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10 Expert Tips To Keeping Oily Skin Clean + Clear

Manage Oily Skin with Kindness Not Aggression

Myths on how to treat oily skin usually involve aggressive, abrasive, desiccating products that actually harm the skin. There’s no need to destroy oily skin in order to keep it clean and clear! 

Can we all agree that oily skin is not “bad” skin and does not need to be attacked with harsh scrubs, and caustic, drying lotions and creams in order to make it better.

Oily skin is easily managed.  Want to know how to treat oily skin in a kind and intelligent manner?  You’re in the right place!

how to treat oily skin

10 Expert Tips On
How To Treat Oily Skin

#1 Nourish Skin From The Inside Out

Your skin needs oil! The stratum corneum is nothing but dead skin cells, oil and water. We can even dig a little deeper, “As the skin cells migrate through the layers of the epidermis, they release lipids into the spaces between them.”*1

Since the skin cells release lipids, into the lipid matrix, as the cells migrate to the surface, it is easy to understand, “that rather than making you produce more spot-inducing sebum, Omega 3 regulates its production, meaning it can help if your skin is dry or oily.”*2

Taking an essential fatty acid supplement (EFA) can help your skin to regulate the level of oil production.We love 2 Omega EFA supplements.

The first is EFA+ from DMK International.  DMK claims it’s great for acne prone skin! EFA+ isn’t just and Omega. It actually is an essential fatty acid supplement that contains OMEGA 3, 6 and 9 from curated sources around the world. DMK Founder, Danné Montague-King discovered the raw materials while on trips in Asia.

Another great source of EFAs is Renew + Protect by Bend Beauty from Alexander’s Aesthetics II.

#2 Gel Based Cleansers

Want to know how to treat oily skin when you cleanse? We reviewed 5 top gel based cleansers, many of them indicated they were good for oily skin, and the one of the top ingredients in all 5 was Glycerin.

If you didn’t already know, glycerin is a “moisturizer to treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations (e.g., diaper rash, skin burns from radiation therapy). Emollients are substances that soften and moisturize the skin and decrease itching and flaking.”*3 Further evidence that you need to nourish oily skin!

Water or Aloe Leaf Juice were listed as the 1st ingredient in many of these cleansers.  The culprit in many gel cleansers that you have to look out for is the surfactant, that’s what makes the gel cleanser foam up to that rich lather. Also, that rich lather is a marketing myth that is destroying skin across the globe.

See, many surfactants that foam into an ultra-rich later are very alkaline and can strip the skin’s surface of the precious oil/water lipid barrier causing more harm to oily skin.

Use a gel cleanser like Herbal Skin Solutions’ all-new Herbal Gel Cleanser. It will not strip the skin, in fact, it will do just the opposite.  It’s formulated with an 11-chain amino acid profile that provides protection from free radicals that can cause photo damage and premature aging, and its other moisture-boosting ingredients work to draw in moisture, elevate the natural water content of skin, and prevent dryness to keeping skin healthy and continuously glowing.

how to treat oily skin

#3 Use Ionic Technology

Our 3rd tip on how to treat oily skin is to incorporate ionic technology when you cleanse.  The ion charge will help to draw dirt and debris out of the skin. This will help your cleanser really clean out the pores.

Check out MYSKINBUDDY, this powerful little device on setting 1 (it has 6), will give a deep clean with its ionic technology to draw out dirt, mild vibration to help shake things up, and gentle warmth to help release any hardened sebum.

how to treat oily skin

#4 Oxygen In Treatments

Oily Skin Is Prone To Congestion
If the skin is over producing oil, that can cause the follicles to become clogged, causing congestion and breakouts.  Here’s how to treat oily skin that is congested.  Do a little oxygen treatment during a facial. That oxygen will help to soften the trapped sebum in pores and make extractions an absolute breeze.  The all new O2SKINPRO from E.F. Tropics is universal oxygen powder that can be added into your skin care treatments and one of the key ways it’s suggested to be used is for oily/acne treatments.

