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The Hottest Clinical Skin Care Correction This Fall

Glymed Plus, DMK, and TiZO in our top 15 Fall skin care picks that every esthetician needs to know for this fall! 

What’s In The Guide
After traveling around the world and all over the United States this year, we’ve found some very cool skincare correction peels, devices, treatments, and classes that we know you’ll love!! 

New For 2023
Advanced Intimate Brightening Class
Daily Use Correction Heroes
Correcting Peels
Correction Kits 

New For 2023

We love a launch! We have become the go-to source for brands to showcase their product launches. We were thrilled to be invited to the launch event in Las Vegas for Glymed Plus where they were showcasing their total re-brand and launch of 2 new products. We saw a trend happening after we received content for the Digital Download from BiON on their new products for 2023! 

When we were in Portland, OR at Spectrum Advanced Education, we met Genelle from Face It Skincare who is announcing a nationwide launch of custom-curated skincare products from the lush landscape of the Pacific Northwest with the Face It Kombucha Oregon Grape Peel.

Glymed Plus

An Advanced Intimate Brightening Protocol Class

Intimate brightening is one of the hottest categories in the professional skincare space. If you’ve wanted to learn more about intimate brightening, we found a class with the Most Advanced Protocol on the Market from Dermaesthetics, this advanced class on intimate brightening that you will not want to miss!  

We’re kind of obsessed with this topic, we’ve been talking about it since we started, when we featured the Intimate Brite Peel System!  

glymed plus

Treatment + Home Care Correction Kits

When it comes to correcting skin care issues, it’s always a multifaceted approach. We love when brands see that and offer estheticians a solution that is easy for them to implement. We see kits as a great go-to option. We found an Acne Treatment Kit that you’ll LOVE! A kit with advanced serums and infusion device. A Treatment Recovery kit that is a trio of products designed to kick start the post treatment healing process. Finally, we found a home care kit complete with a peptide bomb + derma roller, masks, and serums! 

Glymed Plus

Daily Use Correction Heroes

If clients want to see major changes in their skin we have 4 letters for them.  S P F C.  That stands for SPF and Vitamin C! Daily use of antioxidants and sun protection will do so much to improve the skin! We can’t stress this enough and we found the Perfect Home Care C+SPF Duo to recommend! 

We’ve been talking about nutrition and supplements for years! What you put in your body comes through to your skin! We found a daily supplement that we’ve been taking and know it works! 

Glymed Plus

Correcting Peels

The holy grail of skin care correction are correcting peels and in our travels throughout the country this year – we found 5 that we know you’ll absolutely want to have in your treatment room! First, we found a six-layer peel, so intense it requires pre-peel home care, and several post peel treatments! Then we found a brand that has a hybrid collection of peels that you can mix and match on your clients’ skin. We have an organic peel facial protocol that you’ll fall in love with! Jenni’s new favorite peel has gold in it and is fit for a Princess! Finally, one of our go-to international brands introduced us to a peel that you pinch into the skin

Glymed Plus

This Fall’s Top 15 Skin Care Correction Picks

Resurfacing Treatment Recovery Trio – Advanced Mineral Makeup

After any correction treatment such as – chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and even microneedling, the skin has a slight erythema. This is always anticipated, but can leave a client looking a little “unfinished”. 

Advanced Mineral Makeup’s Resurfacing Treatment Recovery Trio – allows clients to leave looking GORGEOUS! A nourishing, restorative, finishing pressed powder. A little mascara to make their eyes pop and a little touch of lipgloss to give their lips a shine. 

We beg you to let go of the “no makeup” philosophy in your skincare business. It’s simply not practical in the age of high-quality makeup with sophisticated ingredient technology that’s available today!  Have your clients leave looking GORGEOUS! A nourishing, restorative, finishing pressed powder. A little mascara to make their eyes pop and a little touch of lipgloss to give their lips a shine. 

glymed plus

Mandelic Trio – BiON

Blast hyperpigmentation with this treatment and home care trio of products. We all know that Mandlelic Acid is one of the most universal acids in the skin care industry! 

Now you can incorporate BiON’s Mandelic Acid Exfoliator 30% into your skincare treatment room and treat hyperpigmentation on virtually every skin type and Fitzpatrick. Including mandelic acid in acne treatment has been shown to reduce sebum production, dead skin cell buildup, inflammation, and bacteria. The results can be helpful in reducing acne breakouts on the skin. BiON has included niacinamide, azelaic acid, and lactic acid in this product to further improve acne control and skin lightening. A powerful combination of quality acids to assure excellent results.

