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Stress and Skin Care: Easy Tips You Can Do At Home

Stress and Skin Care: Easy Tips You Can Do At Home


The relationship between stress and skin is it real?  I think so, let’s face it, if you’re experiencing stress, it has an impact on your body. 

Personally, I know that when I’m experiencing stress, I experience physical manifestations.  But my degree is in Business Administration, not medicine, so I decided to seek the advice of experts.  I went to the Mayo Clinic’s website to investigate the impact of stress on the body!

Mayo Clinic’s Stress Symptoms

According to a Mayo Clinic Healthy Lifestyle article there are several symptoms of stress, each having an impact on the body.

They list out common effects of stress as:

  • Headache
  • Muscle Tension Or Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep Problems
  • Anxiety
  • Sadness/Depression
  • Irritability/Anger
  • Restlessness

How Are Stress And Skin Intertwined?

In times of crisis, experiencing stress is common.  It’s important that we learn how to manage stress so that we may find a more peaceful and calm state of being.  I began to think, if the overall body is experiencing stress – what’s happening to a person’s skin when they’re stressed?  Are stress and skin related?  I assumed there were negative effects on the skin from stress, so I began digging to find some answers.

Effects of Stress On Skin

Turns out, I was right.  Here’s what I learned after some on-line detective work. 

There is a direct relationship between stress and skin, and it’s not good.   

I found an incredible article by Huffington Post, 6 Ways Stress Is Messing With Your Skin, According To Dermatologists.  

According to Huff Post, the number one impact on skin from stress is INFLAMMATION.  The article also states stress can dry out your skin and even cause skin issues to flare up from the presence of stress hormones.  If that’s not bad enough, the article also goes on to discuss that stress induced hormone production can cause increased oil production which can lead to acne breakouts!!!

Reduce Stress – Stay Fit + Stay Well

Ok, what is your first and best solution to dealing with stress and skin care? Eliminate the stress!

Our 5 Wellness Tips to Staying Fit + Staying Well offer some real life, practical tips that you can use to find some serenity and reduce your stress!  The ideal tips are #4 Soothe Anxiety and #5 Stay Active!

#4 Soothe Anxiety

Having anxiety in the body puts the entire body under stress. Alleviating that stress is vital to optimal wellness.  There are many paths to helping alleviate anxiety.  There are two that work wonders for us .  We love to use CBD and find that its calming benefits help to soothe anxiety.  Also finding time to center and relax for any type of mediation is important.

Breath Work

Breathing exercises are one of the single most important things that you can do to relax and calm the body and the mind!  Breathing in to a count of 10 and then slowly exhaling to a count of 10 is a common practice to help soothe anxiety.  You can also find help with breath work by contacting Inspire Create Manifest. 


We’ve used the Calm app for mediation.  If you have the L+A Mobile App you have FREE, exclusive access to Inspire Create Manifest’s short blog articles on Quieting The Mind and Energy Center Meditation, you can access these by downloading the L+A Mobile App, then under Education you can read the articles.

Virtual Meditation

Inspire Create Manifest also has virtual meditation sessions that you can join via Zoom.


There is much to be said about CBD and anxiety.  Here’s two that we love.  High Concentrate Wellness Supplement by Elmore Mountain and Full Spectrum CBD Oil, by Hempfield Botanicals.  

#5 Stay Active

You gotta move the body.  Regular exercise is recommended for a healthy body!  It’s no secret that we love it!  Jenni’s goes to Barre on the regular and Barry is all about the lifting!  We’re not here to tell anyone that they have to work out.  That’s a personal choice.  However, if you check with your doctor, we’re sure you’ll get a suggestion to do some type of exercise.

There’s so many options – but sometimes people don’t know where to start!  One of the best parts of the new social media world that we live in, is the growth of online training.  There are many trainers who offer online programs.  Barry worked with Fitbody  & Physique.  We’ve also featured Victor Spaulding on our site and he offers online workouts.

Tips To Dealing with Stress and Skin Care

1. Reduce Inflammation In The Skin

Nothing is more anti-inflammatory to the skin than cold!  Yes, ICE – ICE – Baby!  The CBD Ice Facial from SculptICE has the double duty anti-inflammatory impact on the skin of ICE + CBD!  We’ve used it and loved it!!! 

