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Rest, Recharge + Reset for 2021

Wellness Reset for 2021 at Cheeca Lodge and Spa

Cheeca Lodge and Spa: the perfect place for a wellness reset for 2021.

Has 2020 played mind games with anyone else but me?

“It’s going to be an epic year!” VS “All events cancelled until further notice.”

“What a time to remember with your family.” VS “Why are you talking so loud on Zoom?”

“We’re open!” VS “We’re closed!”

You can be together but don’t touch, you can see people but not their faces, you can connect more than ever yet feel more disconnected at the same time.  How did we get here?

This year has had its ups and downs, growing pains and lessons learned, but one thing is for certain: wellness is now a non-negotiable.  It was time for a wellness reset for 2021.

Lipgloss + Aftershave is committed to wellness. We created Be Well W Barry, a dedicated column to fitness, yoga, holistic healing, bodywork, nutrition and supplements.  We even have free workouts from nationally respected personal trainers.

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Weekend Wellness Reset

As 2020 was coming to a close, I decided that a ‘ wellness reset for 2021 ‘ was necessary.  Just a few days away from the chaos that we’ve been facing for more than 9 months.

A weekend wellness reset in Islamorada, FL was the answer, and Cheeca Lodge and Spa was the place.  The resort is located in the Florida Keys, and everything is accessible outside: dining, pools, yoga, boating, water activities.  We strapped on our N95 masks and loaded up the hand sanitizer and took off.

The weekend wellness rest was crucial to checking in with my mind and my family.  Here is how I maximized the weekend.

Cheeca Lodge & Spa Review Spa
Does Your Wellness Factor Need A Wellness Reset? 4 Critical Areas.
Self Care Rituals

Wellness Rest Area 1

For me, self care typically comes in the form of skincare routines both AM and PM.  No matter how tired I may be, I always, always complete a minimum of three steps twice per day.  This was a great time to add in another form of self-care: daily yoga.

The resort offers daily yoga sessions that are the perfect way to check in with your mind and body and start your day.  Hosted by Island Flow Yoga, Lauren is not only an instructor, but a life coach as well.  She even has Zoom options available, which I take when I can from home in Margate, NJ.


Wellness Reset Area 2

Not every weekend away should be filled with late nights and over-indulgence (…now I’m not saying they shouldn’t ever happen, just not all). This weekend, I chose options that kept me fueled for the day, like smoked salmon and fresh tomato for breakfast at the outdoor oasis Atlantics Edge, and fresh fish for dinner from room service.  *Reminder: we are still in a pandemic, so outdoor dining and in-room dining were our only options, we were happy to oblige!

Treatment Solutions

Wellness Reset Area 3

Massage! You know we are die-hard spa fanatics, so no visit to Cheeca Lodge is complete without a visit to the spa.  My visit last year set the stage, and the 90 minute massage with Dennis did not disappoint once again! The facilities were closed due to Covid, but that did not impact the service.  In fact, I left just as reset as I did last year.

Rest + Recharge

Wellness Reset Area 4

Turn off social.  Turn off your laptop.  Disconnect as much as possible.  Sleep in (but don’t miss sunrise yoga!).  Lounge by the pool, take a boat ride.  Connect with the people in front of you, not those behind a screen.  That is what rest + recharge means for me.

Check out my socially distanced slideshow below!

Once again, Cheeca Lodge and Spa did not disappoint, and created even more memories in 2020!

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Want To Do Your Own Wellness Reset?

Check out Victor + Nikki Spaulding and On Wellness Reset, a Philadelphia based community organized for:

Retreat. Community. Yoga. Meditation. Goal Setting. Accountability. They’ll give you tips on your own Wellness Reset.

We love Victor and Nikki, you will too!  

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