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Take The Quiz + Calculate Your 2021 Total Wellness Factor

Total Wellness Factor – Sets Your Skin Health

by Monique Waters

Calculate your Total Wellness Factor.  Here’s how you calculate your TWF.

1. Give yourself 10 points for each of the following 4 sections if you feel as though you earn the points.You can only earn the points if you see yourself already performing this area in your life. 

2. Give yourself 5 points if you have a goal for 2021 to perform this section in your life.

Scores between 20 and 40 are ideal!

Total Wellness + Self Care Rituals

Total Wellness through self-care is something I’ve learned to take very seriously.  Working 25/8 can take a toll on your body if you don’t prioritize yourself.  My three self-care rituals include: daily morning workouts before the hustle and bustle of work, exceptional daily skin care, and monthly massages (even though I miss a month at times, I make it up).  I tell everyone in the beauty industry that health is wealth, and it is mandatory to treat your temple as such.

Check out the L+A Bougie Bedtime Ritual that will make anyone feel like a million bucks!

Total Wellness + Nutrition

If I had a dollar for every time I had to tell a client their nutrition can play a huge role in skin imbalances, I’d have my own island.  Years ago, I personally noticed a drastic change in my skin when I really started taking care of it.  Washing my face 2x a day, drinking more water, cutting out dairy, and eating less processed foods.  Truly a game changer for skin. Getting advice from a registered dietician on what foods to eat to help improve your skin is so important.


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Total Wellness and Skincare Treatments

Personally, I am huge fan of Microneedling and regular skincare treatments.  I believe everyone should have the perfect balance in their skincare practice. That requires monthly treatments with their skin specialist and homecare products from a licensed professional.  In my spa, Wax Unique, we don’t offer certain facial treatments to clients who do not use homecare, as we would not be doing them justice by taking their money for a facial treatment and letting them use an $9 over the counter face wash.

I am huge proponent of client satisfaction and I want clients to see results from myself or anyone on my team. I want clients to always know their result is my result, so setting them up to have skin success in very important to me. We create programs that include treatments and home care for maximum results.

Total Wellness Requires Rest 

I cannot express myself enough on the importance of resting and recharging your body.  With the amount of stress and movements we do in a day, imagine the wear on your body.  One thing about Monique, I’m going to take that nap or go to bed, early.  I have learned that overworking myself does not lead to success.  I have said several times, that one of the many things this unfortunate pandemic should have taught everyone is that taking care of your body is no longer optional.

In fact, Jenni wrote a great article on her 2021 Wellness Reset.

Allowing your body to rest daily, at least 8 hours is more so true now, than ever.  When your body is well rested, it is able to fight for you.  If you are a business owner, you either have a team of individuals or clients who depend on your treatments and services, so it is up to you to do your best to relax and recharge when needed.  As many of you, I do a lot of business and marketing on social media.  It gets to the point when you start going down a rabbit hole.  My main secret to resting and recharging is putting my phone down.  No matter how many memes I see, it is time to rest.


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Guest Blogger – Monique Waters

After earning two degrees from the illustrious Florida A&M University, Monique set out to fulfill her vision of owning her own waxing center and facial spa. Being that Wax Unique is the first of its kind in Stuart, FL, her goal is to exceed all expectations and provide men and women a clean and comfortable environment where they can experience premiere hair removal services! 

Apart of her vision, luxury and ever evolving top-notch services will be all Wax Unique offers.Monique invites you to join us in creating the ultimate beauty experience.

About Wax Unique

Wax Unique is the first of its kind in Stuart; it’s a full body waxing and facial spa for men and women. Offering services from your head to your toes and everything in between, you name it, we can wax it.  Only the finest hard waxes are used, imported from Spain and France, using a specialty wax for more sensitive areas.

Wax Unique serves luxury, comfort and style during your fully customized wax experience. We take male and female waxing to a whole new level using the latest products and techniques for the cleanest, most comfortable and efficient waxing services.  Let’s face it, waxing gets personal. Why not have a fully personalized experience? You choose your removal area, how much or how little you want removed.

All services are performed by licensed and professional estheticians that take pride in making you feel your best, all while maintaining military standards of hygiene.  All estheticians  are experts at making clients feel at ease and comfortable talking about anything. So don’t be shy, because they’re not!


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