#5 Oxygen For Home Care

Don’t Limit Oxygen To Treatments
Here’s how to treat oily skin at home with oxygen. Giving the skin a burst of oxygen on a regular basis in home care can help to keep the sebum in the pore flowing, it can also brighten the skin.  Nature Pure’s Instant Energizer Oxygen Masque can be used in treatment, but is also available for home care and will help clients detoxify and cleanse at home.

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#6 Skin Spatula For Extractions

Yes, we all know how to treat oily skin definitely involves extractions! While an oxygen treatment can help soften the sebum and make extractions easier, so can a Skin Spatula.  Many of them have ultra-sonic vibration to give a little extra help in getting the gunk out!

Check out DermJEM’s Anima Sonowave Skin Scrubber is the best way to cleanse, offering you the ability to clean, gently exfoliate and infuse products into your skin. Using ultrasonic vibrations that vaporize water molecules from a liquid state to a vapor state, helps lift dead skin and help to encourage impurities out of the pores. After cleansing and exfoliating and extracting, you can use the ultrasonic vibrations of the Sonowave to infuse beneficial ingredients into the skin.

#7 Scrub-A-Little

Lots of estheticians don’t love a manual scrub, so our #7 tip on how to treat oily skin may be met with a few nay sayers.  We’re rock solid in our conviction that you can scrub….a little.

“When it comes to scrubs, don’t hate the player, hate the game!” Barry

Scrubs don’t harm skin – it’s the “I hate my skin”, level of intensity that people use when they are scrubbing that harm the skin.  Teach people to love their skin and NOT to apply pressure when scrubbing. Tell them to try and use almost no touch, the product will work better!

We found Dawn Lorraine’s Green Tea Nutrient Scrub, hello, nutrients… green tea, we’re on board. Then she uses bamboo fibers as the exfoliant, these fibers aren’t rigid, so they will be really gentle.

#8 You MUST Moisturize Oily Skin

If you want to make an esthetician’s eye twitch, a client can say this. “Oh, I won’t buy that moisturizer, I’m oily, so my skin doesn’t need it.”


But, not all moisturizers are the same.  We can blame this level of client misunderstanding on mass marketing of skin care combined with zero consumer education. If a person with an oily skin situation, doesn’t know what to use BUT tries a moisturizer that has too many fatty acids or cholesterol in it, they’re going to hate how heavy it is and just say, “I hate moisturizers”! When they should say, “I hate THAT moisturizer!”

We found Kava Kava from KM Herbals.  Uber light, uber lovely!  Kava Kava is an herb infused serum with Aloe Vera Gel and Pomegranate Seed Oil calm irritation and redness while offering rich hydration and protection to the skin. This product can be used in conjunction with other moisturizers as a specialty treatment serum, or on its own to hydrate oilier skin types.

#9 Give It Some Light

Blue light is a great tip on how to treat oily skin that is acne prone. The LED Light Therapy of blue light will help keep acne in check.  Some even believe that Red and near infrared LED light therapy have such positive impact acne prone skin.

“Red light penetrates through to the dermis. So, it reduces inflammation of the sebaceous gland to prevent additional breakout over time.” Aliesh Pierce from our article 3 Benefits Of LED For Acne.

If you need an LED device check out Celluma they have iPRO for treatments and the POD to sell for home care.

#10 Don’t Hate On Makeup

That time someone with oily skin used the wrong liquid foundation and had a shine you could see from space! That oily skin person will now say, I hate wearing makeup because I have oily skin! Our final tip on how to treat oily skin, is to give it some love from mother earth when using make up. A loose mineral powder or a pressed mineral powder is a great way to get a flawless finish, feed and nourish the skin with healing minerals. Bonus, it helps to absorb a little too.

Check out Advanced Mineral Makeup!  Never leave your client leave your treatment room looking raw.  After you’re done the facial, show them the gorgeous glowing skin in the mirror and then say, “Now it’s time to finish!”

Apply a little pressed mineral foundation to even out the skin tone. A whisk of mascara and a touch of lipgloss and when she takes that selfie in the car, you’ll be a freakin’ hero!

how to treat oily skin
1 -Science Becomes Her Explains Moisturizers by Explaining Barrier Function, “The Epidermis & Stratum Corneum Barrier Function”
2 – Skinography.co.nz How Omega 3 fish oil can help with acne
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