With the advancement in skin care technology there are so many ingredients that work to combat inflammation!  The first being CBD and Glymed Plus has a delicious facial mist that can be a welcomed addition to any home care routine.  The CBD-B3 Facial Mist is a treat to use.

If you’re looking for a way to chill out and help your skin to calm down, the Palmitoyl Tripeptide-8 in  M.A.D Skincare – Delicate Skin Calming Gel Mask will work at combatting inflammation.  Another brand famous for its impact on compromised skin is Hale & Hush, their  Hush Hydrate Gel is a staple for fighting inflammation.

Circadia has formulated a product designed for use after any type of skin resurfacing, when the skin experiences inflammation.  They created Post Peel Balm with anti-inflammatory and regenerative ingredients.

Finally, if your skin is inflamed, dust it!  That’s right!  Put on some make up – but make sure it’s Advanced Mineral Make Up!  Their  Loose Mineral Powder Foundation is naturally anti-inflammatory because of the nourishing minerals that it’s made from!

2. Hydrate Skin That Is Dry Due To Stress

Who knew that stress could dry out the skin?  We need to make sure that we’re giving the skin a big drink of water!  The dmSkincare – hydra-repair mask will do just that!  Next, HydroPeptide – Face Lift Moisturizer is a go-to for us.  Face Lift uses a powerful L22 lipid complex to increase your skin’s age-preventing defenses to the levels they were at when your skin was in its prime

There’s one product that does double duty!  Herbal Ski Solutions has Neroli Repair Oil, Delivering high-potency hydration alongside powerful inflammation fighting and antimicrobial properties, Herbal Skin Solutions’ Neroli Repair Oil will be your go-to natural aid in your acne-fighting arsenal. In addition to its richness in omegas and antioxidant activity, the unique blend of neroli and other natural oils also delivers a heavenly glow with an intoxicatingly luxurious scent.

MedSpa Distributors has an intensely hydrating Bel Mondo Cellulose Mask .  These masks pull double duty as well!  They excel as super-moisturizing components in standard facial services and as recovery aids that diminish inflammation and redness after a variety of skin resurfacing procedures.

One at home tip that you can do to reduce inflammation and increase hydration in the skin cells is to use the PICO Toner gloves from NeurotriS!  These gloves are easy to use at home and will firm, tone and tighten skin will reducing inflammation and helping your skin to hydrate!  

Finally, yes, even the guys have an amazing product that can be used to hydrate stressed out skin!  ManMask from PFB Vanish is an ideal leave on mask for after they shave! 

3. Deal With Acne Breakouts Caused By Stress

UGH!  Stressed and then breakouts – so more stress!  It’s like the never ending cycle!  If you’re experiencing increased oil production from stress, you need to get the all new Hydra Refine® Astringent Pads from Repêchage!  As a global leader in high performance skin care – Repêchage has just introduced, yet another product that we find we can’t live without!  These pads are ideal to just swipe away excess oils while refining pores to create a perfect complexion in one easy step. Hydra Refine® Astringent Pads come pre-saturated with powerful natural ingredients.  

If you’re oil production is on overdrive – be sure to keep those pores clean and clear!  BiON Research Skincare has the Follicle Clearing Lotion has effective bacterial control against P. acnes. Its ability to keep follicles clear and its anti-inflammatory benefits also make it an essential product for rosacea and acne rosacea.

Nature Pure will help you reduce your stress and your breakouts.  Relax while using their Energizing Oxygen Masque  , enriched with holistic Cannabis Sativa herbal oil enriching skin with antioxidants, omegas, and CBD, working intensively to keep skin looking youthful, firm and acne-free.  

Clean beauty expert Kim Manley, has created an Anti-Acne Facial Serum as part of her KM Herbals line of products.  This botanical serum is ideal for congested, oily conditions, this formula helps purify and balance troubled skin. It’s gentle, smooth, and lightweight, and can be used as a spot treatment or as an all-over preventative facial treatment. Infusions of Echinacea and Burdock, as well as Tea Tree and Niaouli essential oils, help to clarify congested skin and soothe irritation while Lavender and Calendula soften the appearance of scarring from past blemishes.


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