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Indie Skincare Brand Teams Up With Skincare School

Face It Skincare is an indie brand in the Portland, Oregon area that L+A discovered while visiting Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics in 2023.  We instantly fell in love with Face It Skincare and wanted to learn more about them so we reached out to brand founder Genelle Holub to learn more about the brand and her plans for its future! It was in the L+A Fall Guide To Skincare Correction that Genelle announced the nationwide launch of Face It Skincare!

We tried the products and we became hooked and wanted to make sure that we told you as much about this brand as possible!  Then we got a lightbulb idea – since we love the team at Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics so much – AND – they’re a highly respected school – why not ask them to go and investigate on our behalf? When we reached out to Mary Nielsen at Spectrum, she told us that she loves Face It Skincare and is using them more in her school.  

It was then that we knew our idea to have someone from Spectrum be our roving reporter in Portland – would become a reality!  We pitched the idea to Mary and she emphatically agreed!  Mary assigned Aysia Low to be the L+A Roving Reporter.

Aysia From Spectrum Visited Rylee Beauty And Aesthetics 

Aysia’s assignment was to go to Rylee Beauty And Aesthetics, a local skincare business that carries the Face It Skincare collection to have the Five Layer Face It Facial. 

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Aysia’s Experience with The Face It Four Layer Lift

I had such a wonderful experience receiving the Face It Facial. The treatment was thoroughly explained to me, so I understood the process as well as learned about the ingredients in the products, and how they would improve my skin. The skincare had a wonderful scent and felt so luxurious, my skin felt so hydrated and smooth. It boosted my confidence in my skin, and I highly recommend it!

Rylee Guillory of Rylee Beauty And Aesthetics on Face It Skincare 

We spoke with Rylee and asked her why she chose Face It Skincare

“I chose  Face It skincare because it’s a local, aesthetician-owned business! Being a small business owner myself, I love supporting other small businesses. !  Additionally, the products are just incredible, they have healthy, natural, and organic ingredients! You can’t get much better than that.” Rylee Guillory

DMK-Danné Montague-King Co.

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We asked her what it’s like to work with Genelle at Face It Skincare

“Working with Genelle has been phenomenal! She is so helpful and continues to teach me new things every time I speak to her or I’m working with her. She has been my mentor and a huge part of my growth in the aesthetics industry. Genelle has helped me immensely grow in my business. She has also helped educate me on products, ingredients, services, and so much more.” Rylee Guillory

We asked what clients have to say about the Face It Five Layer Lift? 

“Clients love the Five Layer Facelift because they can get an effective chemical peel without all the downtime you would typically have with other peels. you also get that immediate glow after the peel, which makes clients very happy.” Rylee Guillory

Then we asked the impossible question –  we asked what her favorite Face It retail product was.

“I have plenty of favorites from Face It Skin, but my top favorite would have to be the Rose Glow Balm. Not only does it leave the skin glowing, but the skin feels truly enriched and hydrated. It is my absolute favorite moisturizer. It’s also a great way to prep the skin before makeup and can be mixed with tinted sunscreens, self-tanner, etc.” Rylee Guillory

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