You can offer your client Mandelic Toner Pads and a Mandelic Serum for their home care. The Mandelic Toner Pads are a treat for the skin with Mandelic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Niacinamide, Lactic Acid, Sodium PCA, Orange peel oil, Lemongrass oil, Sunflower seed oil.

The Mandelic Serum is available in 8% and the Mandelic Serum 15% has antibacterial properties, regulates sebum production to help prevent the recurrence of acne outbreaks, clears pores, exfoliates, and increases cell turnover. It is very beneficial in treating acne, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in mature skin, and diminishing pigmentation issues.

gymed plus

Radiant Renewal Facial  – Dawn Lorraine 

This Radiant Renewal Facial Protocol features the Lemon Pumpkin Peel and Lemon Acai Lightening Masque! 

This incredible facial features two of Dawn Lorraine’s most effective brightening professional-only products. This treatment is perfect for fall for two reasons. First, it’s ideal to help tackle hyperpigmentation and brighten the skin! Second, did we mention PUMPKIN! The Lemon Pumpkin Peel smells absolutely amazing! We’ve used both the peel and the masque and love them both!

The Lemon Pumpkin Peel is Professional Use only and a 2022 L+A Editor’s Fav. It’s got a pH of 3.5 and features Pumpkin & Papaya Enzymes, Glycolic Acid, Organic Sugar Cane / Fruit Acids, Ferulic Acid, and Lemon.

The Lemon Acai Lightening Masque is a  dynamic masque that features: Turmeric, Lemon, Goat Milk, Kojic Acid, Willow Bark, Glycolic / Malic / Tartaric /Citric Acid and Papaya + Pineapple Enzyme.  

glymed plus

Intimate & Body Skin Discoloration Correction – Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills

This class is on the most advanced intimate brightening protocol on the market! 

This is not your typical “skin lightening or bleaching” treatment – the Intimate & Body Skin Discoloration Correction is designed to show you how to perform this advanced protocol. Learn how to effectively identify, diagnose and treat various types of hyperpigmentation. Fully understand and explore the causes such as the darkening of intimate areas, age spots, sun spots, melasma, discoloration of the joints and arms, hyperpigmentation caused by acne, and uneven skin tone on the body. Effectively treat and understand related contraindications and how to provide proper post-care/home-care needs for your clients.

Treatment Kit Included With Class 

The class comes with the Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills treatment kit, which includes twelve products that will complete about 30 – 40 treatments!  You’ll be given all the product information when you take the class. You can learn more about the one home care product in the kit – Dark Spot Clearer. 

glymed plus

Hybrid Peel Collection Dermodality

The Hybrid Peel Collection is part of the Dermodality Web. Dermodality skin care is steeped in education and rooted in a customization philosophy and is designed for estheticians who love to create customized treatment protocols based on their clients’ skin needs.  The Dermodality Web provides estheticians with tools, a road map, education, and the confidence to direct a customized treatment plan!  The Hybrid Peel Collection is at the center of the Web! 

The Hybrid Peel Collection suggests all clients begin with the same base peel. Then estheticians can observe the skin and communicate with the client to draw off of the different levels of peels and boosters to continue the treatment.  This dynamic and unique Hybrid Collection puts the esthetician in control. They’re not following a strict peel protocol – rather they are using their skills and knowledge to make the peels work for their clients!  

Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel – DMK International

DMK is not a peel company, their philosophy is focused on rebuilding the skin from within and creating homeostasis. However, there are certain instances where they do add peels into someone’s customized DMK Program to maximize the revision process. 

DMK Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel is for the client who is looking to speed up their results in a shorter amount of time. It can be equivalent to 6 enzyme treatments in 10 days when performed properly. The soonest we would ever do a peel on someone would be after 2 enzyme treatments. 

The Peel Process 

10-14 Days Prior To Peel 

Client will need to alternate with Super Brite, a melanin inhibitor, and Revitosin, a Vitamin A Blend, nightly. As well as take 2 DMK EFA in the morning and 2 DMK EFA in the evening. 

Day 1 + Day 2

For peel application and then come back on Day 2 for a check in and possibly another application of the peel solution. Every skin is different. 

Day 5 + Day 10 

Client will come back on day 5 and day 10 for a DMK Lift Off Treatment- this is an enzyme treatment mixed with an activator called Desquamate. This is quite honestly the most important part of the peeling process and what makes our peels different from others. The enzyme treatment will instigate fresh oxygenated blood flow and increase circulation in the skin as well as stimulating fibroblast cell activity. 

