to show the signs of dry cracked skin!  This is not a cute look, when you’re shaking hands with everyone at holiday parties!  If you’re gonna shake hands, be sure they’re hydrated with KM Herbals Protective Hand Crème.   This rich softening crème goes on smooth without leaving a greasy finish, making it gentle enough for use on more than just your hands. Comfrey, Shea Butter, and Foraha Oil protect your skin from dryness and cracking, while Echinacea freshens and balances the skin. A favorite among gardeners, chefs, and teachers, this product is perfect for anyone constantly washing or wetting their hands.

# Refresh Your Make Up Basics

We get it, you have one mascara and one lipgloss and one brow pencil that you love and that just “work”!  But those guys are magnets for bacteria!  Use this as a reminder to ditch your 2019 daily use cosmetics and try new products and new colors!  Jenni is using the Grande Cosmetics GrandeDrama Intense Thickening Mascara with Castor Oil   Say goodbye to thin, wimpy lashes! GrandeDRAMA is an intense thickening mascara infused with castor oil to promote lush, dense looking lashes with unbeatable shine and glossiness. It’s unique, buildable formula instantly lifts, lengthens, and adds volume like never before. Designed to combat clumping, the subtle hourglass shaped brush is not overly dense, allowing you to work the formula in between lashes to individually thicken and separate each and every lash.

Enjoy The Holidays 

We hope you have a GL-AMazing holiday season!  We’re 100% confident that you and your clients will “glow” into the holiday season with confidence if you use even a few of our pre holiday beauty tips!  Just a friendly reminder that even though the sun sets at 4 pm and you’re not laying by a pool, you need to use SPF every day!  

Happy Holidays!  xo xo 

Thanks to Grande Cosmetics, KMHerbals, Dawn Lorraine Skincare, SilcSkin and PFB Vanish  for sponsoring this article.  

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