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MAD Skincare Launches 4 New Products

MAD Skincare Launches 4 New Products + Gives us VIP Access

MAD Skincare announces 4 new professional products and in order to celebrate offers Lipgloss + Aftershave a behind the scenes tour of their manufacturing facility to see how they’re made.

Barry had the opportunity to sit down with Michael, MAD’s CEO to discuss each of the new products.  They talked about each product and how they can be used in treatment.  You can watch our 22 minute Uncovering MAD Skincare to learn from Michael how the products work and then take a very rare look inside the MAD skincare manufacturing process.  

We LOVE MAD Skincare!  

We’ve featured MAD Skincare many times over the years!  Their new Wheatgrass Recovery Mask is in our Ultimate Spring Skin Care Guide!  


MAD Skincare PRO introduces Wheatgrass Mask with CBD

Say “Hello” to the Next Earthly Generation Mask.  Thank you, Mother Nature!  

MAD Skincare PRO launches Wheatgrass Recovery Mask with CBD, a combination of Wheatgrass, Irish Moss, Watercress and Cannabinoids (non-THC CBD), active ingredients rich in anti-aging, healing, anti-bacterial and detoxifying attributes, delivering healthier, younger, more nourished looking skin.

Wheatgrass, a natural detoxifier and healer, is a superior form of chlorophyll including 98 of the 102 earth elements incorporating the essential elements Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Potassium. In addition, Wheatgrass contains amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants, Vitamins A, C and B; and is remarkably high in Vitamin K. Combined with Watercress, this powerhouse combination prevents free radical damage helping slow the aging process as well as aiding in the prevention of collagen breakdown and increasing collagen production for healthier, radiant, more elastic skin.

Irish Moss presents anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, with the combination of Wheatgrass’s healing agents and CBD’s substantial skin-calming properties, is ideal for dry skin and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The masks antiseptic properties hinder acne breakouts and diminishes blemishes. CBD helps with the inflammation caused by acne and minimize concerns associated with sensitive skin and skin that is easily reactive.

MAD Skincare PRO introduces Four Fruit Enzyme Mask with Pumice

Essential Exfoliation Taken to The Next Level

MAD Skincare PRO launches Four Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Mask with Pumice, a combination of Pineapple, Blueberry, Cherry, Papaya and Pumice for the ultimate in increasing cell turnover, removing dull dead skin cells, reducing the appearance of discoloration and tackling anti-aging for younger-looking, smoother, softer skin.   

The unique four-fruit enzyme combination of Pineapple, Blueberry, Cherry and Papaya address anti-aging and skin concerns including reducing fine lines and wrinkles, minimizing pores and removes dark pigment trapped in cells, heightening the rate of cellular turnover.

The Four Fruit Enzyme Mask with Pumice contains over fifty minerals nourishing and feeding the skin and is less irritating than glycolic. Pumice gently etches the skin to improve enzyme effectiveness and exfoliation.

The perfect addition to your back bar and professional treatments, the fortifying Four Fruit Enzyme Mask with Pumice offers an alternative for clients who may be sensitive to alpha-hydroxy acids.


MAD Skincare PRO introduces Mandelic Peel 25% with CBD

Fundamental Peel Tackling Hyperpigmentation, Acne and Anti-Aging  

MAD Skincare PRO brings you M.A.D’s Mandelic Peel 25% with CBD, the first Mandelic Peel in the industry containing Cannabinoids (non-THC CBD). This unique AHA peel addresses aging, discoloration and acne concerns while delivering significant skin calming, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Mandelic Acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and a go-to ingredient when combatting anti-aging, is derived from bitter almonds but gentler. By assisting in the removal of dead skin cells, Mandelic Acid works to eliminate dull complexions and fine lines by accelerating cell turnover.  CBD assists cell reaction from releasing pro-inflammatory substances. Mandelic Acid works to strengthen collagen for firmer looking skin.

Packed with antibacterial properties, Mandelic Acid is extremely beneficial in treating acne. Acting as a regulator, it aids in normalizing sebum production, decreasing breakouts. It has been known to show benefits when treating those suffering with cystic acne.  CBD’s substantial skin-calming properties relieve inflammation caused by acne and minimize concerns associated with sensitive skin and skin that is easily reactive.

Also known for its anti-discoloration properties, Mandelic Acid helps in the treatment of Melasma, a common skin condition where a brown or greyish pigmentation develops on the face. Mandelic acid can reduce Melasma resulting in a more even complexion.

MAD Skincare PRO introduces Breakout Control Charcoal Peel Off Mask

MAD Breakout Control Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Get Ready for a Superstar of a Peel Off Mask   

MAD Skincare PRO brings you Breakout Control Charcoal Peel Off Mask, packed with a superstar ingredient in skin care: charcoal.  Combined with Willow Bark Extract and Alp Sebum in a peel-off mask leaves skin clean, fresh and radiant!

Charcoal is a much-loved, renowned ingredient in the beauty industry due to its ability to draw out toxins, dirt, and grime which can cause dull complexion, acne and blackheads. Alp Sebum, an anti-inflammatory, calms the skin and reduces the size and appearance of pores while Willow Bark Extract helps decongest skin. Toxins stick to the mask, and are pulled out when mask is peeled off, purifying and brightening skin.

A trifecta of purifying and anti-inflammatory ingredients in a peel off format that adheres to the skin, makes this an excellent mask for treating and preventing acne breakouts.  Charcoal’s purifying actives combined with Willow Bark Extract and Alp Sebum to decrease sebum production, reduce blemishes, blackheads and inflammation help say goodbye to breakouts.

 M.A.D Skincare blends the best science and nature has to offer addressing individual skin concerns, delivering maximum benefits and the most advanced, potent skin care products on the market today.

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