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Could This Be The Magic Potion Your Clients Need? 

Luxe Potion by Face It Skincare, an indie brand in the Portland, Oregon area that we discovered in 2023.  We instantly fell in love with Luxe Potion after trying it. We reached out to brand founder Genelle Holub to learn more about Luxe Potion. We loved it so much that we featured a facial in the L+A Fall Guide To Skincare Correction that features Luxe Potion, but after further research, we found out this potion has a secret. 

After speaking with Genelle, it turns out that Luxe Potion has a special secret. This product, which Genelle calls Fluffy Hyaluronic Acid, can also be used with an advanced device!  Not only will your client be able to use this product daily at home, but you can use it to take your DiamondTome treatments to new heights. 

L+A Sent Roving Report To Experience Luxe Potion 

L+A enlisted Aysia from Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics as our roving reporter and sent her on 

assignment to Rylee Beauty And Aesthetics, a local skincare business that carries the Face It Skincare collection, to have the Five Layer Face It Facial, which features Luxe Potion

“I had such a wonderful experience receiving the Face It Facial. The treatment was thoroughly explained to me, so I understood the process as well as learning about the ingredients in the products, and how they would improve my skin. The skincare had a wonderful scent and felt so luxurious, my skin felt so hydrated and smooth. It boosted my confidence in my skin, I highly recommend it!” Aysia from Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics 

This is a glowing endorsement from an esthetician who works at an advanced skincare school. We loved this review and wrote an entire article on it based on Aysia’s feedback. Check out Indie Skincare Brand Teams Up with Skincare School.

Luxe Potion Ideal For D2 DiamondTome Hydrowand

During a conversation with Genelle, she told us that the Luxe Potion can be used with the D2 DiamondTome Hydrowand. This piqued our interest even further in this indie brand. Face It is a brand that has the uniqueness of using locally sourced ingredients in Portland, OR. It’s also a brand that has a dedication to natural ingredients. Then when you add the fact that it can be used with a hugely popular line of devices – well – that’s incredible. 

Get to Know Luxe Potion 

“This product is a joy to use! Great consistency, glides on – your skin will love it!” Barry

Luxe Potion is a cloud-like fluffy substance that helps smooth skin texture, fluff skin cells from the loss of your own hyaluronic acid and promotes healthier-looking skin using plant-based ingredients.  As we age we lose it so let’s replace it!   Hyaluronic Acid is found throughout the body and is present in all tissues and fluids, serving vital functions while keeping cells hydrated.  It can hold 1,000 x its weight in moisture.  Use just 4-5 drops onto dry skin immediately after cleansing! 

Luxe Potion With D2 DiamondTome Hydrowand

We loved that Genelle told us that the Luxe Potion could be used with the D2 DiamondTome Hydrowand. Whenever an esthetician can pair an incredible product with a device, the results can be much greater!  

“The freedom to use any type of serum with the Hydro Wand allows the practitioner to enhance their services and create a truly signature skin care treatment for each client. The custom-designed Hydro Wand and its vacuum capabilities aid in deeper infusion of skin serums, allowing them to penetrate deeper levels of the skin. No other system provides as thorough exfoliation or product infusion as the Altair Diamondtome® and Hydro Wand®.” DimandTomepro.com

Thanks so Face It Skin for sponsoring this content so that we can share Luxe Potion with our community. 

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