Things We Loved: Our Review Of Cheeca Lodge and Spa

#BTS: Review of Cheeca Lodge and Spa in Islamorada, Florida

Here’s my review of the Cheeca Lodge and Spa, it always puts a new spin on my perspective when I’m receiving a spa treatment knowing that I’m writing a review.  I want to look at every detail from a spa professionals point of view…there is always something to take away!

My husband and I booked a weekend getaway…clearly, that is code for “spa day”.  We were running off to celebrate…brace yourself….my 12 year wedding anniversary.  No, I didn’t get married when I was 15, I’ve just got good genes and happen to have used good skin care since I was 16!

Situated in the Florida Keys, clearly this is a laid-back environment.  Sleeping in, lazy pool days, lingering spa experiences, and gorgeous sunsets.  The staff goes above and beyond to ensure you have everything you need at any given moment, be it a glass of champagne or a bike to ride to a local breakfast joint.

Turquoise water. Towering palms. Calm breezes. Imagine yourself whisked away to a tropical paradise where you indulge in mind, body, and spirit, as you rediscover an oasis called Cheeca Lodge & Spa. Romantic, serene, and dynamic, our Florida Keys Islamorada resort is a standard of excellence achieved by few. Be swept away by the casual elegance emanating from every detail and settle into the laid-back lifestyle of Islamorada.

Cheeca Lodge and Spa

The resort offers daily yoga sessions from 7:45 – 8:45, hosted by Island Flow Yoga.  Talk about a gorgeous “studio”; the best way to start the day.

Review of Cheeca Lodge and Spa: The Spa Experience

I booked a 90 minute Sea Breeze Massage with one of their longest standing therpaists, Dennis.  He’s been there for over 10 years…I knew I was in good hands!  I spent a few minutes in the steam room beforehand to loosen up my muscles and just relax.  The amenities are somewhat limited (steam room only), but when you have the gorgeous landscape right outside the door, you are ready to get back out and enjoy.  This was an easy treatment to include in my review of Cheeca Lodge and Spa!  I loved it.

Before your service starts, you are able to select your aromatherapy from Naturopathica (clearly I needed Chill). I am a true believer in the power of blends…it worked!  The massage was amazing.

After finishing up my massage, Liz greeted me with a glass of champagne (did I mention everywhere you turn here they are handing you champagne??) and gifted me with the most amazing bag of goodies! Between the Signature Collection Candle and Bath Salts to the Osea cleanser (a new brand for us!) and the Naturopathica travel kit, this bag was great.  The item that stuck out the most was the Wild Gigartina Algae, which you dissolve in hot water to form a gel.  This can be used for sunburns, conditioning hair and hydrating your skin!


My experience at Cheeca Lodge & Spa was amazing! Highly recommended for a solo retreat, couples getaway, and even with the kiddos! 

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