High Maintenance Facial Featuring Kombucha Oregon Grape Peel  – Face It Skincare 

We’re thrilled to be showcasing the National Launch of Face It Professional Skincare!

This is an indie brand from Portland Oregon born in a skincare studio by Master Esthetician Genelle Holub.  

The High Maintenance Facial is jam-packed with Dermaplaning, Hydrodermabrasion, and LED Light Therapy! Genelle loves to incorporate multiple modalities into her protocols in order to achieve maximum effectiveness! You can now learn how to use the Face It brand of custom-curated products created by Genelle! She crafted the brand’s extensive line from locally sourced ingredients found in the lush landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

The Face It Products 

This incredible treatment incorporates two of Face It’s LUXE-urious products the Luxe Potion and the Luxe Serum

The Luxe Serum is full of delicious, nourishing facial oils and pure essential oils that your clients’ skin will love! The Luxe Potion is an antioxidant, essential oil-drenched hyaluronic acid serum that you will just fall in love with! 

Professional-Only Products 

The two professional-only products in this protocol are the Vit C Cocktail and the Kombucha Oregon Grape peel.  Have you ever heard of a Kombucha peel? No, right? 

glymed plus

The Summer Peel. A Peel You Pinch Into Trouble Spots  – Germaine de Capuccini

The team at Germaine de Capuccini have done it again! They’ve created a truly unique treatment they call the Summer Peel. This peel is a combination of acids to ensure you receive maximum results. 

Two Part Peel

The two peels in The Summer Peel are part of their Expert Lab Series. It’s their AOX System peel that is comprised of two different products. The AOX System Bionic Peel and the AOX System Ferulic Peel  

Fan Brush First – Pinch The Second

The AOX System Bionic Peel is applied with a fan brush for 1 – 2 layers and just leaves in place until dry. 

The AOX System Ferulic Peel is applied with fingers. Estheticians are instructed to work the peel into areas with wrinkles with stimulating movements and pinching. 

glymed plus

New Mandelic Products: Idyllic Cleanser Radiant Serum –  Glymed

We’ve loved Glymed for years and we’re thrilled to share their two new products that they launched in Las Vegas at IECSC!   Glymed did a total rebrand and also introduce the Idyllic Cleanser with 3% Mandelic Acid and Radiant Serum with 1% Mandelic Acid. 

We’ve been using the the Idyllic Cleanser and love it. It’s a light, fragrance-free cleanser that foams beautifully without leaving skin feeling tight or stripped. It’s the ideal start to active homecare and offers gentle exfoliation for compromised skin – acne, rosacea, and psoriasis. Plus, it is safe to use all year! 

We’ve also had the chance to use the Radiant Serum – this is a great serum.  Clear and super lightweight, it’s hydrating, and anti-aging. Radiant Serum exfoliates the skin gently and brightens the overall tone of your skin. Radiant Serum leaves the skin silky smooth, while it reduces the appearance of fine lines, protects against free radical damage, and prevents acne by decreasing dead skin buildup.

glymed plus

Vegan Collagen Booster Gummies – Grande Cosmetics

Alica Grande, founder of Grande Cosmetics has always had a passion for supplements and nutrition. After building a worldwide cosmetic brand, she decided to honor her roots and offer a selection of gummies that can improve overall wellness. We love all of her gummies, but her Vegan Collagen Gummies are the perfect supplement for hair, skin, and nails. 

No need to rely on animal-derived collagen for beauty benefits! These smart, self-sufficient gummies are powered by a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids to provide the raw materials needed to support natural collagen production*. Plus, this citrus-flavored goodness is also filled with biotin, folic acid, & zinc to enhance follicle health* for total hair, lash, and brow rejuvenation. Initial results can be seen in 45 days with full results in 3 months. Results will vary from person to person.

glymed plus

Peptide Bomb Home Routine Kit  – Maskād

This kit works well with all of the home care you already have your clients using.

We’re obsessed with the Peptide Bomb from Maskād, we’ve used it for years and the science behind it is staggering! It’s part of The Maskād® Routine kit.  This kit contains everything your clients will need to achieve hydrated, beautiful, and youthful skin easily in as little as 20-30 minutes, 2-3 nights per week. This system perfectly complements your existing skin care regimen. Featuring 1 oz Hydrating Serum, 2 oz Anti-Aging Serum, Derma Roller, and 4 Hydrogel Infusion Face Masks.  

