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Our 30 Day Review Of MAD Skincare

Barry Gets MAD For 30 Days:  review of MAD Skincare

In doing this review of MAD Skincare, I wanted to step outside of my normal “tear my skin off” mentality!  See, I’m a huge fan of peels, scrubs and resurfacing, I’m on a quest for skin that is firm and tight with few fine lines.  I began this love affair in the early 2000’s with peels and microdermabrasion and have loved the results for over a decade.

I Love MAD Skincare Peels

As I’ve gotten to know MAD Skincare, I’ve fallen in love with the benefits of their peels.  I’ve been lucky enough to be able to review MAD Skincare chemical peels on several occasions.  The results have always been very positive.  I’ve found an improvement in the tone, texture and firmness in my skin.  There are a few MAD Skincare chemical peels that I’ve used.  I love the Multi C / Retinol Peel, the Non-Resorcinol Peel, and the JENASUS Growth Factor Peel, just to name a few.  They work great on their own and can be layered to treat multiple issues in a single treatment.  


Stress Made My Skin Unhappy

The world events in March had me stressing!  The COVID-19 pandemic has placed all of us under an immense amount of stress.  I wrote an article, Stress and Skincare, which explains that stress can cause inflammation, dehydration and breakouts! None of which sounded good to me, and I definitely did not like the breakouts that started to happen after the IECSC in New York was cancelled.  


Lipgloss + Aftershave

Barry Will You Do  Review Of MAD Skincare?

It was in March right after the IECSC was cancelled that I had a chance to sit down and talk with MAD’s President, Michael Contorno. Michael was supposed to be debuting the Wheat Grass Recovery Mask with CBD, Breakout Control Charcoal Peel Off Mask, the Four Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Mask with Pumice and their Mandelic Peel 25% with CBD, but instead we did a tour of his facility and chatted about the MAD Skincare’s 4 new products. 

During this visit I was when Michael asked me to do a 30 day challenge with them and do a review of MAD Skincare.  I jumped on it, but asked if we could do something a little more delicate than I usually do because I want to give my skin some TLC in all of the chaos!  

My Delicate, Anti-Aging, Brightening, Environmental and Sun Protection Customized MAD Skincare Routine

Doing a review of MAD Skincare’s retail home care is almost like doing a review of 4 different brands.  MAD Skincare has 6 separate categories of retail products for home care that are designed to help many skin issues.  The beauty of MAD Skincare is that the different categories can work synergistically, so a client can have home care that comes from all of the categories to treat multiple skin issues at one time.  I’m proud to say that I am a candidate for 5 of the 6 categories! Almost a clean sweep!  

L+A Readers Get Private + Exclusive Savings!

MAD Skincare wants to offer all of our readers 25% off their entire MAD Skincare order now – April 30, 2020.  

This is your opportunity to try the amaizng MAD Chemical Peels,  all of the new masks they just released and the amazing Delicate line for all of your sensitive skin Rosacea cleints as we honor National Rosacea Month.

30 Days Of Home Care:  Review Of MAD Skincare

1. Delicate

Since April is National Rosaeca Month, let’s start off with my review of MAD Skincare’s Delicate products

The MAD team gave me the Delicate Skin Cleansing Gel.  We all know that when trying to treat skin that is reactive – a delicate cleanser that is gentle and has a friendly pH level is crucial!  This cleanser has Aloe Vera, Chamomile Extract and Licorice Extract.  It’s rich and delicious on the skin, fragrance-free and leaves the skin refreshed!  It’s a great everyday cleanser for me!  

Next in the line up is the Delicate Soothing Night Cream.  This fragrance-free cream is a happy medium in thickness.  Not the heavy density of ultra-rich cream, but also, just a little thicker than a lotion.  It glides on and sinks in easily and quickly.  The Aloe and Chamomile, soothe and calm while the Sodium Hyaluronate does the heavy lifting in hydrating the skin.  