Together they work to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce imperfections, hydrate skin, and leave you with a bright and smooth finish.

These gentle formulas and products don’t strip or dry the skin making them great for people of all ages and skin types. Appropriate for people of all ages.

glymed plus

The Princess Peel  – Pure Pro Aesthetics 

You should know Jenni fell in love with this peel. She did the peel on her husband first and thought the delivery of the beautiful product was so effective. Estheticians manually work the peel into the skin.  

The Princess Peel is unlike your traditional AHA/BHA chemical peels. 

Gold micro-needles derived from marine organisms penetrate deeper into the skin without injury. A premium filling solution that activates the regeneration mechanism through micro-stimulation. 

Microcrystalline needles inhibit oxidation of the skin to help collagen biosynthesis. It increases collagen and elastin levels to improve wrinkles and elasticity. The ionizing action of pure gold (99.9%) purifies the skin by releasing toxins from the pores. It minimizes damage caused by ultraviolet rays, inhibits the activity of melanocytes, and prevents pigmentation

glymed plus

The 4-Step Nano-tip Facial – Sesha 

Double Duty Delivery! That’s what this facial provides! It combines the patented P.E.T Sesha Delivery System with the added infusion of the Nano-Tip MesoBotanica Pen. 

You will see immediate results after one treatment of SESHA MesoBotanica 4-Step Nano-tip Facial Protocol. We have carefully designed a protocol to ensure the client receives an enhanced version of a traditional facial with faster and better results. Significant results can be seen after 5-6 treatments spaced two weeks apart.

You will receive a complete kit that will allow you to perform the treatment on clients. There are professional-only products that you will use in the treatment and infuse with the  MesoBotanica Pen. 

SESHA skin care brand is based on the scientific breakthrough delivery system (Permeation Enhancement Technology) with high-quality active ingredients.

glymed plus

Essential Daily Duo – TiZO

Whenever someone who’s around 30-35 year old asks us what they need for their skin, the answer is always the same.  A good Vitamin C and some SPF every single day!  

It’s no secret that antioxidants help the skin fight off free radical damage and SPFs protect the skin against the harshest environmental factor – sun damage!  

The Essential Daily Duo is a double dose of antioxidants! 

This is why we love the Essential Daily Duo from TiZO!  They have an Advanced Vitamin C & E Serum. The powerful “antioxidants-plus” formula is designed to help firm skin and diminish the visible signs of premature aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven tone. Three potent antioxidants (Vitamin C/18% THD Ascorbate, Vitamin E, and Ferulic) work synergistically to reduce the damaging effects of Reactive Oxygen Species and limit the signs of UV damage. Pulse Bakuchiol helps diminish signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and overall photodamage without the irritating side effects of a retinol.

We love their AM Replenish Non-Tinted SPF!  Formulated with Zinc Oxide, Ceramides, and powerful Antioxidants (Vitamins C and E). Zinc Oxide protects against UV damage and Ceramides help restore the lipid layer. TIZO® AM Replenish helps prevent future UV damage and aids in the repair of existing damage resulting in long-lasting moisturization. 

These two products together will be a great combo for those clients in their late 20’s and early 30’s! 

glymed plus

XF Post Care Method Kit with XF LED Mask – X Formulations 

We met Julie, the owner of X Formulations on Instagram! She started to engage with us at the beginning of 2023 and by the time we met her in Las Vegas at IECSC, we were in love! She’s a dynamic educator and has created a line of products that get great results. 

Julie shared with us her passion for helping clients improve their skin and shared her post-care method. We love that she has an entire program that is laid out for clients. These products help repair skin and correct skin issues. Her before and afters show improvements with acne, and scarring! 

The post-care method was created by Julie Grosso in 2015. In order to repair the skin at a rapid rate, to reduce inflammation, to hydrate and boost collagen, you must use the post-care method. The post-care method is a three-step daily skin care regimen with frequent usage of masks, the red light therapy mask, the hyaluronic, peptide mask, and the biocellulose mask.

The Before and After Pics Speak For Themselves

The XF Post Care Method Kit includes the Calming Cleanser, HA Hydrator, 3 Biocellulose masks, Hyaluronic Peptide Mask + red light therapy mask + spf30, a headband, wristbands for cleansing, and an ice pack to reduce inflammation and puffiness. 

glymed plus

Thanks to the brands listed in this article for sponsoring this content so we can bring this valuable information to our community. 

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