The MVP of MAD Skincare’s Delicate line is the Redness Rescue!  It’s a green gel that feels refreshing on the skin.  Full of Water Lilly Extract, a proprietary soothing Peptide complex, and Oat Derived extract all work to reduce irritation and redness.  

2. Anti-Aging

Honestly, it’s a pleasure to write a review MAD Skincare’s Anti-Aging line.  I’ve used some of these products for years. 

My love affair with MAD Skincare started when I tried their Glycolic Age Diffusing Cleanser [7% Glycolic Acid].  Now, back in the day, I’d use this on the daily. But right now, it hops into my rotation at night, maybe 2 times a week.  Just to make sure, I’m getting all the gunk off!  I am using the Nourishing Cleansing Lotion nightly!  This cleanser is the epitome of a milk cleanser with a D E L I C I O U S fragrance.   Infused with Trinity Tea Complex, and natural botanicals Soapbark and Soapwart which work to make your skin clean, quenched and moist.

Everyone knows my crow’s feet haunt me, so I’m always down for an eye serum.  The Eye Transformation Serum is light weight and glides on.    Who doesn’t want to give the delicate tissue around the eyes a bust of energy from stem cells, and peptides!?  

At night I combine the Transforming Nourishing Night Cream with my Delicate Soothing Night Cream so that I can add the benefit of anti-aging stem cells and peptides to the soothing properties of the Delicate cream.  

The MVP of this line is the Just Relax Wrinkle Minimizing Serum! I have had a serum crush on this baby for years! This light weight, non-greasy, easily absorbed  serum this baby is power packed with some sophisticated ingredients:  Matrixyl 3000 , X50 Myocept, Perfection Peptide 3 , MatrixylSynthe 6  and Neodermyl!  These work at the cellular level to help minimize wrinkles by relaxing and smoothing the skin and increasing collagen production.  

3. Environmental, Brightening + Solar Protection

Ok! All 3 of these products are new to me and I’m so happy that I got to know them!  My new 50 year old self has fallen in love with toners.  Balance that skin baby! The Everyday Renewing Toner from the Environmental Line is beautiful.  Gorgeous fragrance and full of antioxidants from the TriniTea Complex and Cranberry Extract. It’s also a great anti-inflammatory because of the Arnica Extract and Calendula Flower Extract!

I’m most excited about the C4 Intensive Brightening Serum from the Brightening Line.   I’ve seen my friend Katrina of Trin Spa Skin & Wellness recommend this product to every single client that I’ve referred to her who has pigmentation issues! Katrina is an expert at treating hyperpigmenation, she won an award in The Skin Games in the Hyperpigmentation Category and she’s written an article on Hyperpigmenation for us, 4 Expert Tips For Treating Hyperpigmentation!

One of Katrina’s 4 Tips:  Vitamin C Product For Home Care!  The The C4 Intensive Brightening Serum delivers Vitamin C is an effective way to brighten skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This potent complex of four types of Vitamin C will deliver maximum results. C4 Intensiv also moisturizes and plumps, with added botanicals to nourish and soothe.

Finally, every day I use the Photo Guard SPF 30 Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer from the Solar Protection line!  

30 Days Of MAD Skincare

Here’s the routine that I’m using and that I love!


Step 1
Delicate Skin Cleansing Gel 

Step 2
Everyday Renewing Toner
(*soak a cotton round with the toner then apply to the entire area*)

 Step 3
C4 Intensive Brightening Serum  + Redness Rescue [I Cocktail them together]

 Step 4
Photo-Guard SPF 30 Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer 



Step 1
Nourishing Cleansing Lotion 
 alternate with Gylcolic Age Diffusing Cleanser

Step 2
Just Relax Wrinkle Minimizing Serum
I apply to deep focused lines ONLY, and allow for the product to absorb before moving on to the next steps

Step 3
Eye Transformation Serum 

 Step 4
Transforming Nourishing Night Cream  + Delicate Soothing Night Cream [I Cocktail them together]

Totally MAD about the way my skin looks!  

Thanks to MAD Skincare for sponsoring this article.  

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